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Author: gusfaute from Canada
15 January 2015

This show just stinks.

I can't say much beyond that but I have to get to ten lines apparently? OK then.

The set stinks, it is just a curtain and looks like it is in somebody's gram-ma's basement.

The audience looks bored and I don't blame them I bet they were all paid to sit there.

The guests are boring and the host asks them really stupid questions and they are always just awkward with each other, case in point he made Theo Fleury sing with him.

The writing is the worst, they clearly have a joke book from 1915 and he tells awful jokes.

The band is OK that is the only thin okay about this show but the host sings with that band so I take it back, any band he sings with can't be OK they must stink.

This show is the worst, what a pathetic effort I hope CHCH gets it off the airwaves soon enough.

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How Does IMDb Allow These Fake Votes and Reviews?

Author: Marie Desriel from Canada
29 January 2015

It seems like exactly 300 fake voters cranked up this show's rating from about 2/10 to 8/10 overnight, like literally in one single night, when there probably aren't 300 people in the world who have even seen this show.

Also it seems like you could say a huge number out of those 300 have also left very similarly positive --- overwhelmingly positive --- reviews of this show and it's "star" Frank D'Angelo. That seems highly unlikely when this glorified paid advertising TV slot that airs late night once a week on a small Hamilton TV network literally as a paid commercial program has so many more reviews and so many more positive ones than real TV shows on real networks. Simply put this is impossible.

I have seen many episodes of this show both on the air and on the website and the show is a bit entertaining but for the wrong reasons, as in it is just fun to watch and laugh at a man who is so delusional about his own level of talent.

This show is terrible and is literally only on the air because this guy is paying for the commercial air time.

Don't encourage him and IMDb don't make your site worthless by letting him keep all these fake votes he has either made himself or purchased. Track down these voters, verify that they are totally fake, and get rid of them!


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Author: drumsbeme from Toronto, Ontario
31 January 2015

This guy is one of the most awful talents, (if you want to call him that) ever broadcast on a television anywhere. I remember him from the days when he bought Wendel Clark and used him in his apple juice commercials playing goal against a Leaf legend, like they were good buddies...It made me want to barf. But Franks ego couldn't keep him from making a career out of making an ass of himself and his lame excuse for talent. I love how all of his movies have Margot Kidder and Robert Loggia in them, a couple of washed up wanna be actors who will probably be doing cheetah commercials to make a dollar...And the singing, god the singing is so bloody lousy, but what can you say to a guy who buys everyone's opinion? This guy may have a business acumen and that's fine, but I wish he would stay out of areas that he has no talent or no business being in. The point is, if Mr D'Angelo was as talented as he believes he is, it would speak for itself, and would lead to opportunities and money. Unfortunately, this guys has the money that affords him the opportunities that people with a thousand times his talent sometimes never get, and that's the reason why he should be knocked off of his pedestal. He simply doesn't deserve recognition for 95% of the things he claims to be good at, because he simply doesn't have the talent, and people would actually respect him if he realized it and got out the ventures he doesn't belong in.

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Author: maddyschmidt352 from Canada
31 July 2014

Im a sucker for Canadian anything!!! I love Canadian films, productions of any sort. This show is cut from a different clothe and I feel thats why its just so delightful and different. I can appreciate this show for what it is and its simply good old fashioned entertainment and that it isn't a big massive production but it brings forth massive pleasure and the feel of something greater! I like the Host and Co Host relationship. I feel they play off of each other. I like the staging and the intimacy of the studio audience and how close they are to the stag. I enjoy the music because lets be honest, when do you really ever get to see a host sing and do it well at that?! it's little things like this that bring forth something really remarkable and delightfully so!!

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Likable show

Author: clivefred66 from Canada
31 July 2014

I just started watching this late night TV show and im sort of hooked on it. It's like spending time with friends in a real and intimate setting. No rehearsal, no cuts just real unedited chat between a host and his guests which comes off as if they were all good friends long before the show. I liked the host as I felt he made his guests always feel at ease and with just a little charm, seemed to interview nicely through the banter of the band and co hosts. Throughout the shows I've watched thus far I found myself laughing at hilarious outtakes and jokes. The show is just raw and impractical yet wildly entertaining and I look forward to many more seasons.

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Cant get Enough

Author: crystalluv91 from Canada
16 July 2014

I have been marathoning this show for days now and I cant seem to get enough! I really enjoy the guests, the humour and the laid back hosting and atmosphere on the set. The interviews are so natural and unrehearsed which is a refreshing take on late night scripted TV. I enjoyed the various artists, actors and musicians that have been on the show. Nice to see some older well recognized faces and the up and coming. It's especially wonderful to have a Canadian TV show that is small in studio space but mighty in entertainment value. The host is quite humorous and a talented singer which you don't always see. Frank's guests seem to enjoy themselves on his set which really comes through in the interviews and the ease you can easily see when watching.

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Painful ... so painful.

Author: Mark Cheers from Toronto, Canada
8 February 2011

I was up late one night, I think it may have even been Christmas Eve after I returned from visiting family. I stumbled onto this show, and I could not believe how painful it was to watch - it was like a proverbial train wreck -- terrible, brutal, yet I couldn't look away. It was an episode with Mike Bullard. Frank (the host who I had never heard of), looked unprepared, his jokes were flat, and the audience (all 10 of them) looks like the only reason they were there were for free beer. I encourage you to watch for the sheer experience of watching - certainly not because it's quality.

And to top it of, he had one guest who was a proficient musician (name I cannot recall). Frank complimented him on his new CD (which he had in his hand), and then the guest corrected him - it wasn't his CD - it was done by students at a local university who he mentored/directed, etc.

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Author: gazoo-1-906688 from Canada
14 March 2011

this guys ego is the size of taj mahal! lets see...he hosts his own show (an infomercial), does his own commercials for his food/drink brands (owns businesses in food/beverage industry), sings (he also peddles his own cd at commercial)and writes (he pushes his autobiography throughout his show). With his nasty comb-over and crappy outfits, frank is completely unfunny, irritating and the worst interviewer of all time. one of my favourite moments was the show he had al pacino on...he spent the whole show plugging this big interview with pacino and in the end its 10 minutes of the worst interview (i speak of frank not Al) i have ever seen. pacino was never "on his show" it was frank somehow cornering him at a charity function on a sofa where frank practically sat on his lap....hilarious!! wake up CHCH...are you really this desperate for $$$.

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Please use your money for good causes.

Author: brianrubywood from Red Deer Alberta
1 February 2013

Horrible show, no talent!! Get off the air!! Just shows money buys anything. Please go away and realize you stink!! How is one suppose to write ten lines about a horrible show with a guy who thinks he's a somebody but in reality the dude is a no body, just a fool with too much money and no talent. Is an embarrassment to all Canadians; what if people outside of Canada saw this crap????? Hang your head in shame and get off the air. You are the reason that the internet and pay t.v. is a bad thing!! What does your family think? God I hope you don't have any kids; other kids probably beat the crap out of them because of your show. Everyone needs to have a dream, but there is a time when we all need to wake up and realize it just isn't going to happen. Please do all us Canadians a favor and STOP thinking you have talent, use your money for good causes, save some dogs and cats, feed the hungry, do something that does not cause people pain and shame.

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Not entertainment whatsoever

Author: jfeist441404 from Canada
20 November 2011

If I had to guess, I'd say there are no professional writers employed by this "show". The jokes (if you could call them that) were likely conjured up by the host himself. I know 12 year old kids who tell better jokes.

As mentioned, the production is indeed paid advertising. Frank D'Angelo pays two local stations (one in Hamilton, Ontario, the other in Montreal, Quebec) to air the programming. The show is also carried on Rogers video on demand service. Somehow--according to Frank--this qualifies as a "nation wide" show.

Production quality is low; and captured in front of a small audience in the basement of a restaurant.

Presumably the production ostensibly exists to promote products sold by D'Angelo. However, these products are rarely--if ever--found in retail stores. One can't escape the feeling that D'Angelo is merely promoting himself, rather than energy drinks or cooking oil or rapini.

D'Angelo also touts contests ad nauseum. Contests which seem to go on for years. The majority of his "monologue" drones on about said contests.

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