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The music, the cinematography, the acting choices, the daring plot leaps - not a single element is timid or safe...The Place Beyond the Pines earns every second of its 140-minute running time.
I think you'll find it as fresh, original and breathlessly exciting as I did.
A riveting crime thriller, it's also a multi-generational familial saga that approaches Greek tragedy.
This is a story about legacy, the sins of the father, the restlessness in our souls. It's powerful, it's bold, it hits you hard.
It is a better, more fully felt and moving picture than "Blue Valentine."
It's a beast of a movie, an emotional roller coaster that threatens to go off the rails, and does. But Cianfrance, working from a scrappy script he wrote with Ben Coccio and Darius Marder, takes you on a hell of a ride.
Cianfrance generally shows again that he knows how to build immersive characterizations with his actors. And while this sorrowful triptych is uneven and perhaps overly ambitious, the director displays a cool mastery of atmospherics and tone.
One-third wonderful, The Place Beyond the Pines weakens as it unfolds for lack of what makes the early part so good.
The poetry in The Place Beyond the Pines can be elusive, but also easy to get lost in.
It's a slow-burner that burns so slowly its wick completely fizzles out.
Too much of this seething drama is devoted not to characterization but to posturing.

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