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"Episodes" Episode Three (2011)

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Bev and Sean lie in bed, dreading the day. Bev tries to convince him to stay in bed, for bed things. "Ok, no dawdling," he tells her. "Two minutes, tops."

On set, they sit down for the table read. Everyone waits while Merc grazes at craft services. He tells them to go on as he scarfs food.

The reading seems to go well, with laughter and applause all around.

Once Merc says he loved it, Carol, Andy and Myra weigh in in the affirmative.

Leaving the set, Merc revises his opinion to Carol: "Eh."

Matt approaches Bev and Sean, asking if the librarian character has to be a lesbian, because then his crush won't be a dead end.

Bev shuts him down. When he leaves to take a call, Bev tells Sean he gets to deal with Matt. He makes her crazy.

Matt invites Sean to come with him to talk to the chef of his new restaurant. Sean's trying to make his case for the lesbian, but is distracted by Matt's extremely nice car.

Matt lets him drive.

Matt says he keeps wanting to call Bev, "Betsy," which Sean says is her mother's name and she'd hate it. So Matt resolves to call her Betsy. When Sean asks where the chef is, they arrive at an airstrip. Vegas.

In wardrobe, the costume designer suggests a Seussical red- and-white striped dress for the lesbian librarian.

No one's sure how old the actress playing the librarian is. But Morning was in a show with William Shatner in the 1980s, playing his wife. (She looks early 30s at most.)

Bev calls Sean, he tells her she shouldn't wait for him.

At the network, Carol tries to talk to Merc about them losing John Stamos for a show, but he's more interested in unbuttoning her shirt. He suggests Matt for the part. She reminds him about "Pucks," the new name for Sean and Bev's show that he's currently starring in. Merc goes back to playing with her nipples.

In Vegas, Sean tells Matt he originally studied to be a doctor. He asks Matt what he'd be doing if not acting.

Driving a Formula One car or working in porn.

Matt says he has what it takes to succeed in porn.

"It's like a third arm, without the hand," he says. "I'm telling you, it's got everything but an elbow," he says.

Finally, Matt says he has to pee and offers to let Sean see it. Sean declines. Then he follows him to the bathroom.

Back in the car, Matt tries to tell a joke, but blows the punch line. Matt drives Sean home, and only has to wave to Wallace to get let in.

Matt drops Sean off, he brings up the lesbian librarian.

Matt says it was one of the best parts of their show, but in four years they only did 24 episodes and that's one season in the US.

He makes a shockingly solid argument for allowing themselves places to go with the storytelling, saying the audience needs something to root for. He cites Ross and Rachel.

Inside, Sean tries to pretend like he had a so-so time, but Bev susses out the truth. Sean loves Matt. He rattles off their evening's adventures, including meeting Lindsay Lohan and people from The Hills in a club. He mentions as an aside that he saw Matt's junk.

"It's enormous. Like a sea creature. Like something out of Jules Verne," Sean says.

He shows her all the free clothes a designer gave Matt to wear, including one with a label that says "Blood Rat."

When she asks about the lesbian thing, Sean says Matt's right. Upstairs, Sean tries on all of his Blood Rat clothing. He apologizes for getting carried away with Matt.

They make up.

Then Matt calls for Sean and calls Bev "Betsy" when she answers. He remembered the punch line to the joke.

The next day on the set after a scene, Bev is irritated that Matt won't make eye contact with her. She goes outside to cool off.

A PA comes looking for Sean because Matt wants to change some lines. Peeved that Matt asked for Sean, she finds Matt in his dressing room.

Bev starts in on a diatribe about how they have to be professional, but Matt sits down in his sweat pants and she is totally distracted by his crotch.

He calmly apologizes, then tells her "my eyes are up here."

Totally undermined, she leaves.


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