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Goldust: [Walking through the halls dressed as the Crocodile Hunter, carrying a small plastic crocodile and speaking with an Australian accent] Crikey! Hello everybody, it's me, the Crocodile Hunter, off on another safari of fun and adventure.

[Looks to see if anyone is following him]

Goldust: Now normally I would be in the swamps with the crocodiles everywhere. But tonight we are going to a much worse place, a more vile, nasty place than you've ever seen, the NWO locker room, come on.

[Turns a corner and is standing in front of the door to the NWO locker room]

Goldust: Now remember, we have to be very quiet, because, even though there's no one at home, the NWO, they tend to travel in packs, and they can be very scary. But let's go anyway.

[Opens door and walks in and sees the Big Show sleeping on a couch]

Goldust: By crikey, look at this, look at this. It's the giant sleeping Showpopotamus. These creatures are enormous, so big, but they smell, good grief, they smell like, like kangaroo crotch sac.

[Goldust voice]

Goldust: Oh, gnarly!

[Shudders and backs off when he hears a toilet flushing offscreen]

X-Pac: [Walks into the room] What are you doing here, you freak?

Goldust: Yankers me crankers, look at this creature. Look, you don't see this every day. It's the rare bandana-wearing grease rat!

[Crowd can be heard laughing]

Goldust: But be very careful, they tend to suck!

[Throws the toy crocodile at X-Pac, who catches it, and runs off. X-Pac drops the crocodile on the floor and chases after Goldust]

Jerry Lawler: Tend to suck?

The Big Show: [Mumbling, asleep] Cheeseburgers... and a milkshake.

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