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Grows on you...

Author: grantss from Sydney, Australia
28 April 2015

Grows on you...and then quickly runs out of ideas.

I initially wasn't impressed with SLiDE. Seemed like a very poor imitation of Skins (the first few series of Skins - it got quite silly after that). While SKins has a degree of warmth and likable characters this just seemed like anarchic kids doing stupid things.

However, from Episode 2 or 3 it got better. The dialogue got funnier, and the kids became more real, interesting and likable.

This lasted for a few episodes until about Episode 7 where it just ran out of ideas. After that the show revolved around silly, implausible pranks, melodrama-a-minute plots and overstated relationship "issues" and the kids, for the most part, became loathsome again.

A pity, as when it was good, it was quite funny and addictive.

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All dressed up with nothing to say.

Author: jakedog-1 from Australia
30 October 2011

Let me just say i think slide is a great production, visually it's very slick. Acting, for the most part, is great, my highlight being Emily Robins' devious, sultry but ultimately kind Scarlett, she just seemed the most real out of all the main characters. But unfortunately for "Slide" that isn't saying much, and also pointing out the shows main problem. While lots of effort has gone into creating a "Cool" atmosphere, with hip and happening music, young and attractive party goers and rocking clubs, almost none has gone into creating any semblance of character construction. The everyman at the heart of slide, Ed Newman, whose trials and tribulations trying to get laid, that we are obviously meant to sympathise or relate too, are nothing but cliché. Ed is a characiture of the teenage boy. Yes Slide, teenage boys are horny, but that isn't their defining characteristic. Ed is basically one joke masquerading as a personality and as a result intensely unsympathetic and boring. The same goes for most of the characters. Luke, the pretty boy,is royally shafted in this department, having the least to do. Eva is the cool rebellious one but doesn't seem to do anything to fulfill this stereotype other than graffiti and have pink hair. She is for the most part, kind and considerate, like all the others. (They're all so nice Slide has a hell of a time trying to create conflict, generally it has to rely on the fabricated conceit that if you sleep with anyone, it is the equivalent of somehow betraying all your friends.) Which leads me to my next problem. The dialogue. Surprisingly this is probably one of Slide's greatest strengths, it's witty, quick and funny, reminiscent of a Diablo Cody movie, and deserves credit. The only thing is, all the characters speak the same. There's no differentiation between them, no trace of separate personalities. There's sassiness, certainly, but it's the same for them all. They all make the same glib, ironic, sarcastic remarks and pop culture references that eventually just get tired. In the end Slide is trying to imitate the success of skins, but understands none of the latter's subtlety and subversive complexity, not to mention beauty. Yes beauty, alright? Slide seems to think it's the height of entertainment to see teenagers dancing for five minutes, which it does a lot, i mean A lot. Whole sequences are filled with the 'slide 5' having pool parties, drinking on a rooftop, doing drugs in a playground or dancing at a concert. Slide seems to mis-understand the simple rule: watching other people have fun isn't fun.

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It's a grower

Author: Matthew H from Australia
16 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm very late to get on the Slide train. I don't have Foxtel so i was not able to watch it when it was on but i read something about it and it seemed alright. I bought the series on DVD last week and i was really surprised. It is an Australian 'Skins' but it worked. I was not sure after the first two episodes but by episode 3 i was completely hooked and loving every bit of it.

A huge draw card for me was the absolute gorgeousness that is Brenton Thwaites as Luke. He is extremely attractive and was automatically my favourite character. But as the show progressed i found myself really enjoying every character. Scarlett (Emily Iris Robins) was so unlikeable in the first episode but as the show went on she really grew on me and was very funny. A bitchy rich character is a standard necessity for any teen show. Eva (Adele Perovic) the punk chick was another character that grew to become a staple. I'd even go to say she was a little under used because she was very likable. Tammy (Gracie Gilbert) is so pretty, while her character could sometimes be too uptight i really wanted her to end up with Luke. The nerd gets the cool guy, classic story. Ed (Ben Schumann) was the rock of the group and seemed to almost be the main character. A very well acted character but he became extremely annoying toward the end and i was really just living for the love story between Tammy and Luke.

I thought the show very well written and acted. I had to binge watch the series because i couldn't stop watching. Upon finishing the series i have major post Slide depression. I'm actually devastated that the show was not renewed for a second season but out of every bad thing comes a good thing and it seems like all the main characters are still getting steady work which is great. Wish they had a 20 episode series and filmed it all in the one go and even ended it just so we could get a bit more closure. Anyway! Watch it! Although i warn you, you will be depressed when it finishes.

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Best Series Everr !!!! <333

Author: Taissa Farmiga from New Zealand
9 May 2014

Best movie up tops. Started watching today and got stuck in in like 10 minutes. i was so obsessed that i watched it until early in the morning under my covers. i have to start off saying that it is hard for most people to get in the grips at the start of this series because the puzzle is just coming out of the bag. not only is Brenton thwarts the most hottest person in the universe all of the characters have some personality and quality's unlike others. This movie is a great one to watch with friends or by yourself because it is about the struggles about high school and losing virginity. Which i know that are both struggles in this generation. Even though i am only 13 i love this series so much even though there are sex scenes, drugs and alcohol it gives quite a comedic side to it. although i am probably quite used to it seeing as I've watch every episode of American horror story over 1000 times. It starts off by introducing the charades; Ed, Scarlett, eve, Luke <333 and Tammy very well, showing them as very opposites but in the end they have been though a ton of adventures and tough times together. And their close knit relationship means everything. from burning the school grounds, making pacts, makeovers, clubs and getting lost on a trip. I am now watching this series for the 4th time but i am SO disappointed that they have not made a season 2 (as i would die for that) please watch. x

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