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The aliens are here!!! Part 90's retro, road movie, A Space Odyssey, California Dreamin' alien conspiracy , all weird and not too good. Not even known apparently.
Foreverisacastironmess15 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is a unique kind of alien invasion movie, I'll give it that. It seems that nobody had even heard of it before it was premiered on the Horror channel. When I first looked up this page there wasn't even 1 vote and no reviews. The plot is your (very) basic science-fiction abduction crap. Some guys get beamed up, they are returned missing time and not remembering what happened. Quite boring and confusing actually, most of the time is spent wondering what the heck is going on. There is a secondary group of attractive buddies that completely disappear from the movie with no explanation after the first 30 minutes. And the film did seem to seriously run out of steam when it got to the last act. Also, the ending is majorly stupid, one of the worst endings to any film ever. Not really an ending at all, the picture just suddenly ceases on you, with quite a few unresolved questions. A severe blow to the film's quality, which I would say is tepid at best. This to me is not one of the worst sci-fi's ever made, but it is very cheaply done, real bizarre, and again, almost completely ruined by a vague and ridiculous ending. Long story short, everybody are aliens and don't know it! The plot is not the reason I actually liked this movie anyway...:2: This movie has a kind of retro 90's feel to it that I loved. The film is set in the summer of 1997, so then it's purposefully done. They got that part right at least. For me they definitely captured that sweet moment in time. The vibe throughout is almost a trippy one, with many speeded up cross country views, and a few of the beach, with everything tinged a slightly gold shining colour, all hyper real. (Think acid trip) All of that stuff looked beautiful, I loved that element of the movie. The few special effects used look pretty good and convincing, must be why they used them so sparingly! The first one is when two dudes get beamed up at the beginning, and another is just a tiny thing. It's a weird little strip of alien space wire that one of the dudes finds in his underpants(!) The metal is all rainbow shiny and psychedelic looking. (think Pogs!) The only aliens you will see in this movie are just people in crappy looking suits in a few brief dreamy flashes.:3: Most of the acting is pretty bad. In fact, incredibly bad. (Think Troll 2)Even I noticed that and that's not usually a factor for me, not if the movie is an enjoyable one. I thought Ossie Beck as Cameron was the worst actor in the whole thing. The film manages to do itself in with a weak, practically nonexistent plot, and annoying badly acted characters. At a mere 70 minutes, it may have been better had it been considerably longer. But, despite it's many faults I liked the weirdness of this movie. It was somewhat compelling, and I did like the minor nostalgia it evoked in me. See ya.
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Cool Campy Retro Sci Fi Film that intrigues the viewer
porschemph16 April 2012
Alien Encounter is my new fav for Sci Fi films and bound to be a cult favorite. I enjoyed it's retro 90's vibe and the fact it premise was based on the infamous Phoenix Lights that happened in the 90's. Overall the acting was good and story intrigued. Courtney Gains known Star from the popular film Children of the Corn gave a good performance and so did the smoking hot blond Actress Yvette Rachelle. She made the film. I watched it over again just to see this drop dead gorgeous and cool Actress again. Also I did enjoy the special effects ,campy feel and wild music. Overall it is definitely worth seeing. I saw this at Cannes Film Festival and look forward to buying the DVD soon
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Alien Encounter Film was super cool & enjoyed the ride
ecomann200013 January 2015
Alien Encounter film was super wild...I must admit I dug this sleek & cool Sci-Fi Thriller. The film is based on true events of the Phoenix Lights UFO sightings in Arizona. It was cool on all levels! The effects were surreal, the music was wild, and acting was realistic. It had well known actor Courtney Gains from Stephen King Children Of The Corn film. And the super hot Actress/Supermodel Yvette Rachelle kept me more than intrigued while Matt Mercer of film Contracted was convincing. Not to mention there are aliens in the film and a wild ending. An enjoyable watch overall and now one of my favorite Sci-Fi Films along with Aliens & Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.
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Neil Welch2 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie, about two students who are temporarily abducted by aliens before being returned in order to get involved in some criminal goings-on, was released in 2008, and these comments are the first being posted.

I wonder why that is, he asked himself.

Could it be because this film is astonishingly low profile? Why, yes, quite probably. Could it be because it has no-one in it you've ever heard of? Could be. Could it be because it has some very bad acting in it? Yes, it's entirely possible.

And yet...

I've seen worse. Considering its bargain basement budget, it is moderately well filmed, with cheap but passable effects, and a degree of commitment on the part of the participants. It is, for example, substantially better from a technical standpoint than the execrable Aquanoids, yet there are a couple of pages of comments on that one.

Am I going to waste any more time pondering this vexed issue? Well, it's not that vexed. and no I ain't.
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Super Hip Super Trippy Super Film!!!
horsejumper000922 July 2015
My buddies and I really thought Alien Encounter film had a super cool vibe. Firstly, it was cool as it was based on a true events of Phoenix Lights UFO Sightings in the 1990's.Second, it had some killer special effects. Thirdly had some great well know Actors - Courtney Gains from Children of the Corn film, the super hot blonde Swedish/American Actress Yvette Rachelle and Matt Mercer from Contracted film. They made it a very enjoyable film. Not to mention , the rest of the quirky cast. Thirdly, it was a Sci Fi film that was a real trip to watch with killer tunes. We were really engrossed for the whole ride of this wildly fun film. Make sure you watch after the end credits too....
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