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Most successful out of the franchise.

Author: Shopaholic35 from Australia
26 July 2014

Teen Mom 2 is by far the most dramatic out of the entire Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant franchise. Whether you watch this show or not you are probably aware of the self destructive behaviours and legal troubles of the "stars" in this show. Drugs, deadbeat dad's, multiple weddings and repeat irresponsible pregnancies. These girls just cannot get their lives together.

To really enjoy and understand this show you need to watch it from the beginning of their 16 & Pregnant journey. It will help you somewhat relate to the girls and watch them grow and develop. No matter how many times they try to change they always return to their past mistakes.

I understand why people think this encourages teen pregnancy, they appear to be able to afford their own homes, nice cars and life luxuries but that does not change the fact that their lives are screwed up and sad. If you raise an intelligent child, they will be able to see through the facade that is Teen Mom 2 and realise that a new car does not make up for losing the prime time of your life. Besides, you only get the perks if you get yourself a TV show to pay for it. Personally I feel sorry for them. They are craving love and attention and the only way they got it was by ruining their lives.

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My teen mom 2 review.

Author: azem1777 from United States
15 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jenelle- a person who gave birth to a kid named jace who her mother now has custody of because she for some reason never wanted to take care of him first and party second. It was always the other way around for her. Jaces sperm donor has probably done much better for him than jenelle by choosing to stay out of his life.

At first I thought okay maybe if her mom would lay off on her and give her space and some time and stop nagging every single second about everything she could be a good mom. In the first season or two I thought she was actually trying, but her mom Barbara was to nagging, opinionated about how she did things, and that Barbara wanted it done her way or no way. Sometime during the second season or beginning of the third season I realized that jenelle that she should probably try harder to be a better parent than she was.

But she ended up being someone that chooses her loser, fake druggie, user boyfriends over anyone even herself, I think. I think she cares about jack and loves him and all, but not enough to even think about putting him first.

Chelsea review

It seems like she gets a better edit than the rest of the moms. But I actually like Chelsea a lot. She seems like a fun person to be around, except from her annoying baby voice. She seems like she's a good mom as well.

She seems like the type of mom that's a best friend. The mom that you feel you can tell anything to, even things most kids wouldn't want their parents to know about. I don't really have anything bad to say about her like jenelle. Except from she seems like she relies on her dad for every little thing and doesn't know how/ want to discipline Aubree. I also don't like how she used to let Adam treat her in the past. But other than that she seems to be slowly growing up, maturing, and standing up for herself.

She also has a very good support system and knows what a family should be like, which is why she has it easier than most single moms do.


I don't like Leah. Never had and probably never will, I still think she's a good mom even though it seems like she gives Ali more attention than aleeah. I think she handles their situation with Ali as best as she can, even though some people think she should handle it better. There's really no right way for that, just better ways than others ( unless she deals with them the same way jenelle does and amber did. Then there's a problem that's needs to get fixed).

I never liked Leah for some reason since the first season. I don't remember what made me not like her in the first season, but this last season and the season her and Corey divorced one just one of the reasons was how she handled Jeremy being away and her divorce with Corey, even though she divorced him? I completely understand where she was coming from with Jeremy & have said so before a few times on this board when others complained about it. The only thing I wish she wold have done differently is try to understand what Jeremy thinks and feels. Because maybe he worked not just for the money, but because he likes to work. I wonder if she ever thought of that or not.

I also don't like how she pronounces words sometimes like lieyer instead of lawyer.

I do like how her and Corey do a pretty good job at co-parenting and can put their differences and feelings aside to be in the same room as the girls. Which I think Chelsea, kailyn, and jenelle ESPECIALLY JENELLE should take some notes from her on that.


I think I'm one of the few that actually still likes kailyn. Some people say she manipulates Isaac into him saying what she wants to hear. Which I don't see that but whatever. But I do think she's a control freak and a hypocrite.

She's so double standard when it comes down to joe with Isaac and Jo with vee. She can have a boyfriend, but Jo can't have a girlfriend the same time she is seeing someone? Okay that makes sense... And she can have as much time with Isaac as she wants and Jo can make the custody arrangement easier for her by still dropping Isaac off at his parents house instead of her driving all the way to NJ, but she can't do the same for Jo?

I also don't think she's as grumpy or rude as some think either. Since we only see not even fifteen minutes of her in each episode. The editors only put in what they think will make the ratings do better, not the full truth.

I'll give it a 6 even though it deserves a 2 since it's one of my favorite show to watch and I like some of the girls and for entertainment.

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