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CurtHerzstark11 June 2012
SVT(Swedish public service TV) have been showing smaller, Swedish independent films on their channels.

This one of them, directed by newcomer Shaker K. Tahrer.

The film story centers around three boys, and their families whose lives overlaps, criss crosses into complex web of intrigues.

The narrative structures is reminiscent of Altmans Shortcuts, or Danniel Alfredsons film Tic Tac (1997). This film however, is a debut feature and suffers from some clichés, badly written dialogue and plot twists that are not well written.

On the positive side, director Shaker K. Tahrer, seems to know how to direct actors, because this film is filled with wonderful performances.

Elin Klinga, is a rather well known actress in Sweden mainly doing theater work. Here she shines a mentally unstable woman who harbors a dark secret that gnaws at her mind.

Klinga gives a stellar performance and wishes that perhaps the film should have centered around her.

Her son played by Tom Ljungman is very good here, I have never seen him before but he really shines here and together with Klinga creates a moving and somewhat touching performance of a very problematic mother son relationship.

Jacob Nordenson has usually delivered as an actor mainly in comedic roles but in this film gives a darker, more complex performance. He is man that has given up on life and everything else. Slightly reminiscent of Keve Hjelms infamous father role in the famous Swedish film Kvarteret Korpen (1963).

These and other great performances by actors such as Nina Gunke, Stig Engström, Rikard Björk, Mats Sandahl, Marika Lagercrantz etc makes this film a pleasure to watch.

But as I mentioned earlier the film has its flaws, mainly in the script. It becomes unfocused, and some conflicts should have been cut out.

Perhaps this film would have benefited if Shaker K. Tahrer had focused only on one conflict?

It worked for the Swedish drama thriller Apan/ The Ape(2009) directed by Jesper Ganslandt. Although flawed this film should be seen by people interested in new Swedish cinema and people complaining about Swedish film industries incapacity to make anything else then movies about cops.

I only wished that Shaker K. Tahrer had seen Tic Tac (1997), Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (1998), I vitelloni (1953), and written a more richer, complex script.
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