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Very funny! A light comedy that allows you to chill out for 30 minutes
monica-humphery4 January 2012
First of all I have to say one thing to the other "reviewers", LIGHTEN UP!!!! Its a sitcom folks not a Pulitzer prize nominated documentary. I think the purpose of the show is to make us laugh for a few minutes out of the day and that's exactly what it did for me. Granted, the show is still new and the characters are still being developed but I thought it was genuinely funny. I think the chemistry between all the characters was very good, the story lines are hip and current, and the jokes were, dare I say, funny! The only complaint I have is yeah the girls look a little older than fifteen. But other than that, I liked it and I'm going to keep watching it.
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Are the previous reviews for real?
sipofcherrycola21 March 2012
Granted, not the best new comedy ever and definitely not "My Name is Earl," but I still had to defend "I Hate My teenage Daughter." Plenty of shows still use laugh tracks and I definitively see potential and room for character and plot development. Most of all I had to comment on the reviewers who saw hating their teenage daughters as implausible. Do any of you even have children? Or even nieces? Or remember being daughters and how terrible they were to their mothers? I was most definitely one of them! Whether it was merited or not is another story entirely! Most girls, especially of this generation are awful! They think they know it all and are horrible to everyone, their mothers especially. Naturally their mothers hate them back(in a very loving way of course)! It's not until they reach adulthood that they can actually appreciate their mothers, if ever! This show has its place in down to earth, true to real life, silly comedies. The daughters may be a bit generic, but to adults most teenage girls are! I hope they develop the characters, but it makes me laugh and remember my teenage years and I'm sure hits, at times possibly uncomfortable yet hilariously, close to home for many mother's of teenage girls. To the fans, enjoy and give it a chance! To the writers, you are on to something here! Just veer away from the stereotypical and cheesy and embrace the real and hilarious! Especially the raw comedic talent you have in Jaime Pressley!
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"I Hate My Teenage Daughter"
Girish Gowda1 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I like Emmy winner, Jamie Pressly from her best character to date, Joy in the hilarious, quirky comedy - "My Name is Earl". So I decided to watch "I Hate My Teenage Daughter" tonight. I didn't actually watch any ads for this show before, as I generally stay away from most promos and ads for new shows, since I don't want to be spoiled.

The premise, as the title suggests, is about two divorced women who are best friends, and hating on their bratty teen daughters because they are growing up to be just like the bullies that the moms had to suffer through high school. The characters are basically superficial, kind of annoying and quite possibly the worst people ever, by what we have seen in the premiere. Two single moms with their own serious issues with self-confidence and parenthood deal with their awful kids in unbelievably tacky ways. They are joined to the hip and essentially raising their kids together. Being single parents, they have always went along with their daughters whims. Now that their daughters are turning into bit***s, they want to make life difficult, by butting into their kids lives as much as possible.

The dialogues involve crass words, which could come off as funny, if executed well. Or in this case, just not good enough to incite genuine laughter. The dads were predictable, unfunny and redundant. The daughters act their part well enough; that scene where they were behaving like parents and their parents as immature kids was funny. The characters who made me smile are, Annie (Jamie Pressly), her dialogues are generally good when she isn't trying so hard to make us laugh. Incorporating her character's Christian school background as the show progresses would probably get funnier. Also the lawyer/ex brother-in-law was good. Get him more screen time and make Nikki (Katie Finneran) less whiny, and this show could deliver.

Rarely do I expect a comedy to fire on all cylinders in the premiere episode. The first few episodes of nearly every comedy show are wobbly and fail to get any real laughs. The first episode of "IHMTD" is unremarkable, not quirky or different enough, just plain tacky and borderline offensive. I will give this show another 3 episodes to find its feet. If it doesn't get better, its headed for cancellation, which would be a shame because Jamie really deserves a good vehicle.
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True Women Humor!
kattrotter18 December 2011
First of all, It's refreshing to watch a sitcom that doesn't take place in Southern California or the East Coast , for example; Hot in Cleveland, Reba, even Last Man Standing.

I'm a single mom who lives in Texas, Abilene to be exact, and the writers have NAILED the major characters. Too bad the rest of you don't understand. We didn't all grow up like the "Dallas" series.

Hopefully, the writers will have time to develop our characters in future episodes. So they aren't a Clair Hukstable "Supermom", that's part of their charm. It's apparent they are maturing and their struggles are relative and honest to those of us who have been there.
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cfitzhue30 November 2011
I am a Jaime Pressly fan, although I confess, my chief interest has more to do with her aesthetic than her acting prowess.

She hasn't had much luck in her film career. At least nothing as successful as her run as "Joy" on the sitcom "My Name is Earl".

Still I had hoped she would find a vehicle that would bring her the success she enjoyed on "Earl". Unfortunately, this show does not deliver.

The characters are uninteresting, and fail to generate interest while making their way through unremarkable writing.

My guess is the show won't have more than six episodes to turn things around.
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Why are people rating this already?
davidw574828 November 2011
See how I'm giving a neutral vote of 5? That's because the show hasn't aired yet, and the pilot won't air for another two days. So why does this show already have a rating of 6.0 out of 10 stars up at the top of the page? You people are animals... Apparently, I also need to add more lines. That's fairly annoying, as I thought that the issue was pretty well summed up. While we are putting together arbitrary rules on submissions, how's about we prevent people from rating a show that hasn't aired yet? Just a thought, fellas... And can we please define "Junk Words?" Do you simply mean gibberish? Or do you mean that there is a minimum vocabulary requirement for posting a review? Because I have to say, most of the reviews I have seen indicate otherwise. Of course, they could just be adding in random crap because IMDb forces you to put in a certain amount of content. Whatever happened to being able to describe something in less than ten lines of text?
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abtronic14 December 2011
I Hate My Teenage Daughter: everything that is wrong with canned-laughter sitcoms with so-called punch-lines. I totally got tricked by a preview, but the execution was SITCOM-HELL. This format needs to retire, so that single camera comedies can have more room. These shows are uninspired and employ hacks that have been in the industry forever. They need to try harder. Seriously, stop this FORMULA. It isn't a winner. Boring. Excessively jokey with jokes that aren't even funny. Learn to write? Don't try so hard? There needs to be an end to these shows. Stop the formula of formulaic formula. There really has to be an end for these shows. The line-producers that get paid to make this recycled crap need to be unemployed. Mainly, they need to stop making these shows. At some point, these kinds of shows need to stop being made.
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So Funny!
sallyjane171 December 2011
I haven't laughed so hard at a TV show in a long time. I watch this with my mom who has raised four daughters to adulthood and she was in tears laughing as we watched it. I can understand why others won't like it, it definitely is more "woman humor" than anything so many may not be able to relate so much. But if your a mother of a teenage daughter, was a teenage daughter, is a teenage daughter now, then you should totally watch this show. I think people should give it more of a chance. The reviews I've read on it haven't been great so far which is disappointing, most of them calling out bad parenting--which is the funny plot point that I think they all fail to get. All series need to start out with some sort of problem. I'm rooting for this show, I hope it has a good run.
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A half hour I will never get back.
fametrader30 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Horrible, insulting, and more filth from the Networks! Just what I wanted to do in the first 5 minutes of the show...hear "ass" twice, "whore", crap, with my teenage son! And the token black man hates white guys that play golf, seriously...who wrote this?? And that is all in the first 5 minutes! Oh, and lets advertise the movie "ALVIN" during two moms swearing? What genius thought of this? Cast was fake, the best friend is fighting with her ex, he comes in, sits down and helps himself to a stack of pancakes, spends $300 on an outfit that a "hooker" would wear but gets the limo for the dance? No plot, but to insult single struggling moms! Nice job FOX to actually release this. I would describe this new TV show as one of the moms suggested in the actual program...."crap"!
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Terrible show
Maniac-95 February 2012
Show is terribly made from top to bottom. Seriously what shows still use a laugh track? Either you get laughs from a live audience or don't bother with it.

Jaime Pressly was written and cast perfectly as Joy on My Name is Earl but has a terrible character to play here. How can you have someone who played Joy Turner in one of the funniest sitcom characters to play such a dull and played out boring character like this is beyond me.

The daughters were interchangeable and uninteresting characters that you really don't care why they're such pains in the butt.

The show basically just wimps out for the sake of sentimentality. Bad execution by the writing on this show.
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