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Painful ... so painful.

Author: Mark Cheers from Toronto, Canada
8 February 2011

I was up late one night, I think it may have even been Christmas Eve after I returned from visiting family. I stumbled onto this show, and I could not believe how painful it was to watch - it was like a proverbial train wreck -- terrible, brutal, yet I couldn't look away. It was an episode with Mike Bullard. Frank (the host who I had never heard of), looked unprepared, his jokes were flat, and the audience (all 10 of them) looks like the only reason they were there were for free beer. I encourage you to watch for the sheer experience of watching - certainly not because it's quality.

And to top it of, he had one guest who was a proficient musician (name I cannot recall). Frank complimented him on his new CD (which he had in his hand), and then the guest corrected him - it wasn't his CD - it was done by students at a local university who he mentored/directed, etc.

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Bottom Notch

Author: John Smith from Canada
17 February 2011

I don't know if I should say this show is bottom notch or bottom drawer but either way I think I get my point across that this is a terrible show.

First of all it is not actually a show, the disclaimers CHCH TV runs say it is a paid advertisement and the views expressed don't necessarily reflect the views of the network yadda yadda... all the commercials are just the host selling his pasta, etc, yes the host of the show is also the guy in all the commercials selling the products because he's his own sponsor! It just makes me sad to watch this, Frank the host is the worst host I've ever seen, he doesn't know how to talk to his guests and all the jokes he tells are horrible and of the variety that you would have heard and groaned at a million times before. That could be forgiven if he was likable but he is not, he just seems like a selfish jerk desperate for attention.

This show is awful. The only good thing is that the guests they hire are sometimes big names, I didn't see that one but apparently Al Pacino was on the show. I don't know how they swung that but I'm guessing they drove a truck full of money up to his house and told him it was a real show.

My opinion: avoid this poor excuse for a show at all costs, it is just terrible!

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Author: gazoo-1-906688 from Canada
14 March 2011

this guys ego is the size of taj mahal! lets see...he hosts his own show (an infomercial), does his own commercials for his food/drink brands (owns businesses in food/beverage industry), sings (he also peddles his own cd at commercial)and writes (he pushes his autobiography throughout his show). With his nasty comb-over and crappy outfits, frank is completely unfunny, irritating and the worst interviewer of all time. one of my favourite moments was the show he had al pacino on...he spent the whole show plugging this big interview with pacino and in the end its 10 minutes of the worst interview (i speak of frank not Al) i have ever seen. pacino was never "on his show" it was frank somehow cornering him at a charity function on a sofa where frank practically sat on his lap....hilarious!! wake up CHCH...are you really this desperate for $$$.

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Author: gusfaute from Canada
17 February 2011

This show just stinks.

I can't say much beyond that but I have to get to ten lines apparently? OK then.

The set stinks, it is just a curtain and looks like it is in somebody's gram-ma's basement.

The audience looks bored and I don't blame them I bet they were all paid to sit there.

The guests are boring and the host asks them really stupid questions and they are always just awkward with each other, case in point he made Theo Fleury sing with him.

The writing is the worst, they clearly have a joke book from 1915 and he tells awful jokes.

The band is OK that is the only thin okay about this show but the host sings with that band so I take it back, any band he sings with can't be OK they must stink.

This show is the worst, what a pathetic effort I hope CHCH gets it off the airwaves soon enough.

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Hahahahah I can't believe this is listed on IMDb!

Author: jasongibbonsxxx from United States
16 February 2011

First of all this isn't a real show, this is paid for infomercial advertising time. Frank D'Angelo is one of the owners of Steelback Breweries and D'Angelo pasta and Cheetah Energy drinks and when this "show" goes to commercial break it is him selling his own products! The network even runs a disclaimer saying they don't agree with his opinions and it's paid for advertising time! Kudos to him or whoever got this "show" listed on IMDb that's hilarious. Also they will soon be listing that other great TV show "ShamWow!" hahah.

Frank D'Angelo is the single worst TV show host I have ever seen and I am even comparing him to Mike Bullard and PopCultured and other terrible Canadian TV shows. Mike Bullard was even a guest on Being Frank and even he looked awesome sitting next to this clown and cracking jokes at Frank's expense. Frank has no idea what to say almost all the time, is completely awkward and inept and as the other reviewer points out he doesn't even know how to conduct his interviews! I saw him talk to an author and he literally said "this is a fantastic book, everyone should go buy it, I recommend it" then like two sentences later he said "I haven't had a chance to read this yet, what's it about?" hahaha. The interview guests always look like they want to run for it and didn't know what they were signing up for. Obviously Frank is paying people to be on this show (like he used to pay NHL stars to hang out with him in his Steelback brewery commercials, or were those actually a "TV show" too haha?) he even had Al Pacino appear on the show once and that was just as painful as all his other interviews. When his guest sings Frank always makes himself part of that by asking if he can sing with them, as if anybody cares to see him sing, he is almost as bad a singer as he is a TV show host. I don't know what else I can say about how bad this show and the host are! Frank also does character skits where he even plays the character himself and he talks to the character "live via satellite", really he is watching a tape of himself playing a character (poorly obviously) and asking himself questions he pre-recorded answers to. The characters I saw on the "best of show" (haha yep he had a "best of" show) were himself as his fat old aunt who kept un-crossing her legs, himself as a mob informant angry that now everyone knew where he was, and himself as his uncle a stock broker who's stock tips were all terrible (lost track of how many Enron jokes he crammed in there). Also as the characters he swears like every other word as if that will magically make him funny. The studio audience looks like they have a gun pointed at them or else they would run for it too, they literally must be either family members or getting free meals/drinks to sit there without complaining about how awful Frank is. This show is a train wreck like the other reviewer said and if it was intentional it would probably be brilliant comedy but it is supposed to be taken as a real professional show and just fails so badly that it's sad. Frank obviously has a real deep need for attention and control or something, I think the Now magazine article hit the nail on the head saying what a terrible and needy person he is, it's just sad that this garbage is actually eating up TV time and I hope CHCH would turn down whatever money he is paying them and actually run a real show instead because this is just pathetic.

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worst show I have ever seen OMG

Author: smichal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
23 April 2011

I stumbled across this show by accident last night after 1:00 a.m. First thing I see is Frank D'Angelo wearing a double breasted mustard coloured suit. (The colour looks bad on him.) Then he proceeds to tell a joke about a guy who had taken an entire bottle of Viagra and his penis grew gigantic and had to be covered with a tarp and his balls had to be carried in a separate truck. Is this funny? Absolutely juvenile. I could not believe that Ed the sock is on this show.

Then a shot of talentless Frank singing and dancing. It was beyond a train wreck. Totally amateur in every aspect. I cannot understand why he is so desperate to be on TV.

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I can't believe they put this on T.V.!

Author: Steve Adams from Canada
21 May 2011

Sometimes a movie or T.V. show is bad, then sometimes it is so bad that it becomes funny, then once in a while that show is so very bad that it goes past bad and past being funny to being just unbelievably terrible in a you can't look away from this car accident kind of way. I have watched this show almost every week, I am usually out or asleep when it is on so I tape it on my old school VHS player and I think that actually adds to the feel of watching a show like this. It is so awful it's like watching some crazy rich man's public access show from the 1960s, where everyone knows it's terrible but he pays for everything himself and threatens to have his mafia henchman Guido break the network guy's arms if he tries to take his awful show off the air. Frank D'angelo is the worst latenight host I've ever seen. Most of the time he sits there struggling desperately to think of something to say before piping up with some terrible one liner a grade school kid would think of, usually some penis joke that's just cringe worthy. He even plays characters like his own aunt who uncrosses her legs all the time. Why would a latenight host also play the characters he interviews? That's just the kind of look-at-me guy this host obviously is, he thinks he is a real entertainer and wants desperately to be the centre of attention all the time. He also sings a lot even though he has the voice of Frank Stallone. All of the regulars on the show seem to secretly hate him including Ed the Sock and the two sidekicks, but the guys in the band seem to not hate him and even just kind of realize what a joke he and his show are. That's the feel I had watching it and the review in Now Magazine verified it for me, he's a terrible T.V. host and apparently also a terrible person even if the rape charges against him were bogus. Take a pass on this show or you'll end up hooked on watching this car accident like I am!

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Stop bashing CHCH because this isn't a real show it is PAID COMMERCIAL ADVERTIZING

Author: John Trillo from Canada
8 May 2011

This is not a real show and CHCH did not make it it is paid commercial advertizing, what that means is that this Being Frank guy has made his own show just like a late night info-mercial, the product he is selling is his own biography book and his own music CD's it is not a real TV show it just is made to look like one. All the commercials that run are for his own products (beer, cheeta energy drinks, Italian food, restaurant, so on). He is a terrible host and the show is awful with really bad jokes and skits, the two side kicks are almost as bad as the host. The only writer of the show is also the host and he is terrible at everything including singing which he does all the time for some reason apparently he doesn't see how bad he is. They did two episodes where they went to the Oscars party and all he did was walk around in the cemetery visiting famous dead people and talking about them, and that is how bad this show is!

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Not entertainment whatsoever

Author: jfeist441404 from Canada
20 November 2011

If I had to guess, I'd say there are no professional writers employed by this "show". The jokes (if you could call them that) were likely conjured up by the host himself. I know 12 year old kids who tell better jokes.

As mentioned, the production is indeed paid advertising. Frank D'Angelo pays two local stations (one in Hamilton, Ontario, the other in Montreal, Quebec) to air the programming. The show is also carried on Rogers video on demand service. Somehow--according to Frank--this qualifies as a "nation wide" show.

Production quality is low; and captured in front of a small audience in the basement of a restaurant.

Presumably the production ostensibly exists to promote products sold by D'Angelo. However, these products are rarely--if ever--found in retail stores. One can't escape the feeling that D'Angelo is merely promoting himself, rather than energy drinks or cooking oil or rapini.

D'Angelo also touts contests ad nauseum. Contests which seem to go on for years. The majority of his "monologue" drones on about said contests.

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Please use your money for good causes.

Author: brianrubywood from Red Deer Alberta
1 February 2013

Horrible show, no talent!! Get off the air!! Just shows money buys anything. Please go away and realize you stink!! How is one suppose to write ten lines about a horrible show with a guy who thinks he's a somebody but in reality the dude is a no body, just a fool with too much money and no talent. Is an embarrassment to all Canadians; what if people outside of Canada saw this crap????? Hang your head in shame and get off the air. You are the reason that the internet and pay t.v. is a bad thing!! What does your family think? God I hope you don't have any kids; other kids probably beat the crap out of them because of your show. Everyone needs to have a dream, but there is a time when we all need to wake up and realize it just isn't going to happen. Please do all us Canadians a favor and STOP thinking you have talent, use your money for good causes, save some dogs and cats, feed the hungry, do something that does not cause people pain and shame.

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