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The house used for Hippo's lair was co-Writer and Director Neill Blomkamp's childhood home.
The movie stars Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser of controversial South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for "The Answer"), who are fans of Neill Blomkamp's work. Ninja has a tattoo 'D9' - i.e. District 9 (2009) - on his inner lip.
The name Tetravaal can be seen in District 9 (2009) on a wall when Wikus and Christopher enter the MNU laboratories to steal the mothership fuel.
During his GMA appearance, Hugh Jackman admitted that he has had trouble keeping up with phrases from his home country. "I found myself googling Australian slang," he said.
Hugh Jackman uses his original Australian accent in this movie.
The scouts' rabbit ear antennae are inspired by the character Briareos from Shirow Masamune's manga "Appleseed", of which Neill Blomkamp is a fan.
Brandon Auret, who plays "Hippo" in the film, openly admitted his disdain for his co-star Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) in an interview. He quoted saying "Everyone knows the relationship that I have with Waddy. I don't care much for him. I don't care much for his band, I don't care much for anything that he does, you know, when somebody comes and feels that they have the right to tell you how to do your job? Yeah, it became an issue."
The word 'zef' is an Afrikaans slang word, which roughly translates to the English word 'common'. Also means 'uncool' in Afrikaans. It differs from the Australian term 'bogan' and the British term 'chav' in that it is mostly a positive term for oneself, rather than a derogatory term for someone else. It is also not typical of the poorest classes of the society, but rather a mostly white, lower-middle class subculture.
Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser led the Production Designers in creating their home set for the movie, painting the murals on the walls and forming most of the original ideas themselves.
The robot design, on which Tetravaal's Scout class robot is based, can be seen in Neill Blomkamp's earlier short-films Tetra Vaal (2004) and Tempbot (2006).
Despite having lead roles in the film, Die Antwoord's Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser were rarely seen in any of the promotions for the film.
When water is dumped on Deon to wake him up, Ninja is wearing a vest with "Bite Me Fanboy", and a stylized winged skull design on the back. This is a nod to the DC comics character Lobo, who often wears an almost identical vest.
On Ninja's vest, you can see a logo. That same logo is tattooed on his right arm. The logo is from MNU (Multi-National-United), which appears in District 9 (2009).
Chappie is also the name of a South African chewing gum. Its mascot is Chappie Chipmunk.
Cast members Sharlto Copley, Brandon Auret, and Jose Pablo Cantillo are all friends and frequent collaborators with Neill Blomkamp. They have previously appeared in movies he directed.
Chappie's HUD uses codes from the visual effects software Nuke.
Sony edited the Japanese version of the film to PG-12, the Japanese equivalent to a PG-13 rating, and has refused to release an uncut version in Japan. While Sony claims Neill Blomkamp approved the edits, Blomkamp himself says he'd never heard about them until Japanese fans began asking him questions about it.
Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser are in a band called Die Antwoord, which is Afrikaans for "The Answer".
The film is the first in a proposed trilogy. As of March 2015, the other two films were not yet written.
Although similar to the rifle that appears in Lord of War (2005), Hippo's weapon was specially made for the production.
Ninja was also Neill Blomkamp's first choice to play the lead in Blomkamp's previous feature Elysium (2013), but he turned down the role, reportedly because he didn't want his first screen role to be an American-accented character.
While Deon is figuring out the problem on his new A.I. code, the codes shown on the screen, are actually from Fedora OS Node.c. The same codes are shown, while Chappie is figuring out the problem on his Consciousness codes.
This is the second time Sharlto Copley stars in a Neill Blomkamp feature based in their native South Africa, with the first being District 9 (2009). This is also their third overall co-working as they did so in Elysium (2013).
Michelle (Sigourney Weaver) delivers the lines, "Destroy that robot! Burn it to ash!" This is possibly a reference to her role in Alien (1979) where a thinking robot (named Ash) protected the alien at the expense of the "expendable" crew.
Neill Blomkamp and his wife Terri Tatchell wrote the film in two weeks, while Blomkamp was making Elysium (2013).
In real life, Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser have a daughter named Sixteen, who appeared in Die Antwoord's videos. They are not a married couple, though.
The film takes place in 2016.
Michael Biehn was asked by Neill Blomkamp to audition for the role that went to Sigourney Weaver, Biehn's Aliens (1986) co-star.
Deon's featured phone was the Sony Ericsson G502, which was announced in 2008.
At 22:40 Yo-Landi suggests to cut Deons feet off, Ninja jumps in and remarks, "you can get a Nice funky wheelchair". This is clearly a reference to Harmony Korines Umshini-Wam, where Ninja and Yo-Landi steal some wheelchairs with some mag rims.
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Among the props seen in the film, that went on sale, there was a mint-green Cado bottle that stood on the floor in Michelle Bradley's office.
This is not Hugh Jackman's first time in a movie dealing with robots. He also starred in Real Steel (2011) (about boxing robots), and in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), where the X-Men, including Wolverine, fought giant robots called Sentinels.
Ninja is dubbed in the German version by Marcel Collé, who is the regular voice of a Ninja character in Ninjago.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In the alternate ending, Chappie's consciousness is transferred into all the police robots. It is included in the special features on the Blu-ray.
When the TetraVaal goons are trying to break into the lab, where Chappie is about to transfer Deon's consciousness, it is Sharlto Copley that plays the policeman calling for an angle grinder.
Hugh Jackman is mostly known for playing heroic characters. This is a rare occasion where he plays a villain. He has said about his character: "I wouldn't call him an archetypal villain, but I feel he does in a way occupy, in this film, a point of view that is important against artificial intelligence."
In the final confrontation, Chappie finishes Vincent with a military press. This same movement has been featured in the final fight sequences of all three Neill Blomkamp's films.

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