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With Moscati invalided out, Zen gets a new boss: icy, unsmiling Heuber, who regards Zen as a maverick and tells him so. Thus he is not pleased when Colonna again asks for Zen's intervention in rescuing kidnap victim Ruggiero Miletti, a wealthy philanthropist who has donated to Colonna's party funds. Miletti's lawyer, Piretta, was murdered whilst delivering the ransom, and his glamorous young widow blames Miletti's family, claiming they wanted their father dead. Zen finds Miletti's petulant son Silvio at odds with his amorous sister Cinzia and her well-organized husband Carlo, whilst Zen's colleague Vincenzo, choked that Heuber got the job he wanted, feels they should bungle the case to discredit their boss. Against Moscati's advice, Zen agrees to deliver a second ransom given him by Colonna, but Miletti is found dead. Zen is suspended but, after contacting the genuine kidnappers, discovers that Miletti's actual killer is far closer to home, leading to Heuber's dismissal and Zen's ...

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