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Dull and unbelievable
samples-sharon19 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really tried to like this film but it was so flawed it drove me nuts. If you were staying in a hotel and the manager was shot in the night would you really just go back to bed and sleep soundly with hardly a word about it? If you just found out from the police that a store you had just been to was now burnt to the ground and the clerk you were chatting with is dead would your reaction be 'I bought some gum and a drink'? Wouldn't you freak just a little bit? If you were asleep in a hotel room and your mate starts yelling there is someone in the room wouldn't you freak just a little bit? If your mate said to you that when he is filming people when their faces are skewed they die, would you really say well maybe mine isn't because you care about me? Really? This film is dull, unrealistic, badly directed and acted. Even the actors looked bored. I know its a film not real life but at least react with a bit of shock when people are dying all around you.
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Not Found Footage... But Very Good
simmonsdaryl3916 June 2012
This is a low budget horror film. Plain and simple. But man, is it good. I never even heard of this film until I read some reviews about it on the net. Some good, some bad. So I was a bit hesitant to watch it but was pleasantly surprised. The thing that grabbed me was how smart it was. It didn't dumb things down for the audience and that's what I liked about it. It really made you think. It has an ending that leaves you hanging so I did some research and am sure I figured it out. The other thing that is pretty cool is the twist on this found footage thing. Skew is definitely not a found footage film. I went in thinking it was but when you hit a certain point in the film (which I can't really say as it may spoil it), you realize it isn't. First impulse was to say this film blew it because it doesn't follow the rules of found footage (like music) but when you realize it's not, then it totally makes sense. The film is slow and the scares are sparse, but that's not what this is about. It's about getting freaked out and being nervous - which is exactly what I felt. It's not fast-paced like some of the new horror films (which quite frankly aren't scary). It goes back to the route of what's scary and I like that. Don't be thrown off by the haters out there. The film is good and well worth your time if you want to turn your brain on. If not, go see something more mindless.
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If no one gets the ending, perhaps the narrative isn't that tight
VandalCAIN26 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I, like many others, visited the forum boards to make some sense out of the ending. I got a lot of "you just have to think about it" and "it isn't found footage".


The only way this movie makes sense is for this to all be a hallucination. There is no camera. There is a camera. Which is it? If there is no camera, why are characters asking for the camera and reaching out their hand as if the camera is changing hands? In some scenes, the camera does change hands.. from the back seat to the front. If there is no camera, how is this happening? Or is this change in POV to throw off the audience? If so, that is highly lame. Especially when the explanation for all of the confusion is "just think about it." Not a found footage? Okay. Well I'm having a hard time understanding how this film explains the numerous camera effects and sounds that all direct the viewer to understand it is a camera. Wiping off the lens, water on the lens, lens cap on the lens, digital tape stress, rewind effects and noises. And yet, Simon doesn't have a camera in the mirror.


Most people don't enjoy movies that are confusing and touted as intelligent. If it is intelligent in design, there needs to be a director's cut to clear up a myriad of details.
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One camera, three characters, and 80 minutes of boredom.
bump-154 October 2011
There really isn't a whole lot to say about Skew. The entire film is a budget PoV single camera piece in the same style as the Blair Witch Project. While the Blair Witch Project did has some generally creepy scenes, Skew really does not. What it does have are a lot of dead scene that drag on and on.

The plot is centered around a camera which seems to be able to mark people who are about to die. Only the film's protagonist and cameraman, Simon, can see the blotches which obscure the faces of those about to be killed. Once it becomes apparent to Simon and his friends that something is terribly wrong with the camera, a considerable portion of the rest of the film are just scenes where Simon's friends try to get him to stop filming and Simon makes really lame excuses to keep filming.

The film isn't even 90 minutes long, but I wasn't even half way through it by the time I started to feel like it was just dragging on way too much. To cap it all off, there's a lame plot twist at the end which most people will see coming from the start of the movie. Yes, it's that predictable.

The only thing that I find interesting about the film is that fact that it's quite short yet drags on and on, making it seem like a much longer movie. I don't know if this originally started off as a short film project, but I feel like that's the only way it ever could succeeded. Cut out a solid 50 minutes and make it a short film. It might be more watchable then.
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The most confusing found footage film out there
Leofwine_draca19 April 2015
I usually like found footage movies but this one is a complete piece of nonsense, thanks to a very badly written narrative which leaves the viewer mired in a confused mess. The storyline involves a trio of friends going on a road trip and bringing along the inevitable video camera. After the slow first half, where we're introduced to these not very interesting people, the horror finally kicks in - what there is of it, anyway.

And this is where the film falls apart. There are dodgy ghostly visions of people and some of the characters go mad, but no real explanation is made. It's like there are a few events, spaced out, and a lot of ominous doom-mongering, but in the end little has really happened. I hated the incessant problems with the video camera which are vain attempts to make the whole thing scarier. It doesn't help that you actively dislike most of the main characters as well. I'm sorry, but the writer/director's refusal to provide clear explanations made me hate this one.
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15 Minutes of Plot out of 83 Minutes
Cary Macleod23 August 2014
I began watching this and was quickly bored with footage of nothing and dialogue without content.

I then began fast forwarding looking for when something happens, I would often stop realize it was just people talking about nothing or footage of a picnic table. I kept moving on and I watched the parts that moved the story along. It took me at the most 15 minutes to get through the movie. Perhaps those are the parts that the horror websites were praising.

If you like watching people talk then you might like this. If you like horror movies where things happen and the heroes take action and there is some degree of suspense the AVOID WATCHING THIS.

I saw some references in other reviews about how this was not a found footage film. But there is not description for movies shot using one or more cameras to give the feeling that the events happen in real time. Or real time that has been edited together. Found footage has become a genre title to identify how it was shot. Not just video tape that was found and everyone in it dies.

I'd like to see a found footage style movie where the hero defeats the evil force in an exciting climax. Like Alien but with Signourey Weaver carrying a video camera and the ship equipped with cameras in all the locations.

Thank you
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It was...odd
befoulmetalroosa26 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It reminded me of The Ring-the US remake. When the students had their pictures taken after they'd watched the video, their faces were distorted like the faces in the videos Simon had taken. There, the similarities end. While The Ring blended psychological and visceral horror relatively well, this movie did not. In fact, Simon didn't even notice the distortions to his videos until the third set of 'victims' died. And he was the only one to see it. No one else could see his delusions, including the dead coming back after him. It wasn't until I watched him bludgeon his best friend's head in with his own camera that I realized that the delusions were based on guilt. When, at the end of the movie, he rewinds to the point where he was getting ready to leave for the trip, I thought I realized the truth. That he'd killed his ex girlfriend the same way he killed his best friend, just so that he could score with his best friend's girl, Eva. At least, that's what I got out of it. The only time you see his face is when he shoots it in the mirror in his bedroom of his shared apartment. Perhaps that's where the 'guilt distortion' originated. Kinda hard to tell, since the movie was pretty much all over the place, with no real sense of direction. Undoubtedly someone else would get something different from the movie. Who knows?
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The Little Horror That Could
bluehorse9992 November 2011
I recently went to Fear Fete Horror Film Festival in Baton Rouge and got to see this little horror film. While most found footage films seem to go in for the shock value, Skew is a refreshing change and actually takes its time to draw the viewer into its warped world of creepiness.

The movie starts off with three friends, Simon and cute couple Eva & Rich, going on a roadtrip. The fact that Simon's girlfriend refuses to join them already sets the tone for some tension which just increases as the trip goes on. One thing is for certain, Simon has issues. Those issues revolve around an unhealthy obsession with a video camera.

The video camera is always running. And while Rich and Eva start running out of patience with their obsessive friend, Simon, evil events start to ruin their roadtrip.

First off, let me start by saying that the acting was great. It felt very real and authentic. They captured that feeling of initial excitement and then inevitable annoyance from being around the same people day in and day out. Especially with Simon due to his paranoid behavior.

The story is simple enough, yet what is happening with the video camera is much more complex. I was trying to figure out what was going on during the entire screening and while I definitely had my own theories, the film does an excellent job of explaining it without knocking you over the head with the answers.

The director gives the audience a lot of credit for being smart. If you don't pay attention the whole time, you just won't get it. The ending will not make sense or it might even make you mad. A second viewing might definitely be necessary for dummies who didn't pay attention the first time. I would love to see it a second time to just make sure that everything pays off correctly.

Though there aren't a ton of scares, the caliber of these scares was good. Especially one certain one which I will not give away (but you'll know it as soon as you see it). The sound and visual effects of the camera were very inventive and while I've seen some of them recreated in other movies lately, it says a lot that since Skew was made in 2005 (not to mention without the Hollywood budget), that this director wasn't copying anyone, but using his creative flair to make a true indie movie.

A valiant first feature debut and I hope to see more from this guy soon.
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A slow burn worth the wait.
jnaylor24 October 2011
I first saw Skew at the Mississauga Film Festival. This is a psychological thriller/horror film that has found a new voice in its "found footage" sub-genre. Skew kept me wondering and waiting for more. The acting is good. The character of Eva is especially strong, haunting the audience with her wide eyes. The effects are subtle and work well in the grainy home video 4x3 ratio. Sometimes the scenes felt a little too long, but there were enough scares that I was compelled to see it again when I was in Manhattan for the Manhattan Film Festival. This second time I concentrated on the story and picked up on clever plot points that I missed or didn't seem to matter on my first viewing. Pay attention, this film is coming from a new direction that will side-swipe you.
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peelee91 February 2011
I really enjoyed this movie as it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what kind of creepiness is going to jump out at you next! Most thriller/horror movies out there today are solely into shock value, rampant with gratuitous gore. Skew doesn't rely on over-the-top gore to scare you, it succeeds in doing so with great camera work, creepy images and freaky incidents. What starts out as a fun road trip becomes a gradual descent into the hellish unknown. You really feel for the two main characters in this film, they are likable, and yet the terror surrounding them seems beyond their control. Unlike most movies today, Skew really makes you think. You'll be trying to figure out what's going on all the way up to the very end. And then the reveal is splendidly disturbing.
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