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Just when thought I could not despise her more...she comes out with this

Author: jonieblon from United States
2 June 2011

However...that does not keep me from giving it 8/10 stars..although for shows like these..I consider the votes along the lines cabooses in a train wreck..bcz we all love watching train wrecks. This monotone queen of vapidity is devoid of any spark, intelligence, or charisma, but the delusional world she lives in where "I can't help it if people obsess about me," or anyone who works in porn is a perv and weirdo...HELLO???? YOU MADE A SEX TAPE YOU SKANK AND CAPITALIZED THE CRAP OUT OF IT. If you were so "traumatized" as you put would've taken your pampered ass back to NYC and leave us alone.

But back to the show..her co-horts are syncophants on their last stop before rehab (or in Brooke Mueller's case already in), the rode hard and put back wet chick who was the "promoter," looks bloated and blighted from her years of coke and smoke. Do love the lesbian photographer though.

The one saving grace the tells me all is right in the world is that she has hooked up with the Cy-cho Cy. Uh..this guy is one radio over the head blaring In Your Eyes moment from stabbing her and himself a la Dorothy Stratten.

So yes..I love watching people who honestly feel they are above the fray when in fact they are way below us in the pit of Z-listers as we laugh with great mirth at their self-importance and delusional proclamations of I'M A STAR!!! And Brooke..last I checked an alcoholic coke-head does not really need an "assistant."

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The "Real Side" Of Paris Is Even Worse Than Her Tabloid Persona

Author: activist-drea from United States
5 June 2012

Around the time of this show's season premiere Paris Hilton was doing all sorts of interviews about her "new self". Apparently the tiaras were now vanished, as well as the sparkly track suits that she has donned since the Simple Life days. Magazines considered it to be a new beginning for her, and the show was supposed to follow her on that journey.

And just when you thought that America's "beloved" hotel heiress had returned more grown up than ever, you hear Paris' baby voice narrating the background of the opening credits, & you see her hot pink Bentley roll up on your TV screen. As most everyone could see from the first few moments, she was as vapid as ever, and her shallowness had grown to an all-time low.

Yes, the show gave us an inside scoop on her jet-setting and excessive partying. But believe it or not, the show was not totally about her. The network couldn't seem to fill up a whole hour of Paris shopping, bitching, and talking about herself,so they decided to have another storyline that revolved around Brooke Mueller hopping back on the rehab merry-go-round. But enough about that, here's a little bit about the characters:

Meet Cy. On top of being Paris' flavor of the month, he is also a club promoter whose raging jealousy issues are mistaken for loyalty.

Next up there's Brooke. You may know her for being Charlie Sheen's ex-wife... and only for being Charlie Sheen's ex-wife.

After that is Jen. She's an avid photographer who has modeled for Playboy. Apparently her and Paris have been friends for years (which is somewhat surprising considering she's one of the only decent ones on here).

Then there's Allison. She looks old enough to be the girls' mother (and probably is), and gets her 15 minutes by becoming the show's resident jerk-off. Unlike Brooke, she doesn't have enough issues to make for an alternate story. And unlike Jen, she isn't cute enough or nice enough for the camera to love her, so she steals episode plots by being a demeaning prick to whoever bothers her in the slightest.

Last but not least is Lexi. She's Paris' new assistant, as well as a part-time porn writer. And you gotta feel bad for the girl- she tries her hardest to be good and kiss Paris' butt, but all she receives in return are degrading remarks from Allison and hypocritical comments from the porn queen herself (Paris).

But all in all there's really not much to say about the show because it's exactly what you would expect. It details the life of a spoiled has-been who has nothing better to do than party her heart out, & make nice remarks to people's face while talking bad about them behind their backs. I mean, you get to see a grown woman being thrust out of an all-pink-fuzzy bed for business meetings because she doesn't have the motivation to get up on her own, & you hear her make nasty judgements on other people's lives when she has done things that are 10 times worse. And worst off all, the season finale' was basically her explaining how she was sorry for all of the rotten mistakes she made while being filmed. It's almost sad. You'd think these girls would have some common sense considering all of the money and fast lives that they have, but it's just not enough.

Call me a fool, but between her brand empire & her frequent TV appearances I always thought that there may have been more to Paris. And you know, this show was supposed to show that. But all I saw on the The World According To Paris were a bunch of soon-to-be middle agers who have the maturity of 10-year olds and egos the size of a mansion. Money doesn't buy common sense, and this show is a good example of that.

This show may give us a glimpse into Paris' world. But frankly, it's a world most of us would want nothing to do with. Good riddance to this ridiculousness.

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