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Plot Summary

  • The survivors arrive at Hershel's farm to camp and he asks them to disarm on his land. They find a walker trapped in a well and they unsuccessfully try to remove it without contaminating the water with its blood. Glenn rides with Maggie to a pharmacy in a nearby town and Lori asks him to bring a special item back for her. After getting the medical supplies, Glenn and Maggie have sex. Shane is disturbed and preparing to train the survivors. Daryl seeks Sophia alone and brings a Cherokee rose to give hope to Carol. When Lori gets her item, she uses it and discovers that her fear has come true.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Carl regains consciousness and shows every sign of recovering from his operation. At Otis' funeral service, his mother asks Shane tor recount how her son died. Shane selects his words very carefully. The group has yet to find Sophia but they do find something interesting in one of the farm's several wells. Glenn and Maggie Greene head into the nearby village to see what medical supplies might be available. Lori asks Glenn to get something in particular for her. With Carl getting better, Hershel tells Rick that he expects them all to move on in the not too distant future.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • With Carl recovering, the group puts their focus on finding Sophia. Glenn and Maggie go for a trip to find supplies.

    - Written by Chris Green


All is quiet at the Hershel homestead. You'd almost think the zombie apocalypse hadn't occurred. It did...

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