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A slow ride that pays off

Author: jesse-72523 from United States
20 April 2015

Interesting... that's the word to describe it. Very slow at times. So slow that I almost turned it off but I decided to stay with it and I'm happy I did. Right from the get go you can tell there is not a large budget to this film. It is definitely not a Hollywood movie. What really works for the film is how smart it is. Kind of like a puzzle where you have to put the pieces together. The dialog between the characters is very lifelike. And that can be seen as a detriment as a lot that is happening in their conversations is not that exciting. But it's the little bits of information here and there that adds up. There is also this one inciting incident that really makes you jump because you're not ready for it, and then you're hooked right to the end. Some use the word slow-burn to describe this film. Yes, that's definitely what this is. Slow- burn and tension. You will get hooked if you go for the ride. The ending is one to ponder over. I can see how some find it anticlimactic. But if you pay attention, it will all pay off in the end.

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Turn that f*cking thing off!

Author: Bezenby from United Kingdom
29 September 2014

Eva, Ritchie, and Simon all head out on a road trip to get to a wedding, leaving behind a bit of a mystery as to what's going on between Simon and his girlfriend. Simon is, basically, a knob who goes around filming every single thing he sees. Constantly. One of his main subjects is Eva, Ritchie's girlfriend, although it takes Ritchie some time to figure that one out.

Don't get me wrong, the first half hour of this is very, very slow, and as it's filmed 'live', some shots go on forever. Luckily my missus convinced me to stick with it (I was about to turn it off) and just around then things started picking up.

You see, Simon starts to just barely glimpse that something is slightly 'off' about certain people he sees through the viewfinder. Their faces are obscured (on camera, but then not on tape), and very shortly those people meet nasty ends.

I'll say no more - what you get from then on is some scares, a lot of drama, some gore and basically an ending that you'll have to figure out for yourself. Yes, it's slow, and very cheap, but i'll have to hand it to the filmmakers for doing what they did with such a low budget and doing it right. Takes a lot to make a film scary, and this one, although flawed, delivered the goods. I think I would have shoved that camera up Simon's arse though, so he could film his colon.

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Better then I thought it be

Author: atinder from United Kingdom
19 September 2014

This is actually a lot better then I thought it as going be, I saw it shop for 75p but still dint buy it as I already knew it was on YouTube,

Two guys and girl and recoding a. Trip and long the way, there are some clam scenes I. The movie And the sub plot was just very annoying! I actually liked the plot of the movie , the person recoding , We that some strangers seem to have blurry faces.

Who seem get these blurry faces ends up getting killed by something or die of something , the deaths are off screen. And we only get the the Aftermath . The ghost effects in this movie really takes the movie , there were so bad that is actually funny!

The acting was okay however I did not like any of them as they were not likable to even care about. 5/10

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Author: BakuryuuTyranno from United Kingdom
1 July 2012

Interesting premise, unsure about the actual movie. The premise is basically the entire storyline.

The characters are... well the character focus scenes are quite natural, but, travelling a lot, naturally they're tired and stressed, so perhaps we see comparatively little of how they interact normally.

However, those few scenes without Simon were quite good, and there's some scenes with Simon and Rich goofing off.

There's many things left ambiguous and some things are alluded to and dropped, which was surprising. I prefer ambiguity although sometimes I was unsure what I was supposed to interpret from scenes.

Really this movie is better experienced than read about, and I can't put into words very much description for that reason.

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Is It Really Horror ?

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
6 February 2014

I just caught this on The Horror Channel and I'm somewhat perplexed what it was doing there . As the threadbare story unravels the possible horror element is people having distorted faces that led me to believe that I might be watching something along the lines of John Carpenter's THEY LIVE where a special camera alerts the viewer to alien infiltration and a scene of violence at the end but I doubt if SKEW is about alien invasions

It's also a very boring film like so many lost footage movies . One can understand low to no budget producers using this format since it requires little money for expensive cameras , film and a star cast but many of us consider the art of cinema as telling a visual story and these type of movies usually revolve around realist situations that are so realistic you could easily make the same film on your I-pod

In short this is very banal seen it all before stuff with guerrilla film standard production values . Unless I missed something it's not a horror movie and I'm very sceptical about other comments stating that you have to watch a couple of times in order to get it . I strongly doubt if I'll be watching this again

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An (Un)pleasant surprise!

Author: Owen Day from United Kingdom
19 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off it would be important to note that this is my first ever film review, and I'm not sure what compelled me to review 'Skew' but here I am and that's that! First of what I mean by my summary is before I watched 'Skew' my hopes were not that high, but after the 86 minutes had run their course, I was left feeling quite rewarded for having watched and, I don't think it's hyperbole to say that 'Skew' is one of the best low budget horror movies of that last say, five years. Here's why I think so...

'Skew' is movie which concerns a group of three young friends who go on a road trip and the main protagonist takes a video camera that he recently bought along with him. The three friends soon begin to notice odd occurrences and events, which the lead character, Simon, soon realises may be due to the camera's apparent ability to show people who are about to die, or maybe even cause their deaths by showing a distortion over the faces when filmed by the camera, the elements of this are very well thought out and it would take too long to explain them fully, but it is worth the watch to see how the story pans out! As I said, the main protagonist has a video camera, and it is through this camera that we see the events of the film unfold, the usual 'found footage' gimmick is handled here with panache and originality (screen rewinds and barely seeing the main character).

First off it has a director that as it turns out is worth the watch in my opinion, Seve Schelenz is obviously clearly influenced by the granddaddy of the 'found footage' genre 'The Blair Witch Project'. The atmosphere present throughout 'Skew' reminded very strongly of the slow building fear and paranoia that ran throughout 'The Blair Witch Project'. Schelenz also wrote the movie and his script proves to be smart and fleshed out with believable characters with whom the process of becoming increasingly scared with what's happening to them is very realistic, which is one of the key elements required to make an effective and compelling psychological horror movie like 'Skew'.

The other thing that stood out for me was the excellent sound editing. I watched the movie with the use of a 'Turtle Beach' gaming headset and the sound was crystal, hearing every pause and crackle with the cameras recording and every single subtle sounds hidden away in many of the scenes.This sound greatly enhances the effect this movie has on the viewer and couple this with the solid effects (no money shots to speak of,but solid and imaginative effects on show), imaginative direction and a solid script populated with realistic characters and you have movie worth your time if you are fan of chills and thrills!

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useless!! waste of time.. Garbage

Author: Shujja Haider from Pakistan
8 June 2012

First of all I would strongly recommend you not to read any comments asking you to must watch this movie. I believed one of the review and really my time wasted up. Seriously this movie will give you no result, there is nothing special, poor acting, poor story, everything so boring that anyone would freak out what the hell is going on in this Movie. Looking at the poster of the movie, so much reviews and titles and awards, i don't know does people who award them have any standard choice. someone here even called this carp better than paranormal activity, but i would rather watch Paranormal Activity thrice than looking just a the single shot of it. i would strong recommend you, do not waste your time or money on this garbage.. it will surely disappoint you..

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Very well done creepy film

Author: aciarleglio from United States
24 May 2011

I was lucky enough to catch this film at the Phoenix Fear Con and I have to say I am still thinking about it, constantly. This film left me both frightened and disturbed and needs a second and third viewing to reveal all it's secrets. The ending actually left me gasping for air. This movie is filmed with a hand-held camera like the Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity, but Skew has a much deeper meaning and hidden conflicts. Every scene, every line of dialog, is an important clue to help decipher what is happening to the characters and foreshadow what is to come. It is clear that the director/writer was very precise with the actor's every action. This isn't your usual "ad-lib" script like some others in the genre. The film starts off a little slow as you get to know the character's personalities, but once things start moving you feel that you are right there with the characters scene by scene. The ending is so haunting and cool that if you aren't paying close attention you will miss important pieces to the puzzle. If you miss the very intricate details at the films end you could be left never understanding what really happened to 3 kids attempting to take a fun roadtrip to attend a friends wedding. This movie is a must see at least once, twice?, three times even? before you can truly grasp it's full scope.

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Real deal

Author: teliadavis from United States
19 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one is a thinker....i had to replay the ending several times because i needed to figure it out for myself. I'm not going to give anything away here, don't worry. But the ending is one that will have you debating with friends, analyzing and theorizing till the wee hours of the morning.

The acting was pretty decent on the part of three no-names. I could really feel Simon's anxiety as the camera seems to take on a life of its own. He definitely has some issues. I love the fact that we never get to really see what Simon looks like throughout the film. The actors who played Rich and Eva were believable in that they were an affectionate couple being pushed apart by their paranoid friend.

I agree with some of the reviewers on here who paid attention and that yes, it's not a found-footage film per se, it is just a film about someone filming. Right away everyone assumes it is found-footage just because the main character carries around a camera. Well-played! Although some parts seemed a little drawn out, i understand that this was intended to build tension and capture the feeling of truly being on a road-trip...sometimes there are moments along the way that go on and nothing super-adventurous happens...that's why this felt very realistic to me.

Overall, I love the premise and I wonder if there could be a sequel somehow...would love to see the camera pop up in a pawn shop for some other unsuspecting victim...

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Tense and Smart

Author: brenda_hall24 from United States
21 August 2013

What makes this movie an 8/10 is just how unique and tense it is. You almost forget how much blood isn't in it. Why? Because it's not about that. It's really about the story, the characters, and sticking along for the ride. All this and it turns out to be a bit of a puzzle in the end. The writer knew what he wanted and I appreciate that. I'm tried of the same-old horror film. Actually, this is just on the borderline of horror films. It's kind of more of a drama with elements of horror in it. It's just one of those films that is best suited if you know nothing about it and stumble upon it late at night. But you have to have patience. The only slight issue I have with it is that it starts off slow... really slow, but that's okay because it pulls you in under this sort of lull and then all of sudden captures you. Also, be aware this is a low budget film. Don't let that ruin your viewing pleasure. There are far too many high budget features that have sucked my money away and not delivered.

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