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Lois Griffin: Oh, there you boys are. How was your meeting?

Brian Griffin: 29 more and we're done, That's how it was.

Lois Griffin: Well, that doesn't sound like the right attitude.

Peter Griffin: Lois, you weren't there. It was awful! Just a bunch of losers telling boring stories: "My drinking ruined my marriage," "My drinking ruined my family," "My drinking ruined my TV show, '24.'"

Brian Griffin: This sucks! I can't believe that judge is making us go to a month of AA.

Lois Griffin: You know, if you ask me, this is going to be a good thing for both of you. There's a lesson you need to learn.

Brian Griffin: What are you talking about? What lesson? I don't need to go to AA. I'm a social drinker, not an alcoholic.

Stewie Griffin: Pshaw! Yeah, that's like saying rappers are really poets.

Greg: My name is Greg, and, uh, I'm an alcoholic. One fateful night, I, uh, got behind the wheel of my brand new sports car, blind drunk. I was responsible for the death on an innocent, 8-year-old girl.

Peter Griffin: What kind?

Greg: What?

Peter Griffin: What kind of car? You said you had a sports car. That's cool, but what kind?

Greg: It was a Miata.

Peter Griffin: Oh, come on! That's not a sports car. H-how does that even kill a kid? What-cha what-cha do, hit her over the head with it?

Greg: That's a legitimate sports car!

Peter Griffin: No. Next!

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