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Major fail of a remake.

Author: nb3550 from Longford, Ireland
8 September 2012

There is only two words all together in the world to describe the Inbetweeners USA.And those words are lazy and stupid.As a huge fan of the original version I am very annoyed at this.When I first saw the trailer for this show I was thinking this has to be the biggest piece of crap of the year.I was wrong.It is the biggest piece of crap in at least 5 years.

In an interview the cast of the remake quoted they took the jokes from the original and americanized them or something like that.But when I watched the pilot all the jokes,lines,situations etc were the exact same as the original.Some people might ask If the jokes are the same than what's there to complain about?Well using the exact same jokes and lines just shows laziness, IN-creativity and more off a reason why a US remake was just pointless.

The acting is really bad.I mean Paris Hilton bad.And the characters are monstrous compared to the original characters. Jay's voice is really annoying and he's tremendously overweight.Simon and Will look like the Jonas Brothers.And Neil(who was my favorite character in the original) looks like a stoner.In the original Neil was funny stupid.In the US version he's stupid stupid. I'm not hating on American's or anything like that but it's about time they start making up new idea's for comedy's instead of remaking British ones and ruining them.To sum it up."If it's not broken then don't fix it".

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Author: ethan_3000 from United Kingdom
24 September 2012

I really don't understand the reason of making this at all. I find it quite insulting that anyone would even try and match the original programme. No disrespect to American broadcasting but the ultimate question is why? The cast is overall weird and the programme is poorly acted and constructed, ad least try and re brand it but do things different instead of trying to copy the original series directly. Oveall this is not worth watching and another season probably wont be made.

Its just overall insulting and even the preview on here and especially you-tube people were already annoyed with this programme.

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Oh My GOD!!!

Author: enzopert from United Kingdom
26 October 2012

I do not even know where to begin...let's just say i watched the first episode and in order to erase it from memory (tried but it was so bad that nothing good could do it) i watched all 3 seasons and the movie of the original... What on earth they were thinking before they made this! I mean OK fine let's make a US version but surely to copy the UK one at times line by line then make a total (in words of Simon) Sh*t, is beyond me.

I am hearing there might be a US movie version on the horizon but for the love of god, hope this does not happen!!!

Just to summarize, do not waste your time watching this, the first episode was so bad that i very much doubt this can possibly get better with more!

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Its SO bad! by far the worst TV show iv ever seen

Author: dan310886 from UK
18 September 2012

Watched the trailer and just knew it was awful! got half way through first episode and HAD to switch over was shocking someone can make something so bad and think that's comedy i can't imagine the type of person that would sit and laugh to that, the acting is shocking and its the UK one nearly word for word except they have taken all the best most funny bits and changed it to this camp American humor. Jay is fat and looks retarded, Neil with long hair ha no way and wills no were near geeky looking enough MTV really need to stop trying to copy outer programs history shows that it just doesn't work at all.

I like the original and most of my favorite shows are made in America but every single British show they remake they go all wrong with it and this is just another one to add to the forever growing flop list.


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Author: AnnBabeth from France
11 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The description says that this series is based on the UK version of "The Inbetweeners". In each episode I actually look for the's the same story, same everything but in the US. I don't even think they made an effort to translate British teenagers problem into American teenagers problems (cf the car...) It has its moment and yes I laughed to one or two lines but only probably because I did not remember it from the UK version... I think its a shame, how the names are the same, how everything is the same... I pretty sure, its the same lines and so far the UK actors were better... UK version rules - US version sucks...

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Complete and utter load of s**t

Author: emmamariemerry from Ireland
12 August 2014

If I could give this 0 out of 10 I would! It's an absolute disgrace how they even Aired this and got views! I'm a massive fan of the British version and watched every episode of it a million times over! When I heard about the US remake I knew it was going to be a flop just like the rest of the remakes they tried e.g shameless, the office etc!

Every single joke down to the door on the car being removed has been copied and same with all of their sayings! They are nothing like the English characters, their portrayed completely wrong, there as as thick as f*ck and will the geeky one to me is portrayed as the best looking! They've tried to Americanize it and have failed very badly! Anybody who gives this show a thumbs up is American (which is no surprise).

If I could give anyone any advice I would say don't waste your time watching this b*ll*cks! You will get more entertainment by watching paint dry! Don't give them views, I hope this review helped ! I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me on this one, you will never ever be able to recreate comedy gold like the original!!!!

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Painful to Watch

Author: ssimon55 from United States
4 April 2014

As a fan of the original UK show, I wasn't expecting much, but I never expected it to be this horrible. The acting is just terrible. It's like none of these kids took an acting lesson in their life & just spit out the lines - that were almost word for word rehashed from the original. I couldn't even finish watching the first episode it was so bad.

The main problem with the show other than it was a poor excuse for a copy of the original & the bad acting, was the characters were very unlikeable. Will had no personality, Simon always had a weird expression on his face like he was trying to take a crap, Jay looked a fat, retarded kid, Neil looked & acted like a stoner & Carli couldn't act if her life depended on it. It's no wonder this was cancelled after one season. Do yourself a favor and watch the original on Hulu - you won't be disappointed.

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It Just Doesn't Click

Author: RJ Coleman from United Kingdom
1 June 2015

Many reviews and rating have pretty much all together decided - quite rightly - that the USA Remake of The Inbetweeners is a bit s**t. However many reviewers have failed to specify exactly why.

The answer is that this remake is just too fake. The original show had something truly tangible to work with, you got the feeling that the writers were really drawing on their own teen experiences and it made the show very familiar and as a result ten times funnier. Everyone knows a friends like Jay - always talking crap; Neil - the big idiot; Will the nerdy one and Simon the love sick puppy. The chemistry between the actors was fantastic and the banter is truly accurate to how good friends talk to each other.

But most of all The Inbetweeners was real. The houses weren't mansions and there were no "jocks" or "spring break" it was realistic and down to earth, showing what High School is really like, not looking at it through rose tinted glasses. Every time a character got hung up about something in school it made it all the more funnier because the show and audience know that it really isn't a big deal in reality. There was a kind of running theme of things being quite pathetic which is what gave it it's charm.

The remake misses this point completely. Everything looks like it's shot at magic hour, there's constant obnoxious music and the characters are no longer real. Will is...handsome and not awkward in the slightest. The only thing that makes him appear odd is his blazer and suit case but even then it looks fine. Neil, rather than being a little slow and goofy has become almost brain dead. Jay has just become too obnoxious, sure he was that way in the original but you got the sense that everyone knew how sad he truly was which made him endearing. And finally Simon is every other teen romance protagonist ever.

Another reason it doesn't work is the pacing, the timing of each scene. The verbal jokes in the original worked because they were quick, sharp, something about the dialogue just popped and honestly some things just sound funnier in a British accent. Entire pieces of dialogue are given to the American actors and it just doesn't seem as genuine. But another problem is that it has simply been watered down. The original four said the most obscene things to each other, linking dozens of swear words together in the same sentence and talking about extremely personal subjects. The reason this worked is because that's exactly how teenage friends talk to one another and real slang is used in the show. In the US version everything becomes more PG. In the original we have Jay talking about anal sex, fingering and toe f****ng while also making gay jokes about someone's Dad. Then in the US version Jay calls Will a "renob" because it's boner written backwards (seriously?) No teenager talks that way.

What makes it worse is that as well as verbal jokes not working the visual, physical gags fall flat as well. A joke lifted from the original is Will throwing a Frisbee which ends up hitting a disabled/mentally handicapped person in a wheelchair. In the remake it's a football hitting someone on crutches. Almost the same joke but just toned down a lot. Each time these things happened in the original there was a sense of "oh s**t they didn't just do that..." but in this remake the jokes are made extremely obvious.

What the makers of the US version should've done is not try to copy and paste dialogue and gags from the original, but instead get an American writer to draw on his own experiences to create new jokes and new gags. Someone like David Sedaris or Seth MacFarlane manage to infuse their work with wit and personality. The writers on this show, however, seem to be more concerned with how to adapt an already successful joke written by someone else.

Overall the show itself is not badly made but it's just not funny and for a comedy show that's the worst offence it can give.

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An insult to the original

Author: aewaddilove from london
5 December 2014

America took an amazing British comedy and recycled the exact same jokes and story line but somehow managed ruin it. I don't think America understand why the original inbetweeners was actually funny in the first place.

If you have never watched the original then I guess it wouldn't be as awful but still pretty bad. Its hard to compare without being completely biased but the American take is just not as funny.

By replicating the show and not matching the correct cast to suit the characters it wasn't the same. America, stick to American pie please, the only good remake of British comedies you have done has been the office and even then you dragged it out way to long. After Steve Carell left you should have ended it there, but thats whole different review.

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Please stop

Author: chrisjones-51312 from England
21 February 2017

Seriously get hot pokers proceed to put them in your eyes spend a year in hospital and I hear you ask you will not get that year back we'll believe me I'd rather loose a year of my life than spend an episode watching this that year is well spent to avoid thirty minutes of sheer garbage

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