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pilot episode
maddmatt3611 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
this show is fantastic ! the characters are gritty, and the stories are realistic, showing fans how hard it is & what people do to break into show business - this show is centered around several friends who live in the same apartment complex, where all of them are trying to break into show business

in this pilot, we meet Abby: an illegal Canadian who came to LA trying to find an acting job & has run out of money - she finds herself relying on her new-found friends and is leaving her boyfriend in Toronto behind, being that he's as unsupportive as her parents... Raquel is a slightly older actress, well-known for a popular show she was in that got cancelled too early, but still trying to make it big with a hit show; she meets a couple writers who may be able to finally help her launch her career... Nick is a struggling comic, trying to get laughs, but all he gets is laughed at. he likes Abby, but she sees him as more of a friend... Connor, who had a relationship with Raquel, finally has made it big & is filming the first episodes of a new TV drama, although he doesn't seem to have enough confidence in himself, & Raquel resents him for not using his connections to get her a role in the show... Alicia is a dancer, trying to land a role in a concert tour, but is stuck making her money from the seedy underside of LA - in the strip clubs... Tariq is a talented, ambitious music mixer, but is unappreciated by the studio he works for, doing little more than an errand boy; when he sends one of his tracks to another musician with his boss's name on it, he almost gets fired, but is finally seen as having talent worth using...

i don't know why this show hasn't been recognized with an Emmy nomination, but it should be - having seen the entire first season, i feel that this is the best drama on television - ever.
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