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LiveLoveLead11 February 2012
I taped this on the dvr to watch with my 14-year-old daughter.I thought it looked like a fun Disney movie, but we were both a little disappointed. This could have been so much better. The writing left much to be desired, as well as some of the acting.

The good: Lucy Hale, Freddie Stroma the little brother,and the music.

The bad: Missi Pyle, as the step-mom was acted out way to cheeky. Narayan as Ravi, the meditation guru, was also pretty ridiculous.

To sum it up, cute for the kids and OK for adults, but I just think with more effort, it could have been a lot better...like 'A Cinderella Story' (Hillary Duff) & 'Another Cinderella Story' (Selena Gomez),which were both much better. Feb 2012
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Saad Khan16 August 2012
A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song – TRASH IT/ CATCH IT (Lucy Hale & Freddie Storma fans Only) ( C ) Do I have to tell you what's it's about? The name says it all. The only reason I saw this to watch Lucy Hale and Freddie Storma. And not surprisingly these two are the only good thing in the movie too. Pretty Little Liar's Alum Lucy Hale is not only pretty but can also sings, dance and act well like another Disney' child. Freddie Storma the British lad is a heartthrob. Megan Park is alright being bitchy. Besides that there is nothing interesting or intriguing about watching this movie. This is as expected and as clichéd as it could have been. Waste of time. Only for the Lucy hale and Freddie Storma fans.
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good movie, doesn't contain much language
lydiahushmail2129 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It is a very fun teen girl movie, but it does have Katie nude you see her stomach and bare legs, while she is naked Luke, stops by and flirts with her. While Katie is naked Luke lends her his jacket, then Katie ask for the pants jokingly . also there is the word "sexy" when Bev is talking to Luke. Also they say "crap" at least a dozen times, and Katie starts out saying bitch but doesn't finish it, and Tony starts of saying that Katie's step mom should go to hell.Also some bad things about it is that the step mom confirmed she didn't want to take in Katie and would have given her up but didn't want to look bad in front of the press, and she threatens Katie if she doesn't do what she wants. Also Tony lies to earn money.at the performance Tony shocks Katie's step mom.
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Not Bad
Ahsenb15 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I did not expect too much before watching this movie and for me it's not too bad. Actually I like it, especially the songs, they are really good. It may be a little bit cliché, you know two girls fall in love with one boy, a bad step mom, a dead father etc. but the main focus is not that so except that situations the movie was good. Before this movie, I did not know that Lucy Hale can sing but she has a really good voice and I can say that I am surprised :) And Freddie Stroma's accent is re-ally cool! For me, as a musical film lover, this movie is one of the good ones especially after watching The Dream Team:Battle of The Year. If you like watching musical movies/TV series then you're going to love this one too but if you don't, I can't say that you are going to love it. Watch and see ;)
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Seriously not bad
ness-cessity9 June 2012
I've probably given it a slightly generous rating and that's probably thanks to the music, I'm so pleased that there is finally a teen musical movie that has kids in it that can act and sing. Not the whiny voices Disney keeps trying to tell us we like but ones you might even consider buying an album of (without 3 weeks of whining from the pre-teen in your life). Admittedly they probably wouldn't win Idol off their own backs but they can sing, just have a listen to Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) in the opening.

The plot and supporting characters can seem a bit flimsy at times but to be honest, who really watches these types of films and expects them to win an Oscar?

Definitely worth 88 minutes of your life. Preferably with a tub of Ben & Jerry's and your most comfortable PJs
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A Pretty Cute Film..
adonis98-743-18650317 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Cyrano De Bergerac meets Cinderella. Over-worked, harried and terrified of being put back in foster care, 17 year old Katie (Lucy Hale) does her stepmother and step-siblings' bidding without complaining. Vocally gifted, Katie feels particularly upset when forced to lay down singing tracks so that her untalented stepsister, Bev Van Ravensway, can hopefully win a recording contract from Kensington Records - who's company President, Guy Morgan, is scouting for new spectacular talent at a talent showcase for the Performing Arts Department at a prestigious private school. A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song is basically the 3rd installment out of the 4 A Cinderella Movies and stars Lucy Hale, Missi Pyle, Freddie Stroma and Megan Park, now films like that are easy to be attacked from movie buffs and critics in general but personally i was actually surprised i saw the film with low expectations and mostly i saw it because of Lucy i mean common let's not lie to ourselves she's beautiful and her voice is amazing and without a doubt she's the best part of the film alongside Matt Lintz who plays her young step brother, Manu Narayan as Ravi and Freddie as Luke are also pretty good. Now as far as problems goes? Well i wish that some of the jokes were better and that the film had a bit more singing at parts plus as cheesy as Pyle's performance it might be she is still pretty good for the role besides it's a comedy not a drama. There's a lot of good messages as well about friendship and following your dreams and mostly kids will enjoy it now as far as parents goes? They might find it just "Ok" for the most part but seriously give it a chance you might actually like it who knows right? (8.5/10)
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If the voice matches!
Reno Rangan4 July 2017
So this is the third film in the franchise of modern 'Cinderella' adaptation. It was not like a film series that follows from one film to another. All the films were individual and thematically same at the core, but told from different perspectives with different cast and characters. I have seen the previous two and they were not bad. Maybe you can say I watched it for Lucy, otherwise I was not interested in it.

A decent film, but you know, we know the story how everything's going to happen, which is the negative side of giving it a try. I felt they should have altered a bit with the more it to look like a real Cinderella story from the visual aspect. Like suspense between Cinderella and the prince. Though the step-family part was up to the satisfaction in a simple manner.

Now coming to that magical event, as this takes place in the modern world and without magics, I liked how they showed that part as much as realistically. But in the name of Bollywood/Indianess, they wrongly depicted everything. I mean the costumes, songs, choreography, all were close to Indian style, except the female costumes, which became Arabian nights. Because Indians won't cover their head or face, culturally or religiously. That was a big mistake and if you are a western viewer, this won't be an issue, so you might enjoy the film. I think it's an okay film, one time watchable film, but I would suggest previous films over this.

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Average movie
Peter Polish26 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
You know what to expect from the start. Good girl (Cinderella), bad girl, bad boy and their mother. Prince charming that everyone is interested to meet and of course both girls want to have him. Problems - nothing is easy in life so there are some obstacles that a main character has to overcome. As usual - evil almost wins when the situation suddenly changes and good takes over and ... and they lived happily ever after.

The plot as you can see is standard/obvious with musical add-on which make it watchable.

Watchable if you like music, which in this case is good. Can't complain on acting either. The only reason for me to give it 5 stars is music. Easy, nice to watch it late evening in bed.

Do not expect too much and you won't be disappointed. One remark: I am almost 40, for kids it might be much better ;) Enjoy!
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Way more related to Little Mermaid than Cinderella
batgirl395218 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Think about it, the boy the main character meets in the commercial hears her voice and instantly falls for her. Her sister is like Ursula and "steals" her voice by lip syncing it, making the boy fall for her instead. and we all know in the end the main characters going to reveal that it was actually her voice all along and live happily ever after with the dude. Does she lose a shoe or something and that automatically makes it a Cinderella story? If it was called anything else other then a Cinderella story, people might actually want to watch it and not think "oh my god this has been done a million times. WHEN.THE HELL.WILL.THEY. STOP!"
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