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It's a movie that both understands the basic desire to strike it rich and our deep understanding that one person's wealth often comes at the expense of another person's well-being. This isn't a perfect movie, but it's admirable for its ability to keep more than one thought in its head at a time.
A bravura performance from Matthew McConaughey as a schlubby, roguish mineral prospector in desperate pursuit of the American Dream is the seam that gives Gold its value.
Directed with an odd mix of human compassion and giddy abandon by Stephen Gaghan (“Syriana”), Gold is a lively portrayal of what's often misidentified as the American Dream, but might be more accurately described as the American Fantasy - where men dream of wealth and success without having to put in the work.
As robust as the lead performance is, though, the movie around it, directed by Stephen Gaghan from a screenplay by Patrick Massett and John Zinman, too often feels serviceable rather than inspired.
Gold is fitfully entertaining, but for a movie that gives itself license to go bigger and weirder than real life, its imagination for excess runs out whenever it isn't focused intently on its star.
Over time, Gold becomes nothing more than a masterclass in watching a great actor try to build a fortune out of dirt.
There's not much that glitters in Gold, a lackluster caper that proves that even the priciest ore can bore.
So much plot is crammed into the film's relatively lengthy 120 minutes that it can be downright confounding trying to figure out who's a good guy and who's the villain.
Gold's twist carries no weight because it comes from the movie being told from precisely the wrong point of view.

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