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2 Jan. 2012
O Twin, Where Art Thou?
It's been a tough night for Emma and Ethan, and things are about to get tougher when they find Sutton has disappeared after their argument and the Mercer family car is missing from the garage. When the police find the car at the bottom of the lake, Emma and Ethan look to each other for support, but Thayer threatens to tear them apart with his accusations against Ethan. Meanwhile, Char's aunt, Rebecca, has returned to town and Char is the only one happy about it.
9 Jan. 2012
When We Dead Awaken
Ethan and Thayer suspect Sutton of sending Emma the mysterious package and believe that she is playing another one of her "lying games" to spite Emma. Derek is back at school. While practicing tennis, she meets the tennis scout of Ted's alma mater and they see this as a way of getting Sutton to come forward when she hears that Emma is using her name for personal gain. Justin and Ted continue to be suspicious of one another. Rebecca tries to get custody of Char. Now living in fear of Sutton, Emma almost confesses her identity to Dan, but when Ethan and Emma pull up to ...
16 Jan. 2012
Pleased to Meet Me
As Emma, Ethan and Thayer (recurring guest star CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER) continue to search for the truth of what happened to Sutton at the lake, they follow a lead that raises more questions than it answers. But when a poorly timed encounter threatens to expose her identity, Emma is left in a precarious position that turns her life upside down. Will she be able to recover? Meanwhile, Laurel impresses the crowd at her mom's charity benefit with her musical talents, and Rebecca (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER) and Alec (recurring guest star ADRIAN PASDAR) get to ...
23 Jan. 2012
Black and White and Green All Over
On the night of the country club's Black and White Ball for junior members, Emma finds herself on the outside looking in, and Ethan must put up a façade in order to protect her. Although their loyalty to each other is strong, the jealousy and lies start to take their toll. Can Emma and Ethan look past their doubts and mend the wedge forming between them? Meanwhile, Laurel and Ted are both left reeling after they discover the motive behind Justin's (recurring guest star RANDY WAYNE) actions. And Rebecca (recurring guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER) and Mads counsel each ...
30 Jan. 2012
Dead Man Talking
Ethan insists on helping Emma get the answers she's looking for about her twin sister. So when a tattoo sparks a memory about Sutton, Ethan pursues an explanation. But the information proves costly when Ethan heads into a situation that quickly gets out of control. Meanwhile, Mads sneaks off to see Ryan (recurring guest star MISHA CROSBY - Hollyoaks), and Laurel continues to see Justin (recurring guest star RANDY WAYNE) against her parents' wishes.
6 Feb. 2012
Reservation for Two
Ethan and sutton they are runaway together because Ethan is wanted for killing Derek they go to Ethan's father house when Emma and Madz fight together because of her boyfriend Emma wasn't able to keep its self more she told Madz her secret.
13 Feb. 2012
No Country for Young Love
Ethan is still a wanted man in hiding with Sutton, leaving Emma to worry if justice - and love - will prevail. Discouraged by Dan's inability to crack the case, Emma takes it upon herself to find a way to vindicate Ethan. With the help of Mads and Thayer, they search for any lead that may help prove Ethan's innocence. Meanwhile, Ethan and Sutton's time alone in hiding together has lowered Ethan's guard. Sutton uses the opportunity to encourage Ethan to bond with his estranged father, looking to heal her relationship with him at the same time. And Alec questions ...
20 Feb. 2012
Not Guilty as Charged
As Emma continues to search for evidence that can help Ethan's case, she clashes with Ted and Kristin over her unwavering support of a murder suspect. Alec's relationship with the victim prevents him from taking the case himself so he assigns a star prosecutor from his firm, prompting Dan to reach out to an ex-girlfriend who is now a successful defense attorney. Meanwhile, encouraged by their time together in hiding, Sutton has her own plans for Ethan.
27 Feb. 2012
Weekend of Living Dangerously
Emma wants to find out what really happened on the reservation but Ethan is avoiding her and Sutton is looking to send her packing for good. Curious about his father's possible link to Derek's murder, Thayer starts to doubt Alec's alibi and begins investigating Rebecca's past. And, Kristin grows increasingly suspicious that Ted is not telling her the entire story when it comes to Justin's mom.
5 Mar. 2012
Unholy Matrimony
An unexpected engagement leads to a quickly-planned wedding, causing suspicions that something is awry. Sutton encourages Emma to show Kristin what they found in Rebecca's house. And Ethan makes a discovery that changes the game. Meanwhile, a shocking revelation leads to major repercussions in the Mercer household.

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