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  • Tensions are already mounting among the 17 remaining bachelorettes and resentment runs high when it's revealed there'll be two special one-on-one dates - each with a rose at stake - and a group date. And once again, some women will not get a date at all. Ashley S. gets to duet with Brad at the famed Capitol Records studio when a surprise visit by superstar recording artist Seal makes this a once-in-a-lifetime date. Then Brad gets down and dirty with 12 very competitive bachelorettes when they shoot their own action adventure movie, as they battle to become his leading lady. Emily, the sweet, single mom, is chosen for the week's final individual date, but will she be able to reveal her tragic past to Brad? An emotional Bachelor makes some personal inroads with the help of his therapist, letting him be more vulnerable with the women. However, one mysterious bachelorette makes a stunning departure that throws Brad for a loop and leaves the women in shock.


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  • Host Chris opens the proceedings by warning the ladies (and the audience) that it's all going to get more "emotional." He then hands out the first date card. Ashley S. will get the next one-on-one date! "I'm freaking out," she tells the camera. Brad, meanwhile, is "so excited." You know who isn't excited? Creepy Michelle, who stares creepily into the camera and creepily professes her affection for Brad. Creepy.

    Anyway, Brad brings Ashley S. to a recording studio where they will sing "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal. "All I could think of was my dad," says Ashley S., who loved the song as a child when her father was still alive. The duet begins ... and it's TERRIBLE. Both members of the would-be couple are apparently tone deaf. If only Seal were there to show them how it's done. WAIT A MINUTE! It's Seal! Ashley S. begins to cry at the sight of the singer, who sings the song for the umpteenth time. At least Seal isn't promoting any new music. WAIT A MINUTE! He begins to sing ... some song.

    Later, Ashley S. reveals to Brad that she used to be obsessed with the song (the one people have heard) -- and that she would sing it with her father. She begins to cry while talking about her dearly departed father. "I'm really sorry," Brad says. Ashley S. only sobs harder. Bachelor Brad then hands his lady a rose. "Everything about tonight was perfect and romantic," Ashley S. tells the camera. "It makes me think that, even though I lost my dad, I'm going to get a great husband." No pressure, Brad.

    Back at the house, creepy Michelle is HORRIFIED to discover that she is going on a group date with Brad. That means no one-on-one time. She begins to cry. Creepy. Brad, in the meantime, is looking for a woman who can "get down and dirty." Bret Michael's Mud Bowl?! You wish, America. No, Brad instead beats up a few stunt men while the ladies coo and squeal. Exclaims Brad: "We are about to film an action-adventure movie!" We see various fight scenes and a few explosions. Ninjas are somehow involved. "I would really like if some of these Ninjas would kidnap some of these other girls," creepy Michelle tells the camera. Alli, meanwhile, worries about getting sweaty pits. In the end, Shawntel emerges as the queen badass -- much to the chagrin of creepy Michelle.

    Later, the group adjourns to a nearby hotel rooftop. Much like an action hero, Brad LEAPS into the pool -- and the ladies soon follow. Chantal then pulls aside Brad ... and immediately begins to cry. "I just feel like everything I feel something special with you, somebody else has the same experience," Chantal says. She then tells a sad story about trying to reconnect with her absent father and finding out that he had passed. She cries harder. "I feel this ridiculous connection to him," she tells the camera. We don't disagree.

    Back at the house, Emily tells the girls her incredibly sad story about her finance dying in a plane crash and then discovering she was pregnant with his child. The other ladies sob. It's a very wet episode thus far. Brad, meanwhile, organizes chicken fights in the pool before retiring to a private spot with Alli, who is quickly interrupted by creepy Michelle. Alli is indignant, but opts to leave. "The best thing you can do is lay back and let her self destruct," Chantal advises. Michelle, in the meantime, brings up her daughter ... and begins to cry. They make out. "He is mine!" creepy Michelle tells the camera.

    Or is he? Brad decides to give the rose to Shawntel. They make out. "This is definitely going to be a huge step in our relationship," the lucky lady tells the camera. "These girls are immature," creepy and serious Michelle pouts to the camera before predicting that, in the end, she will be alone with Brad "in Tahiti practicing making babies." Creepy.

    The next morning, beautiful Emily prepares for her one-on-one date with Brad. The pair drives to an airport. And see a plane waiting. Emily is taken aback considering that the father of her child died in a very similar mode of transportation. Way to go, producers. Classy. The plane soon lands and the two take a car ride to a winery. They sip vino while Emily ponders the correct moment to tell her story. It makes for some awkward conversation (or, rather, more awkward than normal for this show) as beautiful Emily deflects. "If I can't break through Emily's walls, I'm not sure Emily and I are going to work out," Brad tells the camera. Very astute, Bradley -- very astute.

    Later, the awkwardness continues over dinner inside a rustic barn. "There's a lot about me you don't know," says beautiful Emily. Then Brad hears the tragic story of the plane crash and the surprise pregnancy. "Every single thing you've told me makes me like you even more," Brad says. "Tell me about your daughter, please." She does. Not surprisingly, the bachelor produces a rose. "I like you a lot," Brad tells her. "A lot. I mean, a lot." Yes, Brad, we get it. Beautiful Emily accepts the flower. They make out.

    The next day, Brad gets a visit from his therapist. "I'm always going to need to work on myself," Brad explains to the camera. The therapist suggests that Brad be "vulnerable," "let go," "relax" and "bring that playfulness." Says Brad: "I think I've finally reached the turning point here ... I'm ready -- more now than ever -- to open my heart to the women." Later that evening, Brad arrives at the cocktail party in a cheery mood. As Brad talks to other women, Michelle steams. Brad then pulls aside Chantal and apologizes for not opening up enough earlier. But just as the two begin to talk intimately, Michelle interrupts. Chantal is not pleased, but Michelle doesn't care. She steals away Brad.

    "You and I are kind of in a fight," Michelle tells the bachelor. "This is our first fight." Why? Because Brad has been kissing other girls. Somewhat oddly, the bachelor is flattered. He loves the attention and says that Michelle can "steal him away any night." Interesting. Later, Madison explains to Brad that she hasn't been completely real. First, she takes out her fangs. Second, she tells Brad that, after hearing beautiful Emily's story, she feels like some of the other women "need" to fall in love while she simply "wants" it. In other words, Madison is considering leaving. Brad tries to talk her out of it.

    Time to hand out some flowers. Roses go to Michelle and Chantal before Madison BOLTS from the ceremony. Brad excuses himself to follow her. "I'd rather go home tonight," says Madison, who explains that she can't take a rose from some of the other women. So the former vampire exits the McMansion. Returning to the rose ceremony, the bachelor hands flowers to Lisa, Jackie, Ashley H., Marissa, Britt, Alli, Lindsay, Meghan and -- finally -- Stacey. So it's goodbye to Kimberly (defiant) and Sarah P. (crushed).

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