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Van Pelt reports to her witness protection shift at a safe house. Vic Gorman, the marshal she's taking over for, says there might be a threat.

The 12-year-old daughter Trina gives Grace a picture of horses she drew.

Her dad Justin DeGeorge is practicing his testimony with ADA Weymouth. He says the killer is Adrian Essex. DeGeorge was his money manager. He and his daughter get witness protection for his testimony.

Van Pelt starts her shift.

She does a sweep of the perimeter. Outside, she hears a noise and draws her gun to investigate.

She's looking around the house, when something hits her over the head. When she comes to, her head is bloody. She calls it in and runs toward a shot in the house.

The door is open. Justin DeGeorge is shot inside and his daughter is gone.

Later, Lisbon is on the team with tons of police and forensics.

Jane looks around inside. He finds Trina's sketchpad and follows her drawings of the patio outside. The perspective is from up high. Jane and Lisbon find a treehouse. Trina's in it.

They try to ask her what happened but she doesn't remember anything. Her aunt Jody (Yancy Butler) comes for her.

Vic the marshal comes back with Weymouth.

Vic notices the deadbolt was unlocked. Trina couldn't have unlocked it because it needs a key -- which was hanging around Van Pelt's neck.

Weymouth starts to grill her, but Van Pelt says she doesn't remember if she locked it. (She did.)

Weymouth says the guy on trial, Essex, has to be responsible.

Jane finds a matchbook for the Reno Wrangler on the table. The victim collected matchbooks.

Cho and Rigsby interview Essex. When he won't provide an alibi, they handcuff him and take him out. His ankle device goes off. He's on monitored home confinement. So he has an alibi.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Lisbon and Jane that Trina is fine but doesn't know her dad is dead. Her aunt Jody asks them to leave her alone. Jane is sure Trina saw her father's murder. He wants to try a trance. Jane gives Jody the once-over and guesses that she's a nurse with an army background. He asks why she's so protective. Jody explains that Trina's mother committed suicide last year.

Jane asks where the gift shop is then sneaks into Trina's room while Jody and Lisbon argue.

Jane brings Trina a note pad to draw on. He guesses her mom encouraged her. He asks if her dad smoked. He didn't.

Jody and Lisbon come in. Jody starts yelling, asking if Jane tried to hypnotize her. Trina, of course, wants to know why he would want to. She asks where her dad is. Jody doesn't answer, so finally Jane tells her gently that he is dead.

At CBI, Rigsby tries to check on Van Pelt, she doesn't want to talk. Instead, she runs to the arms of her FBI boyfriend Craig O'Laughlin when he arrives.

Cho wants to look into Essex's enforcer Eugene Bowdin.

O'Laughlin assures Van Pelt she's a great cop and this will pass. Agent LaRoche interrupts. He wants to interview her and demands she go for a drug test that second.

Cho and Rigsby go talk to Bowdin, who won't let them in. They push through the door and come upon a drug operation.

Rigsby takes off after the third guy -- it's Essex. He gets away.

Van Pelt meets with LaRoche. She tells him she's not sure if she locked the door.

LaRoche asks about Todd Johnson, the cop killer who got burned in CBI. He tells her he wants her help with his investigation, possibly wearing a wire.

She figures out he wants her to spy on her own team.

He says it would prove she was a good cop and make his investigation into her actions easier. She senses the threat.

Lisbon and Cho interview Bowdin. Essex rewired a phone to his ankle monitor signal and left the phone at home as a decoy.

But they have security camera footage of him leaving. (Which apparently they never checked before now?)

He also left the night of the DeGeorge murder. The remind Bowdin they caught him trying to sell 20 pounds of meth. He doesn't want to deal.

Jane waits for Jody outside the hospital. He can tell she's trying to quit smoking. She doesn't deny she didn't like Justin. She says he beat her sister and she planned to fight him for custody of Trina.

She lights up with a lighter. Jane asks where she died. She calls it a no-tell motel in Reno.

He apologizes for misjudging her, then takes her wrist and looks into her eyes, telling her that every time she takes a puff a fat, jowly tobacco executive is laughing at her. He taps her shoulder, taking her out of her trance. She crushes her cigarette.

O'Laughling takes Van Pelt out to dinner. She tells him about LaRoche's threat. O'Laughlin asks her if she'd turn whoever it was in even if she wasn't helping LaRoche. He says it's the same thing. She doesn't want to spy on her friends, but he says they're her coworkers, not friends.

Back at CBI, Rigsby is going through files and finds that Justin DeGeorge reported that aunt Jody attacked him last year.

Cho has a list of Essex's properties. Jane bets he can figure out where Essex is in less than a minute. Vic takes the bet.

Jane takes the list into Bowdin and watches his eyes as he runs his finger over the list of addresses. He figures it out In 27 seconds.

The team goes to the address, a motel. Van Pelt goes the other way from everyone and runs into Essex. He runs down the stars and away from her. She catches up and tackles him through a window. He runs off and by the time she gets her gun and is back on her feet a motel guest has wandered into her line of fire on Essex and doesn't move.

He runs off, but right into Rigsby and the entire SWAT team.

In the CBI interrogation room, Essex's lawyer says he's innocent of everything. He says Essex was with his girlfriend the night of the murder and wasn't in the room with the drugs they busted.

Lisbon and Jane try to convince Jody to let Trina see Essex in a line-up. She says no.

Jane summons Trina by tossing a pebble at her bedroom window. When she comes outside Jane asks her if she wants to help them catch her father's killer. Jody won't let her. Lisbon says they'll protect her. Jane encourages Trina to talk to her aunt. She tells Jody if she doesn't let her do it she'll never forgive her.

At CBI, Trina watches Essex and Bowdin in the line-up. She doesn't recognize them.

Jane asks Rigsby to take Jody to fill out the forms and Lisbon catches on, offering that she has to sign the standard minor witness release forms. When Jody leaves, she tells him whatever he's doing, he's not doing it alone.

Jane asks Trina if she wants to help catch her father's killer. All she has to do is trust him.

Moments later, Lisbon comes out fired up and tells Rigsby to stand guard over Trina and not to let anyone in. Jane says Trina remembered after he hypnotized her. Vic asks who did it. Jane says they'll know soon, but they have to take her to a safe house. Jane promises Jody he won't let anything bad happen to Trina.

Outside a motel, Van Pelt makes a call, saying Trina is safe. Cut to a man breaking into the motel. It's Vic the marshal.

They say Essex paid him to kill Justin and now Trina. He denies it but is slow to put down his gun. Finally, he starts to and Lisbon lowers her weapon. But Vic raises his arm to shoot and Van Pelt blasts him away.

Van Pelt reports back to LaRoche that they found a key to the dead bolt in Vic's apartment. She didn't leave the door unlocked.

She tells him she won't spy on her friends. He reminds her a killer works in CBI.

O'Laughlin meets her in the hall and says he's proud of her. He wants to take her to lunch, saying he has something special planned.

Lisbon interviews Essex with his lawyer. Jane says he never hypnotized Trina, he just did that to lure Vic out. They have proof, including a bag of meth at Vic's house. Essex's bank records show he paid $10,000 to Vic for each hit. They find five other murders over six years.

Essex asks how they knew. Jane says they had the same ugly hockey jersey in their homes. They grew up on the same street in Boston.

Van Pelt comes back from lunch and Rigsby congratulates her. She's surprised, then realizes he's talking about the investigation into her being closed.

She says O'Laughlin asked her to marry him and she said yes. Rigsby says congratulations and hugs her.

Jane and Lisbon arrive at Jody's house. She called them. Trina's freaked out. Jane guesses that she remembers.

She says she killed her dad.

Jane explains that Vic was hired to do it, but didn't get the chance.

That's why Vic came after Trina, because he didn't want Essex to know he'd been cheated.

Lisbon asks why.

Jane says because Justin murdered her mother.

Jane takes out the matchbook from the motel where her mom died. Justin claimed he'd never been to Reno.

Flash back to Trina looking for something to light a candle with and finding the matchbook, then questioning her dad. He hit her and took the matches then took out a gun.

He pointed the gun at Trina then said her mom tried to leave him. She knocked the gun away, because apparently she's some sort of kung-fu ninja 12-year-old, and grabbed it. When he came at her, she fired.

Lisbon drags Jane into another room. Lisbon wants to call juvy, but he asks how much time she's going to spend in foster care. Lisbon says they can't decide who gets a pass.

Lisbon's frustrated that Trina confessed. Jane suggests they let her go, just this once.

Cut to Lisbon taking Trina to juvenile, where Trina tells Lisbon it's O. Lisbon pauses, then tells the intake guy to keep up the good work.

She takes Trina home.


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