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Entertaining to say the least!

Author: sarahmfrancis81 from Canada
21 May 2014

I really enjoy The Being Frank Show. I enjoy the guests, the intimate atmosphere and the realness of the show. The show is so raw and unscripted, with is very rare. I enjoy the chemistry between the host and the band. The antics are hilarious and I especially enjoy when there is a skit thrown into the mix on a rare occasion. I value great Canadian entertainers and can appreciate this undervalued show. I stay up late to catch this show on a Friday night and find myself laughing at just about everything. I like that Frank is so honest and his everything goes attitude and I even enjoy his signing. It's nice to see a host so interactive with his audenice, band and guests.

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Best late night show on TV!

Author: Peter Xie from Canada
21 July 2013

People that don't get the relevance of the The Being Frank Show slam it. In my opinion it's one of the best shows on Canadian TV. Hosted produced by and starring Frank D'Angelo it is an irreverent, anarchically funny and informative look at the late night world of endlessly boring talk shows taking pot shots at the standardized and convention driven world of a TV stable. The Being Frank Show is politically and sociologically "incorrect" because it tells the truth about life in our times, hearkening back to the worlds of Lenny Bruce, Andy Kaufman and Jonathan Winters, with a pinch of Ralph Kramden thrown in for good measure. And it is an antidote for the post Paris Hilton, face booked generation of the isolated and disposed crowded ear muffed children of George Bush, Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan. It tells us that it's OK to be human, have a drink or two, eat a good meal and listen to great music. This is not family entertainment, its people entertainment and breaks open the jail like boxed in life of the average man. It has world class music and in probability, the all-time best co- host since Ed McMann. Move over Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno. Here is a show that will entertain you. And it doesn't pretend to be Live.

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Author: devyndodson from Canada
22 July 2013

Just checking things out on IMDb and come across all the reviews on The Being Frank show, not sure what you are all watching to write these terrible reviews. I like it. I find it entertaining. I get a few laughs and well - it's Canadian. I don't catch the show every week due to the time slot but when I do I have enjoyed it. I heard it was on Rogers on Demand but I don't have Rogers, so I check it out when I am home or up... I have seen contests and giveaways on the show and a lot of fellow Canadians. The band sounds great. I have found the show to have a good mix music, comedians, sports......Keep up the good work Frank and the crew.

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Being Frank ... grows on you!

Author: Bryan Walsh from Canada
24 July 2013

What you need to know is the later a late-night show airs, the racier it gets, and generally the younger the target audience. That's not to say The Being Frank Show is aimed at kids, because it's not ... but I'm sure plenty of teens are watching because Frank D'Angelo has created the modern format for the late-night talk show blending subversive humour, cynicism, and off-colour jokes about politics and sex. D'Angelo has tried to inject even more youth culture, notably by bringing in Ed the Sock as an added co-host. D'Angelo is an affable host, charming and often witty. He doesn't always seem as quick on his feet as Letterman or O'Brien, that's mostly because he is a newcomer to the gig, but he does seem to be growing nicely into the job.

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Kudos to Being Frank for showcasing Canadian talent!

Author: Denise Shamkhani from Canada
22 July 2013

I have to give credit where it's due and Frank D'Angelo certainly deserves a pat on the back for creating and producing The Being Frank Show, the only show on Canadian television that introduces and showcases Canadian talent. Where would the upstart musicians, comedians, magicians, athletes and all the other people that are featured on The Being Frank Show get exposure? I also like the fact that the show features guests and celebrities that you would never see on other talk shows, people like George Chuvalo and Dan Hill who have made big contributions on the world stage for Canada. Keep up the good work Frank, you're one of the best television hosts on TV. And I really enjoy your interviews because they are casual and not contrived, you ask questions that real people would ask and that makes it interesting.

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Entertainment At Its Finest

Author: Jackie Floyd from Canada
18 July 2013

What can I say, I love this show! I am a proud Canadian and a proud supporter of Canadian Broadcasting. I look forward to Friday nights to sit back and get some comic relief after a long stressful week. I enjoy the music, the vast variety of guests and the energy! I enjoy Frank D'Angelo's refreshing approach to late night television hosting and interviewing. It's nice to see a fellow Canadian with a lot of tenacity doing his thing. I appreiciate the line of guests that appear on the show. I have got to watch some of my favorite Actors be interviewed by Frank and the interviews always seem so natural and charismatic. If you're looking for a late night series that is packed full of laughs and pure entertainment Being Frank has it all.

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Author: Carlo Sandrelli from Canada
23 July 2013

Frank D'Angelo is definitely the best talk show on television. The best thing about D'Angelo is he doesn't give a crap, he just says what he thinks and does what he wants. I remember an episode when he threw a financial guest off the show because he made fun of the housing and mortgage crises in the USA. The guy got what he deserved. My favourite part of the show is when Frank does his skits with his relatives and plays all the parts, and laughs at himself after the skit. The only other talk show host who did anything like that was Johnny Carson and to this day nobody tops Johnny! Shows such as Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien and Letterman seem staged usually have a definite order to the program. On the Being Frank Show you don't know what to expect and that makes it funny. Like when Frank unexpectedly asks Jim Tatti, Ed The Sock or a band member a question, you never know what is going to come out of their mouths because they didn't expect to be asked anything. Surprise, surprise!!

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Still being made (Sept.2012)

Author: John Kirkby from Ontario, Canada
17 September 2012

Yes new episodes are still being produced. Please think about all the infomercials that have paid for late night airtime...exercise equipment, get rich systems, phone sex, etc. Now in that context 'The Being Frank Show' is great. You can't deny Frank D'Angelo is an entrepreneur who has tried many things in his life business-wise mostly involving food, drink...and now this. Also as the website says...'As a Canadian performer, Frank D'Angelo knew there was a big void to promote Canadian talent, leading him to create 'The Being Frank Show', the only real Canadian national late night television variety-talk show.' the 'knew there was a big void to promote Canadian talent' part is true and if he manages to get as many CDN's on as he is hard to knock that idea. In terms of shameless self-promotion...well that applies to most entertainment TV doesn't it? The Jimmy Kimmel Show often starts with a chintzy ad/plug at the beginning they've made for a sponsor like Depends adult diapers.

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Cant get Enough

Author: crystalluv91 from Canada
16 July 2014

I have been marathoning this show for days now and I cant seem to get enough! I really enjoy the guests, the humour and the laid back hosting and atmosphere on the set. The interviews are so natural and unrehearsed which is a refreshing take on late night scripted TV. I enjoyed the various artists, actors and musicians that have been on the show. Nice to see some older well recognized faces and the up and coming. It's especially wonderful to have a Canadian TV show that is small in studio space but mighty in entertainment value. The host is quite humorous and a talented singer which you don't always see. Frank's guests seem to enjoy themselves on his set which really comes through in the interviews and the ease you can easily see when watching.

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Author: maddyschmidt352 from Canada
31 July 2014

Im a sucker for Canadian anything!!! I love Canadian films, productions of any sort. This show is cut from a different clothe and I feel thats why its just so delightful and different. I can appreciate this show for what it is and its simply good old fashioned entertainment and that it isn't a big massive production but it brings forth massive pleasure and the feel of something greater! I like the Host and Co Host relationship. I feel they play off of each other. I like the staging and the intimacy of the studio audience and how close they are to the stag. I enjoy the music because lets be honest, when do you really ever get to see a host sing and do it well at that?! it's little things like this that bring forth something really remarkable and delightfully so!!

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