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Major fail of a remake.

Author: nb3550 from Longford, Ireland
8 September 2012

There is only two words all together in the world to describe the Inbetweeners USA.And those words are lazy and stupid.As a huge fan of the original version I am very annoyed at this.When I first saw the trailer for this show I was thinking this has to be the biggest piece of crap of the year.I was wrong.It is the biggest piece of crap in at least 5 years.

In an interview the cast of the remake quoted they took the jokes from the original and americanized them or something like that.But when I watched the pilot all the jokes,lines,situations etc were the exact same as the original.Some people might ask If the jokes are the same than what's there to complain about?Well using the exact same jokes and lines just shows laziness, IN-creativity and more off a reason why a US remake was just pointless.

The acting is really bad.I mean Paris Hilton bad.And the characters are monstrous compared to the original characters. Jay's voice is really annoying and he's tremendously overweight.Simon and Will look like the Jonas Brothers.And Neil(who was my favorite character in the original) looks like a stoner.In the original Neil was funny stupid.In the US version he's stupid stupid. I'm not hating on American's or anything like that but it's about time they start making up new idea's for comedy's instead of remaking British ones and ruining them.To sum it up."If it's not broken then don't fix it".

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Author: ethan_3000 from United Kingdom
24 September 2012

I really don't understand the reason of making this at all. I find it quite insulting that anyone would even try and match the original programme. No disrespect to American broadcasting but the ultimate question is why? The cast is overall weird and the programme is poorly acted and constructed, ad least try and re brand it but do things different instead of trying to copy the original series directly. Oveall this is not worth watching and another season probably wont be made.

Its just overall insulting and even the preview on here and especially you-tube people were already annoyed with this programme.

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Oh My GOD!!!

Author: enzopert from United Kingdom
26 October 2012

I do not even know where to begin...let's just say i watched the first episode and in order to erase it from memory (tried but it was so bad that nothing good could do it) i watched all 3 seasons and the movie of the original... What on earth they were thinking before they made this! I mean OK fine let's make a US version but surely to copy the UK one at times line by line then make a total (in words of Simon) Sh*t, is beyond me.

I am hearing there might be a US movie version on the horizon but for the love of god, hope this does not happen!!!

Just to summarize, do not waste your time watching this, the first episode was so bad that i very much doubt this can possibly get better with more!

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Author: AnnBabeth from France
11 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The description says that this series is based on the UK version of "The Inbetweeners". In each episode I actually look for the's the same story, same everything but in the US. I don't even think they made an effort to translate British teenagers problem into American teenagers problems (cf the car...) It has its moment and yes I laughed to one or two lines but only probably because I did not remember it from the UK version... I think its a shame, how the names are the same, how everything is the same... I pretty sure, its the same lines and so far the UK actors were better... UK version rules - US version sucks...

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Give it a few episodes

Author: tiger-nation from United Kingdom
25 September 2012

I'm a massive fan of our (UK) Inbetweeners so I went into the remake fearing the worst. After the first episode, those fears seemed valid. The casting isn't great, Will's too good looking, Neil is appalling and Jay is fat. The first episode is pretty much a direct copy and the actors are very uncomfortable in the roles.

For whatever reason, I decided to stick with it and I'm glad I did. It helps that episodes 2 & 3 are copies of my two favourite episodes from the original Inbetweeners but the acting is more natural and there's just enough new material to put a proper US spin on the show and to start to develop it's own identity.

The next couple of episodes are brand new. Episode 4 is the best of the run so far. It feels like a US TV Show but retains the characteristics of what made it such a hit in the first place. The Inbetweeners isn't Dawson's Creek or the like. It doesn't flit between near disaster and happy ever after. It's about those things that happen in every day life to normal people. Those fleeting moments of joy, sorrow and sheer embarrassment.

I think this show has got promise. i hope the trigger happy network execs give it a chance to grow.

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Its SO bad! by far the worst TV show iv ever seen

Author: dan310886 from UK
18 September 2012

Watched the trailer and just knew it was awful! got half way through first episode and HAD to switch over was shocking someone can make something so bad and think that's comedy i can't imagine the type of person that would sit and laugh to that, the acting is shocking and its the UK one nearly word for word except they have taken all the best most funny bits and changed it to this camp American humor. Jay is fat and looks retarded, Neil with long hair ha no way and wills no were near geeky looking enough MTV really need to stop trying to copy outer programs history shows that it just doesn't work at all.

I like the original and most of my favorite shows are made in America but every single British show they remake they go all wrong with it and this is just another one to add to the forever growing flop list.


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TV American Pie lite

Author: SnoopyStyle
17 September 2013

Will Mackenzie (Joey Pollari) is the new kid in school. He is a hopeless dork who carries around a suitcase. Simon Cooper (Bubba Lewis) is super nice guy who's in love with his next door childhood friend Carly D'Amato (Alex Frnka). Jay Cartwright (Zack Pearlman) is the joker of the group. Neil Sutherland (Mark L. Young) is the idiot of the group.

This is an MTV show remake of a British import. I could care less about how it compares to the original. It works pretty well for what it is. It's basically a TV version of American Pie. Lots of sex talk, lots of inappropriate humor, lots of gross out jokes, just not the nudity. The actors do the characters well. It deserved more than just 12 episodes.

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Like a bad Stephen King adaptation. Which is fitting since it is a horror story.

Author: davideo-2 from United Kingdom
1 June 2013

STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Will (Joey Pollairi) is the new guy in high school, who stands out as a prime target for bullies. He soon makes friends with Jay (Zach Pearlman), Simon (Bubba Lewis) and Neil (Mark L. Young), three other social misfits who are not complete dorks but far from the coolest kids in school, either.

It always spurs you on as a Brit when something home grown becomes a success, as I imagine it probably does for anyone from a small country that's not at the centre of the world (not anymore, anyway.) But it's a sad thing and a sign of the times when the only way to tell what a massive success it's been is when the Americans go and remake it. In fact, this is almost inevitable. And, inevitably, a whole lot worse.

The best way I can describe The Inbetweeners USA is: imagine you've just read a really great Stephen King novel, and then see a film adaptation of it that is just like what you've read, but That really is how this is like. It's everything you've already seen in the British version, just done by American actors and not even half as bloody well. Where cultural slang changes, it becomes most evident and most painful ("bus 'turds'???") and further showcases what a desperate, sorry, insincere mess this whole thing is. To add insult to injury, the performers don't even look like their British counter parts, and so we have an overweight Jay, a hippie like Neil and Will and Simon resembling the Jonas brothers. To not even respect your source material is the biggest disrespect.

If you're the type that would rather drive a Mondeo than a Mercedes, this will definitely be your thing. But I imagine you're different to most people. *

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Painful to Watch

Author: ssimon55 from United States
4 April 2014

As a fan of the original UK show, I wasn't expecting much, but I never expected it to be this horrible. The acting is just terrible. It's like none of these kids took an acting lesson in their life & just spit out the lines - that were almost word for word rehashed from the original. I couldn't even finish watching the first episode it was so bad.

The main problem with the show other than it was a poor excuse for a copy of the original & the bad acting, was the characters were very unlikeable. Will had no personality, Simon always had a weird expression on his face like he was trying to take a crap, Jay looked a fat, retarded kid, Neil looked & acted like a stoner & Carli couldn't act if her life depended on it. It's no wonder this was cancelled after one season. Do yourself a favor and watch the original on Hulu - you won't be disappointed.

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another flawed remake of a miles better UK series

Author: Adam Brown from Scotland
7 April 2013

when the US version of the Inbetweeners was first announced with a trailer and an image of the cast, it was scorned by the fans of the British version. with the shows creator Iain Morris as well as Blake Harrison who played Neil in the UK series, defending it and urging fans to not pre- judge it, we were left to wonder if it would come close to the hilarity of the UK version. however despite the defence from the shows creators, i cannot say that this is a good adaption, in fact in my opinion, this is one of the worst US remakes in recent years.

Despite this criticism, the show does have some quality to it. while the first three or four episodes are basically americanised renditions from the first series of the UK version, the writers do add there own ideas and story lines which come to prominence later in the series. some of these ideas and plots are generally quite funny and entertaining.

However, what makes this show a bad remake, is that no matter how funny these ideas are, the series seems to suffer an identity crisis and most of the time doesn't actually become recognisable as the Inbetweeners. while these are pretty much the same characters that you will know and love from the UK version, most of the actors are miscast and the fact the way they portray the characters and how they are written, makes them generally dis-likable for the most part.

an example of the miscasting is Joey Pollari as Will. while i have no doubts over Pollari's acting abilities, casting him in the role of Will was a huge mistake. this mainly due to Pollari's physical appearance as being like six foot four, and handsome. this might not seem like a big issue, however during one episode, Will keeps insisting that he is ugly and unattractive, with everyone seeming to agree with him. in addition, due to him being more of a "smart-ass" rather than snobbish like in the British version, this makes him seem rather dull than funny. the producers should have in my opinion cast someone like Christopher Mintz- Plasse

an example of the dis-likability of the characters is Zack Pearlman's portrayal of Jay. in the original show when Jay used to tell people of his made up sexual misadventures, we were able to laugh at his arrogance and his story. however in this version, Jay is just too loud and obnoxious. what also drags the character down is the scenarios that the writer's have placed him in. in one episode, Jay has to take on a family tradition of becoming the Class Clown. this idea is just all wrong for the character and adds to the fact that the show suffers an identity crisis.

if it weren't for the miscast and dis-likable characters, a lot of the shows content has been dumbed down due to the sensitivity of the American audience. this is one of the shows largest missteps because what made the original show so memorable was its vulgarity and tongue and cheek humour. along with this and the bright colours and clichéd feel to the show, it makes the US Inbetweeners feel like a grungy Disney Channel show.

The Inbetweeners could have done very well in America and it had a few advantages such as the universal idea of the show and the fact that the UK version had been a kind of "play on" of American teen comedies such as "American Pie". however the show is ruined by miscast and dis-likable characters, the dumbing down for American audiences and the fact that the show suffers from an identity crisis.

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