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  • The mysterious Mrs. X tasks the sexy - and dangerous - Sophie to cause Jim and George to fall under her spell and make them do whatever she wants them to - which could place Jim's marriage in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Stephanie must decide whether or not to inject a patient with the trilsettum serum and risk turning him into a super in order to retain Dr. King's trust, and Daphne's boyfriend, Chris, begins to have suspicions about the Powell family's abilities.

  • A super pheromone seductress ensnares men's minds seeking the best one to handle a special project, putting George and Jim at risk. Meanwhile, Daphne deflects Chris's questions about her family.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Dr. King (Stephen Collins) still has his doubts about Stephanie (Julie Benz), so his assistants bring him the perfect warm-up case to give her: a prisoner, Lucas Winnick (), with Stage 4 Lymphoma. He asks Stephanie to inject him with the trilsettum plant, but Stephanie's worried about the side effects. But King gives her little choice, much like Katie (Autumn Reeser) not giving the family much choice in helping her deal with her post-Joshua depression. Which means Charades...AND Scattergories. Thankfully, George (Romany Malco) has a way for Jim (Michael Chiklis) to get out of it. It seemed like a simple case: apprehend someone stealing cough syrup from a pharmacy. One Jim Powell brakes special later, done. However, a woman comes to visit George at the police station. A statuesque blonde named Sophie Adler () 'asks' George if it was really necessary to prosecute the man. And an odd mist passes from her to George. Suddenly the case is dropped, much to Jim's surprise, and George has a date with Sophie. It turns out, the man stealing the cough syrup was doing it for her, possibly to use the active ingredients in it for crystal meth. It would make sense, since it didn't make sense to Jim why a soccer dad of three was stealing cough syrup. George wants to go out to dinner, but Sophie wants him to do her a favor first. One mist spray later, and George is robbing a pharmacy at gunpoint. Completely denying it to Jim, as you may imagine, since he had no recollection of any of it. This in spite of the fact the description of the robber included the same brown suit and chartreuse tie George wore on his date with Sophie.

    Daphne (Kay Panabaker) and Chris are in school, where Chris was about to receive a week of after-school detention for being late three times to class. However, one Jedi mind trick later, and he gets his third warning instead. Chris was already suspicious of the Powells, since his father called him from jail claiming he saw Jim with superhuman strength and Stephanie with superhuman speed. Daphne tried to play it off. But Chris saw her talk the robber from shooting them, and Chris was trying to put the pieces together. Of course, Daphne can pull the Jedi mind trick on him, too. JJ's (Jimmy Bennett) term for it was 'pushing', and she pushed her boyfriend. ("He used to have two thoughts on his mind, and now he only has one?") But JJ asked a good question: how long she could make it last? JJ thinks her push only stopped him from asking questions, not being suspicious or putting the same details about the family back together again. Daphne might have to give him more pushes. Sure enough, Chris brings it up again later, and she gets him out of it...for about three seconds. And it isn't getting better.

    As Jim and Stephanie prepare for their double-date with George and Sophie, Stephanie tells him about having to inject a prisoner. Even though Lucas' major crime was check kiting, Jim is still worried about injecting a criminal with superpowers. Stephanie agrees, but it was the only way to get in with Dr. King and figure out who he is working for. George was already throwing around the "L" word regarding Sophie, even though they only met a day ago. And George clearly left his testicles at home, since he was wishing Sophie a Happy Day-iversary.) Sophie actually went along with that, as long as they had the lobster with white wine. She insisted on those, in fact. George was happy to partake, even though he was highly allergic to shellfish. Jim pulls him aside to ask him what was wrong, but George kept denying everything, even accusing Jim of being jealous. Jim tells him he threw the sketch out to cover for him, and George ends the dinner right then and there. Sophie asks him about it, and George thinks Jim is just overstepping his bounds as a sketch artist. Sophie goes back to apologize to Jim and Stephanie. She gives Jim a kiss, and you can guess Jim gets influenced.

    Later that night, Stephanie agrees with Jim's original assessment of George 'showing off' for Sophie, but now Jim no longer agrees with that. Now he thinks Sophie is great. In fact...

    JIM: Sophie's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life.

    That went over with Stephanie as well as you might imagine. And Jim dropping off a dozen roses at Sophie's apartment is a lot worse, particularly since George was having that exact same idea at that exact same moment. As if that wasn't awkward enough, Jim tells George he's in love with Sophie. George is ticked and the two are about to step off. Only Jim's definition of step off sends George flying through the air and into a wall with just a tiny push. Sophie is shocked, but Jim is more than happy to boast of his skills. One little mist later, and Sophie's traded up, sending Jim to get four heating elements the Army uses to heat MREs. This, of course, would require Jim to breach an army base, take out a few soldiers, and steal the MRE heating elements. Back at home, Stephanie wonders where Jim had been all day, since she couldn't contact him. Sophie calls and tells him to bring the boxes over. Jim makes an excuse to leave but is dumb enough to pass by Daphne, who knows where he's really going. And she tells Stephanie where Jim is really going.

    At the lab, King makes one of the most awkward passes at a woman in history (seriously, even I've done better), and they go to meet Lucas. Lucas wants to know if the trilsettum therapy will fix him. Stephanie hesitates but tells him it will.

    Jim delivers the boxes, and Sophie promises more work for him with his skills. But she decides to make out with him as a thank you. And yes, Stephanie sees it. Thankfully, she confronts him about it right away, but Jim is completely off the reservation, more than happy to throw away 18 years of marriage for Sophie. Stephanie tosses him out, and Jim is only happy to go. Sophie witnesses the entire exchange from a distance before meeting up with a woman who demands an update on the project. Mrs. X () was upset Dr. King was letting too many 'supers' run around loose in the city. Sophie promised the woman she found the perfect candidate to carry out the project, and the woman tells her in no uncertain terms it better work.

    Then things got weird. Jim went to crash at George's place as if he didn't steal Sophie from him and throw him into a wall. Even weirder, George doesn't remember being with Sophie or being thrown into a wall. (Interesting...) And now George wondered what the hell Jim was doing walking out on Stephanie, but Jim didn't really care.

    Without Sophie's 'influence', George suddenly had a theory about what was going on and went to JJ to talk to him about it. JJ was up in arms over Jim leaving the family, but George didn't even recall meeting Sophie yet somehow introduced her to Jim. And since JJ knew George was gaga over Sophie, he correctly concluded it was some sort of specialized pheromones Sophie was using. JJ guessed Sophie chemically enhanced the pheromones she naturally gave off, but why was the question. George and JJ go to Sophie's apartment and hit the mother of all meth labs. But JJ has a look at the chemicals. The bad news: the chemicals weren't for pheromone enhancement, meaning his dad is a nutjob. The Worse news: the chemicals were for a bomb big enough to take down an entire building. But George asks the big question: what does the blonde bombshell bomb maker need with Jim? The answer: Jim is to deliver a backpack to 'an old friend', or specifically between the propane tanks on the roof of the building where her old friend works. The old friend is Dr. King, and the building is GlobalTech.

    At GlobalTech, Stephanie injects Lucas, although not without serious reservations...not to mention a serious reaction by Lucas. As she goes out for air, George calls her and tells her everything. She's not happy JJ got involved, but they correctly guessed Sophie had to be a super. ("It would explain why Jim's acting like Charlie Sheen." Gotta love the irony of the Sheen 20/20 interview the same night, huh?) Stephanie was at least partially-relieved Jim wasn't acting of his own accord, but obviously Jim delivering a bomb somewhere kind of dampened the mood. And George triangulating Jim's mobile phone to GlobalTech really makes it interesting.

    Stephanie caught up to Jim and tried to stop him. However, Sophie was right there to 'influence' him into staying with her. Stephanie knew it was the pheromones Sophie was giving off that was controlling him.

    STEPHANIE: And to think the other night I just thought you were wearing really cheap perfume.

    SOPHIE: Men seem to like it, don't they?

    Sophie doesn't think Stephanie can stop Jim, but Stephanie is more confident in her truly being in love with Jim. She tells Jim Sophie wants him to blow up the building, but Jim continues to go through with it. She begs him not to do it and tells him about all of the things they built together: the house, the birth of the kids. Jim says he feels passion with Sophie, but Stephanie shows him what passion is by laying quite the kiss on him. Yes, it worked. This is television, after all. Of course, they only have 15 seconds to defuse the bomb, but Jim tosses it like a frisbee. Yes, it explodes into fireworks as they kiss.

    Sophie, having failed, met with Mrs. X again, who wonders what happened. She leaves Sophie, who breathes a sigh of relief and goes back to her car...and blows up.

    Chris confronts Daphne once again about her family's superpowers, but this time Daphne can't make him forget again. She tells the truth. He wonders what she could do, and she tells him she could read and influence thoughts. Daphne understood if Chris wanted to dump her for that, but Chris is glad someone shared such an important secret with him for the first time in his life, and he had no intention of leaving. Quite the opposite, actually.

    Stephanie returned to the lab to find Winnick gone, and she had been lied to. Winnick was a murderer. And Dr. King had a job for him, especially given Lucas's ability to grow claws ("That's a new one."). What that job would be was a mystery, but Mrs. X had a job for him already. She picks him up in her limo.

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