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6 Mar. 2011
The List
Chelsea telling Sarah not to forget her passport is the first indication that many of the staff get that Chelsea is organizing one of her infamous trips, this time back to Cabo San Lucas. She rents a private jet that can only hold herself and ten other passengers, those other ten chosen however Chelsea decides at any given moment. With one spot gone, Brad, Heather and Jiffy in particular do whatever they can to get on Chelsea's Cabo list. But as more and more spots get taken, the three of them get more and more desperate. Meanwhile, Stella, the infant daughter of Kit,...
13 Mar. 2011
Who's Vagina Is It, Anyway?!
Chelsea accidentally tweets a photograph taken at a recent pool party of a faceless and exposed vagina. Good Catholic girl and mother Heather is mortified to see that it is her vagina, the photograph she didn't even know existed. Before the photograph is removed, it goes viral. But Heather's mortification turns to opportunity when she feels the publicity would be good for her book sales. But before she can pounce on this opportunity, the vagina is credited to Giuliana Rancic, who doesn't deny that it is her. Heather tries to take back ownership of her own vagina. Meanwhile, Chelsea ...
20 Mar. 2011
A-list BFF
After appearing as a guest on the show, Reese Witherspoon begins to hang around the Lately offices. At first, all the writers clamor to have her be their individual new BFF, which Reese seems more than willing to be to each of them. But over time, a little Reese goes a long way. The writers have to figure out a tactful way to tell Chelsea of Reese's intrusions into their working life as Chelsea, who has not been subject to Reese's intrusions, is oblivious to the situation and as such still considers Reese a close friend. Meanwhile, Lionel, one of the security guards, buys Heather's ...
27 Mar. 2011
Heather and especially Sarah are perturbed that someone has been continually doing the number two in the women's restroom but not flushing. Sarah, who does almost anything required to find out the culprit (while Heather seemingly will do anything), figures that it is someone with anger issues, so she goes on a search for the angriest woman in the office. While Steve does his own somewhat creepy surveillance, Sarah thinks that Brad may know something more about it than he is letting on. Meanwhile, Chelsea has instituted the "Nope" board at the office, on which she ...
3 Apr. 2011
Fired Up
While Brad and Jiffy are working late one evening at the office, they are interrupted by the Latina cleaning lady who is doing her regular rounds. Brad in particular is annoyed by what he considers her intrusive manner, not only in the loud vacuuming, but also her loud voice while she speaks Spanish on her cell phone. As such, Brad has her fired the next day. What Brad is unaware of is that the cleaning lady, Guadalupe, is Chelsea's favorite. Brad also learns that Chelsea is planning on giving Guadalupe a gift when she starts her shift that evening because of a ...
10 Apr. 2011
Weekend at Chelsea's
At the office, Heather breaks down in tears because of a potentially marriage ending fight with her husband, Peter. Off the cuff, Chelsea tells Heather that she can stay with her for the weekend, or for as long as it takes for her and Peter to patch things up. Heather gladly accepts. Chelsea regrets asking Heather as Heather treats her stay like one big grown-up slumber party. Heather's actions also start to annoy Chelsea so much that she needs to invite Sarah over to act as a buffer. Chelsea does whatever she needs to to get Peter and Heather back together. Meanwhile...
17 Apr. 2011
The Intervention
Based on what he sees as Chris' unusual behavior of late, Jiffy believes that Chris has becomes a drug addict. Although initially unbelieving of this assertion, Heather too comes to believe the same. Sarah, who believes she knows Chris the best among the staff, doesn't think there is any way Chris could be a drug addict. Regardless, they bring in some high powered help to stage an intervention for Chris. Based on what happens at the intervention, they perhaps should have staged the intervention for another staff member. Meanwhile, Roy is feeling unappreciated by the ...
24 Apr. 2011
Chelsea takes great pride in celebrating the birthday of every one of her staff with great fanfare and festivity. So Chelsea is angry when on the next birthday in which she places Sarah in charge of getting the birthday cake, Sarah ends up getting a poor substitute for a cake: crudités. While berating Sarah publicly at every opportunity for this gaffe, Chelsea does whatever she can to make it up to the birthday boy, Micah, especially as this birthday was his first as a staffer. However, Chelsea's efforts may be more geared toward her want to celebrate a birthday her ...

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