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Action | Adventure

Storyline kept under wraps.

Director: Will Gluck

Which Brings Me To You is a modern love story between two thirty something romantic burnouts told through a series of confessions.

Director: Will Gluck

One guy is left out when all of the other residents in his town win the lottery except him.

Director: Will Gluck
Action | Comedy

D.B. Cooper, makes off with $200,000 by jumping out of an airplane he hijacks.

Director: Will Gluck
Comedy | Crime

A thief and her ex-boyfriend stage a fake wedding at New York City's Natural History Museum -- a perfect cover for a perfect heist.

Director: Will Gluck
Action | Comedy

Plot unknown.

Director: Will Gluck
Treasure Squad (TV Series 2018)
Adventure | Comedy | Drama
Stars: Topher Grace

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump challenges Steve Wynn's attempt to build a casino resort in New Jersey's Atlantic City.

Comedy | Drama

A look at two adult men struggling to fit into society.

Action | Comedy

Logline kept under wraps.

Director: Will Gluck
Stars: Dwayne Johnson

A team of scientists try to resurrect the woolly mammoth back from extinction using genetics.

Jackpot IV
Action | Comedy | Crime

Four guys win a jackpot over a million dollars, but when it comes to dividing it up, things get bloody. Based on the 2011 Norwegian film, "Jackpot".

Director: Will Gluck
Stars: Armie Hammer, Mila Kunis, Bryan Cranston