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A must see for all Ted fans
bazmitch2326 March 2014
I saw this on Father Ted night back in 2011. Almost the whole cast is interviewed, even the ones who had small parts like the couple who play John and Mary, the fella who played Eoin McLove and the fella who played Father Stone and so on.

We see what the writers and cast in a "Where are they now" scenario. Ardal is in his home, Frank Kelly is swimming (in a pair of trunks, shudder!) and Graham and Arthur in their offices. We see them travel in a car to the locations.

Pauline McLynn refused to be interviewed due to people asking her about Ted none stop. (This is why being an actor/actress sucks, folks.)

We get to see the studio in London and the location of the actual house used in the show, which is now owned by an American woman. We see Graham, Arthur, Ardal and Frank have tea with her and talk about the show. There's some visitors, one of them is a little boy who admits he doesn't like the show! That boils Graham and Arthur's blood.

We see some alternate takes and bloopers from Dermot. RIP.

Everything you want to know about Ted is right here. Well, not everything. It's just the............. er.......... Uh........... Shut up and enjoy the documentary!
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