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FrightFest 2012 Day Four: Shocking Shorts & Sinister Sounds

It was set to be another jam-packed day as a selection of nine short films were unveiled, the dynamic Andy Nyman (The Glass Man) presented his devilishly difficult ‘Quiz From Hell’, and, of course, we’d several feature films to devour ravenously.

Here’s our overall low-down of the fourth day’s events…

The FrightFest International Short Film Showcase:

The Halloween Kid

Director: Axelle Carolyn (UK)

Overall: A charming little story about an outcast with an over-active and subtly foreboding imagination, who only finds true happiness during Halloween. It’s probably the least offensive horror film ever made, but there’s an eerie subtext that plays with your mind.

Gargols! (Snails!)

Director: Geoffrey Cowper (Spain)

Overall: This high concept film sees inexplicably huge snails tear a teenage party to pieces whilst a young man tries to woo his ex-girlfriend. An absurd horror that mixes romance, black humour, and a blistering soundtrack.
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The 2012 Seattle Film Festival Line-Up is the Best I've Seen in Years

I can't remember a time I went to the Seattle International Film Festival (Siff) press launch and looked over the list of films and saw so many I was interested in seeing. The claim to fame for over the years is to call it the largest and most-highly attended festival in the United States. This is a fact I've often taken issue with as I don't equate quantity with quality. Granted, there has been a large number of quality features to play the fest over the years, including Golden Space Needle (Best Film) winners such as Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985), My Life as a Dog (1987), Trainspotting (1996), Run Lola Run (1999), Whale Rider (2003) and even recent Best Director winner, Michel Hazanavicius's Oss 117: Nest of Spies in 2006. That said, looking over this year's crop of films I see a lot of films I will be doing my absolute best to see.
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FrightFest 2011 Review: The Glass Man

The Glass Man

Stars: Andy Nyman, Neve Campbell, Cristian Solimeno, James Cosmo | Written and Directed by Cristian Solimeno

By day two FrightFest had offered child tormenting imps, depraved psychotic killers, and the inescapable force of Death itself. Still to come were vampires, trolls, and all manner of other terrifying supernatural entities. But The Glass Man deals with something a little more down to earth, something that at one time or another – particularly in these uncertain economic times – could affect us all: bankruptcy.

Have you ever looked at your bank balance, and got that sinking feeling? That “oh crap, what do I do Now?” feeling that makes you sick to your stomach and uncertain about your next move? That’s the basis for the horror of The Glass Man; what would you do to make it right, and how would you process the reality of what was happening to you.

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Massive 2011 Film4 FrightFest Photo Gallery; More Reviews Added - The Glass Man, Kidnapped, Vile, and Panic Button

  • Dread Central
As promised in our Event Report from this year's amazing as always Film4 FrightFest film fest in the UK, we're back with a full gallery of photos from the event taken by our man on the scene, Gareth aka Pestilence, along with a quartet of new reviews.

As you're no doubt aware from our past several years of covering the event, FrightFest is nothing if not eclectic, as evidenced by the films that are the subject of these four reviews from Gareth:

The Glass Man

Starring Andy Nyman, James Cosmo, Neve Campbell, Brett Allen

Directed by Cristian Solimeno

Martin Pyrite has lost his job. But instead of telling his wife, he continues his work routine and gets into enormous monetary difficulties. Then late one night a sinister debt collector bangs on his door with an offer – if Martin helps him carry out an important task, he’ll wipe the financial slate clean.
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FrightFest 2011: ‘The Glass Man’

  • SoundOnSight
The Glass Man

Directed by Cristian Solimeno

Starring Andy Nyman, James Cosmo, Neve Campbell

UK, 2011

Time for our second of many British films at Frightfest this year and we were treated to the World Premiere of Cristian Solimeno’s The Glass Man; a surprisingly affecting drama / thriller that rummages into the spiralling psyche of an ordinary man falling further and further into muddy proceedings as he attempts to dig himself out of a simple lie.

After he loses his job, Martin Pyrite lies to his wife and continues his routine, hoping things will somehow work out. Debt piles up as does the guilt and it’s not long before a sinister debt collector shows up at his house late at night with an offer – Martin can help him do the deeds he needs done for one single night and the financial slate will be wiped clean. Or he destroys his life and takes everything.
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Event Report: Film4 FrightFest 2011

As the holiest range of dates in the British horror fanatic’s calendar now consigns itself to history, so too do the memories of this year’s Film4 FrightFest (Thursday 25 August to Monday 29 August). As usual, Dread Central was on the scene to bring you insight into the machinations of the UK’s biggest horror film festival. Read on for the details and a sample of our huge forthcoming image gallery!

Now in its twelfth year of operation, the UK’s premier destination for lovers of all things scary and violent appears to have settled solidly into what will likely be its permanent home for the future – the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square. Did we mention last year that it’s also the largest cinema screen in the UK? We did, you say? Well, it is. And it’s a wonderful thing to behold every single time you enter the auditorium.
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FrightFest 2011: Five Of The Best

  • HeyUGuys
FrightFest is probably my favourite film festival and it’s definitely five days in August that I now look forward to every year. This is in part down to the excellent organisation, the incredible atmosphere and the fellow film fans you get to spend the August Bank Holiday with but mostly it’s because the festival affords you the opportunity to sit in a cinema for five days and watch a lot of films that you’ve not seen before.

Achieving what, for me, was a slightly disappointing total of 21 films out of a possible 27, although I had seen 3 already, I got the opportunity to see a number of films on that giant Empire screen (my view of which can be seen to the left) that will most likely rarely again get the chance to play in a cinema in the UK. This is one of the joys of FrightFest
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FrightFest 2011: The Glass Man Review

  • HeyUGuys
Martin (Andy Nyman) is a meek and somewhat feeble man who loses his well paid job and instead of telling his wife decides to continue ‘going to work’.

Every day he gets dressed, has breakfast, takes a pack lunch from his wife Julie (Neve Campbell), kisses her on the cheek and sets off. He has nowhere to go though. A man clearly defined to some degree by his financial status he is lost, he’s floundering and unable to get a grip back on his life.

When he visits his old office to contest a bad reference he’s been given he is treated like a pariah, an edict has been made by his old boss that he is to be ignored, not spoken to, that if he approaches one of his old colleagues they are to treat him as if he’s not there. Leaving the office he seeks
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Review: The Glass Man

  • Pure Movies
This is the Pure Movies review of The Glass Man, directed by Cristian Solimeno, and starring Andy Nyman, James Cosmo, Neve Campbell, Brett Allen, Lorraine Burroughs, Lauren Cuthbertson and Will Francis. Martin Pyrite (Andy Nyman) is having a really bad day. Not only is he desperately trying to prevent his wife (Neve Campbell) from finding out he has been fired, he is given a terrible reference and ordered out of the office forever, realises the true severity of his financial difficulties and is quietly mugged in broad daylight – all before the mysterious debt collector Pecco (James Cosmo) arrives on his doorstep with a proposition.
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Review: The Glass Man

Director: Cristian Solimeno

Starring: Andy Nyman, James Cosmo, Neve Campbell.

Running time: 103 minutes.

Certificate: Tbc

Synopsis: After losing his job, Martin (Nyman) finds himself falling into a pit of irreconcilable debt. And even worse, he has failed to tell his wife (Campbell) that they are close to losing everything. But as Martin is on the brink, a mysterious bailiff arrives at his door, offering to wipe Martin’s debt in exchange for help with a secret errand. But is this just another situation that Martin is unable to control?

Despite premiering at 2011’s FrightFest, The Glass Man is not a horror film. At least, not in the traditional sense. It does not set out to scare you as other films might, with the threat of death, supernatural entities, or whatever else may fill your imagination. That is not to say that The Glass Man isn’t about fear. In fact,
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FrightFest day two: Tucker, Dale, and Andy vs tepid torture porn…

It was a grim start to the day: outside Leicester Square’s Empire Cinema, it was very grey and wet, and inside wasn’t much better. The word is bleak, thanks to the first few films screened for FrighFest’s second day. Events would eventually take a turn for the better however, as a few good men came to make the save: Tucker, Dale, and some fellow supposedly made of glass. You may know him as Thn favourite and horror fanatic Andy Nyman.

But first thing’s first unfortunately…

Rogue River

Director: Jourdan McLure

Cast: Michelle Page, Bill Moseley, Lucinda Jenney

Synopsis: When Mara (Michelle Page) takes her father’s ashes to Rogue River and someone tows her car, she is forced to accept a lift from friendly local Jon. She soon finds herself at Jon and his wife Lea’s house, where they invite her to stay. But it
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FrightFest 2011 Review: The Glass Man

The toast of 2011′s Frightfest thus far and certainly a classier-than-average effort for a horror film festival of any sort, Cristian Solimeno’s The Glass Man concluded amid a round of applause last night in Leicester Square’s jam-packed Empire cinema. Distinguished by its reliance on an outstanding performance from up-and-comer Andy Nyman (best known for small comic bit-parts in Brit productions like Death at a Funeral and Severance), this is one film well-conceived enough that it need not rely on scare tactics and buckets of blood to keep you intrigued; it is a timely, thoughtful and ultimately rather disturbing drama which delivers a warning message of sorts to the insulated, prevailing middle class.

Martin (Nyman) has just lost his job, though hasn’t yet conveyed that information to his wife, Julie (Neve Campell), and continues with the routine of getting dressed and driving to work every day. One day,
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FrightFest day one: Don’t be afraid of the 3D…

It’s been a funny few days for Thn. Not only did we attend our first ever FrightFest, we also preceeded the event with last night’s Cigarette Burns’ double bill at the Prince Charles Cinema, as part of the Scala Forever season. Between The Beyond, Dead And Buried, and Final Destination 5, Thn has seen enough eyeballs pierced, gouged, torn out, and lazered to last a lifetime. Yes, if the last 36 hours is anything to go by, the remaining four days of FrightFest should prove to be quite a horrific ordeal. In the best way possible, of course.

This evening saw the UK premieres of both the aforementioned Final Destination fivequel and Don’T Be Afraid Of The Dark. But in addition to the main features, those pulling the strings behind FrightFest laid on a few treats for the gorehounds, who absolutely lapped it up.

Before the opening film,
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FrightFest: The ten most wanted

We’re only days away from Europe’s premier horror festival, and The Hollywood News’ bloodlust is increasing by the second. The event is the Film 4 FightFest, which runs from 25th-29th August in Leicester Square’s Empire Cinema.

The line up for this year’s event is as exciting as ever and it promises to be four days of gore, shock, and psychologically-damaging fun. If you like that kind of thing. Which Thn most certainly does.

FrightFest will screen a whopping 37 films, representing eleven countries and featuring seven world premieres and twenty European premieres. That’s a whole lotta scares.

For the horror hounds out there, here are the ten Fright Fest movies The Hollywood News’ is most looking forward to watching through oor fingers…

10. Inbred Director: Alex Chandon Starring: Jo Hartley, Seamus O’Neill, James Doherty.

What the devil is it?

When four young urban offenders find themselves
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Neve Campbell And Andy Nyman Get Cosy In New Still From The Glass Man

Neve Campbell ('Scream 4') has popped up alongside co-star Andy Nyman ('Black Death', 'Severance') on a new still from the Cristian Solimeno helmed 'The Glass Man'. The new British thriller will make its world premiere at next month's Film4 FrightFest at the Empire Cinema in London's Leicester Square. The 'mesmerizing vortex of soul-destroying madness' also stars James Cosmo, Don Warrington and Cristian Solimeno himself. Check out the new still and the one-sheet below which features a deshevelled looking Nyman. And if you can still make it to London's West End this month to catch the final run of Nyman's brilliant play 'Ghost Stories' then we would definitely recommend you do so Asap!...
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Fright Fest 2011 line up announced!

The line-up for this year’s Film4 Fright Fest will have horror fans baying for blood as the festival promises to reach new terrifying heights.

The UK’s premier horror event will run in London’s Leicester Square from Thursday August 25th to Monday 29th, and will present an impressive 37 films across two screens. This year’s Fright Fest will represent eleven countries, screening seven world premieres and twenty UK or European premieres.

Kill List

There will be ten British horror films on offer during the festival. The long-awaited The Wicker Man companion piece The Wicker Tree will feature, along with Ben Wheatley’s Kill List, Cristian Solimeno’s psychological The Glass Man, and cyber-shocker The Panic Button. Additionally, Alex Chandon’s gory Inbred will screen, alongside other Brit entries such as Susan Jacobson’s The Holding, Ian Clarke’s Guinea Pigs, Sean Hogan’s The Devil’S Business, Dan Turner’s Stormhouse,
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Film4 Frightfest Announces Incredible Full Line-Up

It's times like this when we here in the States couldn't be more jealous of our friends across the pond. One of the best damned horror film festivals in the world, The Film4 FrightFest, has announced its full slate of films, and all we can say is ... wow.

From the Press Release: Hebrew horror, killer Santas, carrot-wielding maniacs, demented descents, a werewolf musical, the end of the world and troll hunters – it can only be Film4 FrightFest, back for a terrifying twelfth year.

From Thursday 25 August to Monday 29 August, the UK’s premiere event for horror fans will be at the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square to present 37 films on two screens. Empire 1 will house the main event while the Discovery strand will play in Empire 4. There are eleven countries represented, with seven world premieres and a record-equalling twenty UK or European premieres.

This year’s line-up reflects
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Film4 FrightFest 2011 announces full line up; record ten British titles; first-time horrors from Israel and Switzerland

Hebrew horror, killer santas, carrot-wielding maniacs, demented descents, a Werewolf musical, the end of the world and Troll Hunters – it can only be Film4 FrightFest, back for a terrifying twelfth year. Everyone’s favourite U.K. genre film festival is back to present a total of 37 spine-tinglers in two screens. This is Sound On Sight’s third year in partnership with FrightFest, and every year John McEntee and Al White provide some killer film reviews from the fest. Check out the list of films below.

From Thurs 25 August to Monday 29 August the UK’s premiere event for horror fans will be at the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square to present 37 films in two screens. Empire 1 will house the main event while the Discovery strand will play in Empire 4. There are eleven countries represented, with seven world premieres and a record-equalling twenty UK or European premieres.

This year’s
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FrightFest 2011 Line-up Announced

  • HeyUGuys
The line-up for 2011′s annual FrightFest in London’s Leicester Square has just been announced and it’s another amazing year.

Opening with the Guillermo Del Toro-produced Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and closing up with Julian Gilbey’s A Lonely Place to Die there are plenty of thrillers, shockers and gore-fuelled splattefests, with premieres of some big genre films.

Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Tree, the companion piece to his classic The Wicker Man, is having its European premiere and Andy Nyman’s dark thriller The Glass Man goes before an audience for the first time.

Chillerama, a horror anthology from directors Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam Green, and Joe Lynch, was hinted at last year’s festival and now comes before the FrightFest faithful with ludicrous and brilliant titles such as The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein, I Was A Teenage Werebear and Zom-b-Movie on offer.
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Film4 FrightFest Line-Up Has Been Announced

From Thurs 25 August to Monday 29 August the UK.s premiere event for horror fans will be at the Empire Cinema in London.s Leicester Square to present 37 films in two screens. Empire 1 will house the main event while the Discovery strand will play in Empire 4. There are eleven countries represented, with seven world premieres and a record-equaling twenty UK or European premieres. This year.s line-up reflects a healthy resurgence of home grown talent, with a record ten Brit titles in the line-up, including Ben Wheatley.s brutal chiller Kill List (pictured above), Cristian Solimeno.s psychological twister The Glass Man, The Wicker Tree (the eagerly awaited companion piece to .The Wicker Man.) and cyber-space shocker Panic Button. Then there.s Alex Chandon.s riotously gore-soaked...
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