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30 random characters thrown together does not a good movie make

Author: Adam_West_as_Batdan from Edinbruhhh
23 October 2014

This movie really isn't worth writing about but after seeing that most other reviewers praise it to the sky I felt it was my duty. It seems like a lot of those people are either part of, friends with or related to someone in the movie.

Now that could be a coincidence and they could be completely objective on the matter I'm sure but here's my guaranteed objective 2 cents on the movie that's called "Bubblegum and Broken Fingers":

It's utter crap.

It's just a big bunch of random terrible characters thrown together to tell a almost semi-coherent story.

Here are some of the "colorful" characters you'll see in this movie:

1 African-American drug smuggler, 1 Italian-American drug smuggler, 2 German tourist pedophiles, 1 kidnapped German girl named Heidi (of course), 1 mute with a thirst for blood, 1 lesbian godmother gangstress with 2 bikini babes on her payroll, 1 Asian-American detective, 1 doctor and his horny Latina assistant, 1 Benny Anderson from ABBA lookalike surgeon, etc.

If mixing those characters up sounds like fun, it's not. Really not. Played like a straight thriller, which of course doesn't work with the level of bad acting and ludicrous characters.

And I didn't even mention that there's a 4 minute choke-sex scene with techno-music and accompanying boxing match bell-ring sounds to point out when it's time for round 2.

It's not even laughably bad. It's just bad. Real bad.

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Bubblegum & Broken Fingers

Author: broadysavvy from United States
5 October 2011

It was shot well, looked really good. Good DPs, but two of them for an indie film? Strange. Liked the title. Didn't really buy the special effects. Sometimes the sound quality bothered me. Some of the cuts took me out of it. Didn't buy that the actors were really familiar with using guns. Didn't believe German pedophile thing. Too many characters with too many things going on with all of them. Unnecessary characters, unnecessary locations. Too many story lines. Scattered plot. Confusing. Run time too long and did not hold my attention. The story lines did not comes together well toward the end. I wouldn't go see it again, but they get kudos for making a good- looking feature.

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It's one of those rare movies where the writing carries it alone.

Author: robertrun from United States
7 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I like it. It is hard to say why but overall the writing is good.. in fact, the writing is good enough to carry some actors. Yes it scatters some. Yes there are unnecessary characters and themes.

Really.. the writing was good. Even in questionably included scenes, there is good writing.

That's what I am saying. It's one of those rare movies where the writing carries it by itself, the writing flatters the actors and the cinematography.

(Spoiler) However, we all know Germans can be weird, they did help found America, we've known this for a long time. We don't need to see it in a movie. That is an example of an unnecessary theme (End spoiler).

I gave it a 7.. and a half.

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Bubblegum and Brokenfingers

Author: sillygirl1717 from United States
6 October 2011

This film was full of action and suspense that kept me glued to my seat at all times and wondering what was going to happen next. This film by Sean Jackson is one that would appeal to a wide variety of ages, and to both males and females. All of the female characters that were in this movie seemed to have strong believable characters. The desert scenes gave a nice twist to how the characters were becoming deeper into the plot of the film. I liked how the music and sound effects were used in the film to pull in intense lead in's to what was coming up in the next scenes. I really liked the ending with the suspense of who and how the end of the film was going to turn out. This is a film that I would be telling my family and friends to go and see for sure.

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Bubblegum & Broken Fingers has International interest...Much more to come...

Author: Pcho Tain from United States
9 October 2011

It it exciting to think that this Indie film maker from Las Vegas is now getting international attention. That says a lot! Not to mention when you see the budget that this film was completed on! You can only imagine what more can be done in the near future with real budgets being considered for upcoming projects. The Director / Writer in this film was so passionate about his characters that you couldn't help but care for them and their outcome. It was intelligently thought out, thought-provoking and brilliantly executed. The actors did a great job with all of their characters. At the premiere you can see the love and compassion the cast and crew had for their highly respected leader-Sean Jackson. Nothing was more endearing than seeing the love and support for this project and I cant wait for the next one!

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Something Vegas has never seen!

Author: dbi112
8 October 2011

Everything about this film was excellent. From the story telling, to the score, and everything in between. The acting was extraordinary, even the characters that didn't speak, conveyed emotion that some actors can't do with words. I found myself completely submerged in the story from beginning to end and never for a second thought, "When is this going to end?" Like I so often do with independent films. This film should give aspiring filmmakers on a budget something to look forward to. I truly feel that this film will help put Vegas on Hollywood's radar. Sean Jackson took his viewers on a journey through, crime, corruption, love, and comedy. If you weren't constantly shocked and awed the entire duration of this film, than you must have been standing in the lobby. A true work of art that can compete with the big boys. I will be shocked if this production company doesn't hit it big real soon!

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Creative, Critical, Compulsive & Compelling...

Author: pattychong-1 from United States
13 February 2011

The story itself was one thought provoking timepeice just ticking by, holding you and your thoughts & emotions in a state of uneasy suspension. From the moment the journey begins until it ends, you cant help but feel captivated by the characters, the state of their dilemma and their ultimate demise. The genius of plot & characters is truly fascinating & the convicting tone of the film is not only irresistible but satisfying & stimulating. The awareness to the human condition makes a powerful and conclusive story. This story combined with 9 minutes of justified & meaningful music without a single dialogue spoken,sets the commanding sense of urgency...whats going to happen next?? Well you'll have to wait and see for yourself...that is of course IF you can wait...The writer & director Sean Jackson is brilliant, masterful and original. His imagination and his methodical prowess is a true inspiration in its most raw & purest state. I give this film 2 thumbs up. I cant wait to see Part 2...

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GREAT FILM-never left the theater...VERY Tarantino-ESQUE!! BRILLIANT...

Author: urockdaddy
7 October 2011

This movie was a Masterpiece by a Mastermind...what can I say, its great from the beginning until the end. Its grip was mind-boggling! Its one of those films that you can watch over and over again and catch something different every time! The diversity in the characters was great. The actors did a great job, whether they were the quirky ones that either made you laugh or shocked you. You couldn't help but care for the outcome of these different characters. The Director made some really bold choices and I cant wait to see what Director Sean Jackson is going to do next. I only know I will definitely be supporting his films at the theaters! Thanks for making honest film-making that still moves the human spirit!

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Bubblegum and Broken Fingers

Author: Bonnie Bloss ( from United States
5 October 2011

Thought that the movie was done extremely well and enjoyed it from beginning to end. Sean always does a super job in whatever he does. Worked with him prior and he is absolutely professional and great to work with. This movie deserves a 10. Each character was portrayed so well and I enjoyed it. This movie was really great to watch. Sean being as creative as he is really showed through this very entertaining, well made movie. I would recommend this movie to everyone that I know because it is a great. Saw it with several other friends and they all agreed that it was great. Sean does great movies and he should be well recognized for his outstanding achievements.

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My Goddaughter Rocks in this movie

Author: nameddk5 from United States
6 October 2011

My Goddaughter, Brenna just rocks in this movie. The storyline and characters are one of the most originals I have seen in a long time. Great job to Sean and his crew for making this treat. So proud of my girl!!! Looking forward to many more treats from Mr. Jackson!! I am so grateful for independent movie makers such as Mr. Jackson. His innovative style is really what is needed in this day and age of "Remakes." Wish more filmmakers were like Mr. Jackson. He is opening up a whole new brave world in filmmaking. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Dawn Kyles

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