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Season 3

1 Jan. 2013
Mammy's Spell
During a party to celebrate the baptism of Dermot and Maria's triplets, an unwitting Agnes and Winnie are put under the spell of the hypnotist booked to provide the entertainment. Mark has some upsetting news and Agnes has to turn a heartbroken Bono away.
7 Jan. 2013
Mammy's Inflation
Cathy is still dating Professor Clowne to Agnes's disapproval as she does not like him,especially when Cathy tells her she is considering breast implants to please him. As a trial Cathy is loaned an inflatable bra by the clinic which Agnes cannot resist trying. Unfortunately it gets out of control in the presence of Father Damien. Whilst Buster introduces Agnes to a half blind man who will be decorating her kitchen Rory takes driving lessons and Mark prepares for emigration. Professor Clowne pops the question with Cathy but it is not the question she wanted and she ...
14 Jan. 2013
Mammy's Break
Agnes is peeved that Rory and Dino chose Winnie and Hilary over her as their models in the hair-dressing contest - until tactfully told it was for seniors only. However she is desperate for a holiday but needs care for Grandad and tries to groom him to appear senile so he can have respite. Meanwhile she is led to believe by a bogus medium that she has twenty-four hours to live,which gives her a nasty moment in the pub - though fortunately food poisoning and not fate accounts for the victims dropping around her. Grandad's health tester arrives but his questions take ...
21 Jan. 2013
Mammy's Valentine
Agnes is feeling left behind by the permissive society as Cathy and Betty discuss sex and even Winnie seems to be getting it once a year. After failing to receive a Valentine card yet again she tries on-line dating but ends up with Dial-a-Dick,an escort agency. She arranges a date but gets stood up and is unimpressed by Dermot's romantic gesture for Maria and Grandad's gift of flowers. Fortunately Dial-a-Dick does end up by delivering.
28 Jan. 2013
Rory and Dino argue so Rory moves back in with Agnes but the pair reconcile and announce their wedding plans whilst extra work coming in means that Mark no longer needs to emigrate. Agnes is wary though when Buster gives Dermot a phone which may have been stolen and attempts to hide it when Cathy's old flame,detective Mick,visits and Father Quinn,just out of rehab,turns up to ask for her help with a charity garden party. Agnes also gets a phone call from a solicitor and,when Cathy discovers that the firm specialises in tracking down adopted children,she and the ...
4 Feb. 2013
Mammy Swings
Agnes is less than delighted with both her new kitchen and camp television personality LaLa Doggy who is organizing Rory and Dino's wedding. Cathy invites boyfriend Mick's parents and describes them as swingers,though Agnes gets the wrong idea and assumes they are jazz fans. When they come to see her and literally show her the kind of swingers they really are she gets a rude shock. Agnes clashes with LaLa over what kind of wedding there should be but the happy couple preempt them by marrying in secret. The Browns organize a surprise reception but the biggest surprise ...
25 Dec. 2013
Buckin' Mammy
Agnes is well-pleased with her state of the art remote-controlled Christmas tree - though less so with Buster's exploding crackers. She reluctantly agrees to help Mark and Betty by finding out what their son Bono wants from Santa before hosting the family's pre-Christmas party, which makes her very cross when nobody - especially Hillary - will play by the rules in her party games, as usual. Grandad's charades contribution turns out to be a mild heart attack but, after the guests have gone, he still has fun at Agnes's expense with the Christmas tree. Agnes resorts to ...
29 Dec. 2013
Who's a Pretty Mammy?
Agnes prepares for her New Year's Eve party although half the guests have reasons for not coming to it. She is also perturbed that Mark and Betty want to send Bono to the very rough local school and is somewhat harassed when stern Father McBride persuades her to look after a parrot that belonged to Maria's recently deceased auntie. After having a mishap with some aerosol glue which she mistook for deodorant and accidentally bringing on Dino's food allergy Agnes learns that the parrot was living in a house of ill repute not unknown to Father McBride, a fact which comes...
25 Dec. 2014
Mammy's Tickled Pink
With Christmas approaching Agnes is intrigued by a succession of boxes delivered for Cathy about which the other family members are keeping quiet. Then Dermot's dumb friend Buster lets slip that Cathy is working for the Tickled Pink company, which sells sex aids, though Agnes mistakenly believes that they are kitchen utensils and uses a dildo as a whisk. There is further confusion when Rory informs her that he will be having Botox, which Agnes thinks means a sex change - leading to embarrassment when Agnes mistakes Cathy's boss Margaret for her supposed transsexual ...
1 Jan. 2015
Mammy's Gamble
With a spate of burglaries in the area Agnes gets Dino to install a North Korean burglar alarm but not only is it too late as thieves have stolen the television but it is also useless, trapping Agnes and Buster in the living room and requiring Dermot to save them. Discovering that Dermot cannot get a bank loan to set up in business on his own and that Cathy is considering artificial insemination Agnes makes the decision to help them both out - by winning the 15,000 euros prize for the winner of the pub's poker tournament.
25 Dec. 2015
Mammy's Christmas Punch
Agnes's desire for a peaceful Christmas is jeopardized by family rows and a rather aggressive Christmas tree whilst the reappearance of Mark's ex-girlfriend Bubbles, a predatory divorcee, spells trouble for Betty and Agnes feels unwanted when the family clubs together to send her to Canada to see her sister. Fortunately all matters are resolved in time for Agnes to help Winnie fulfill her bucket list though mischievous Grandad ensures that the tree has the last word.
31 Dec. 2015
Mammy's Widow's Memories
It's 25 years since the death of her husband "Redser" whose former best friend woos Mrs. Brown as she plans a memorial service. Rory is feeling bored in his marriage to Dino, and Mark confronts Buster over a watch stolen from a customer.
23 Jul. 2016
Mammy Sutra (LIVE)
Dressed as a penguin to promote frozen foods Dermot considers sacking Buster from the campaign for not pulling his weight whilst Rory has the chance to buy his own hair salon and Father Damien asks Agnes to help him with the local boy scouts, leading to her wearing scout's uniform in the pub. However Agnes is chiefly concerned about Mark and Betty, wrongly believing they have a sexual problem when in fact they are arguing about a new bed. Things eventually come right but not necessarily due to Agnes's meddling in this live broadcast of the show.
25 Dec. 2016
Mammy's Forest
Agnes's Christmas may not be a happy one with Grandad unwell, Rory's salon catching fire - requiring a pop-up hairdressers in Agnes's front room - and Buster and Dermot facing opposition for a pet shop contract from a rival team of advertisers. Furthermore she is determined not to have a Christmas tree - as it is dangerous. However when Christmas comes round Grandad makes a miracle recovery, thanks to an accident to Agnes due to a forest of Christmas trees supplied by Buster, who has also secured the contract. Everybody gathers in the pub to celebrate with a quiz and ...
31 Dec. 2016
Chez Mammy
Granddad is prescribed marijuana for the pain in his back, Betty's boy is being bullied in school, and Cathy is dating a Frenchman. Mrs Brown tries to administer the medicine, sort out her grandson's problems in school and Cathy's love life. Hilarity ensues.

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