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Savannah gets by on touches of grace and spirited performances, especially by Caviezel. After being so serious for so very long, it’s great fun to see him take on a “genuine character” with all the boozing, brawling and shooting that entails.
Annette Haywood-Carter’s slow-paced film features a plethora of colorful characters and incidents that register with little dramatic impact.
The film’s tale ends up being less rich than its lovely Georgia settings.
Savannah does attempt to tell the story of the friendship of those two accomplished men, but does so in a manner that is so astonishingly tone deaf, confused and narrowly focused that it leaves you almost amazed at the lack of vision behind the entire enterprise.
Director Annette Haywood-Carter films the proceedings with a sepia-tinged prettiness, but this is a Southern “Downton Abbey,” minus the loopy plot turns and wisecracks that make that series so addictive.
The movie’s story is limp, its romances are flightless and — despite the talented cast — its performances are toothless.
The Dissolve
A dull vanity project for the Southern highborn.
Savannah should win some sort of award for most amount of times you’ll ask, “They roped that guy into this turkey, too?”
Slant Magazine
The film is impossible to take seriously as a commemoration of Moultrie's life or Allen's prolific status because of its plethora of contrivances.
Village Voice
The story overflows with reverence but is drastically short on passion or suspense.

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