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  • Eight years after being listed as missing in action and presumed dead in Iraq, Marine Corps Sgt. Nicholas Brody is found alive in an Al Qaeda prison. He returns home to a hero's welcome and begins reconnecting with his family. His wife Jessica welcomes him back while his daughter Dana has only a slim memory of him. Son Chris doesn't remember him at all. He's not aware that his wife had begun a serious relationship with his best friend. Meanwhile, CIA agent Carrie Mathison has been back in Washington for 10 months after a tour of duty in Iraq that ended when she bribed her way into an Iraqi prison to question a detainee minutes before his execution. In return for a promise to protect his family, he tells Carrie a great secret: a US soldier has been turned. She now suspects Brody and after the Agency dismisses her concerns, sets off on her own to find evidence against him.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Most that know her would consider CIA operative Carrie Mathison intense. As an intense person, she is not happy to be assigned to a desk job after the black mark incident ten months earlier while trying to obtain intelligence in Baghdad on a possible terrorist threat to the US, figuring out that threat at whatever cost being her primary focus. Back to present day, a CIA led mission on an Afghani safe house not only killed the thirteen hostiles in the house, but uncovered US Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, who had been MIA in the Middle East for eight years, alive as a captive in the house. He is considered a hero in the US, and the CIA wants to bask in the glory of this successful mission. However, Carrie, in part based on that intel from ten months earlier, believes that the enemies have turned Brody and he is that terrorist threat to the US. Without support from her CIA handler, Saul Berenson, who she considers her only true friend, or her section leader, David Estes, Carrie decides to conduct illegal surveillance on Brody upon his return home, which could land her and her associates in jail if caught. Her associates don't truly trust her, which is heightened by what they find in her house. Meanwhile, Brody returns home to a hero's welcome, but his transition back to his home life with his wife, Jessica, and his two children, Dana and Chris, the latter who doesn't really remember his father, is not without issue.

    - Written by Huggo
  • After being missing and presumed dead for eight years, Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody is rescued in Iraq, and returns home to his family. But CIA agent Carrie Anderson suspects he might have been turned by his terrorist captors, and believes he could be part of a plan to attack America.

    - Written by Anonymous


CIA field agent Carrie Mathison is on the phone with deputy CIA director David Estes. She wants permission to speak with a prisoner she thinks has important intel...

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