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Let's Close Time On Moffat And Roberts Vision Of The Show

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
25 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A companion less Doctor goes and visits acquittance Craig Owens and his new born baby only to find there's a Cyberman plot to take over the world

DOCTOR WHO is a unique show . The very fact that it often involves verbal fisticuffs between fans and the general public that it is /isn't a children's show speaks volumes . Likewise the differing factions of fandom . By this I mean fans of the classic series are somewhat cynical to the new series causes friction amongst the fans of the new series . In short the programme has a flexibility of format which leads to discourse as to what a " proper " DOCTOR WHO story is . One person may love a story whilst another hated it . Let me put my cards on the table by saying I hated Closing Time

One of my favourite pieces of television has been the mete-fictional Love And Monsters from season two of NuWho . It was a witty black romantic comedy that sent up fandom . Closing Time also tries to be a witty comedy but as Jon Pertwee once said " it's easy to be silly but it's difficult to be funny " and this episode is very silly , almost to the point of embarrassing . The Cyberman take over a shopping mall in order to conquer the world ? Would it not be better taking overa government or an industrial complex ? I guess if they did that then Roberts wouldn't be able to graft on any punchlines involving " a pervy bloke " hanging around the underwear section of a store . This is the major malfunction of the story - the plotting is written around the jokes . In fact Closing Time sees some of the weakest plotting NuWho has come up with . It's just a series of sketches

The other problem is the Cybermen themselves . There's absolutely no reason for them to be reintroduced . They are classic television monsters second only to the Daleks but since they're heyday in the 1960s writers have become lackluster on how to use them . There's also something painfully illogical and that is if they're such fearsome foes for the Doctor then why are they so easily defeated on their appearances . This episode reaches a complete nadir for the cybes when Clive thinks about his girlfriend and new born baby which causes the Cybermen to explode . If he pulled out a magic wand and caused to Cybermen to disappear that would have probably been a better resolution

Series six of NuWho picked up in the second half but Closing Time is a painful comedown . DOCTOR WHO works at its best when it's at its most serious , a feeling reinforced by me after recently watching a few classic stories from the Jon Pertwee era , especially Day Of The Daleks which involved iconic monsters with a timey wimey paradox that was easy to follow . Series six has seen classic monsters ruined in a running theme of time paradox and this fan looks forward to seeing the show return to its traditional roots

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The Cybermen invade....House of Fraser

Author: Paul Evans from Swansea, United Kingdom
6 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Cybermen have set up a link in a department store, the same poor store that had nestene models and Rose Tyler working there. The Doctor turns up on the doorstep of friend 'Craig Owens,' who's now a dad. The Doctor lands a job in the store in order to delve deeper into what's going on and find out why people have been disappearing.

There have been some really poor episodes in Series 6, let's kill Hitler was terrible, and this isn't far off. I wasn't sure about James in the Lodger, and it's the same vibe in this one, I can't tell if he fits in or not. Rather small scale invasion from the Cybermen, they've gone from battling daleks and trying to invade Earth, to trying to get into a department store.

The best thing about Closing Time I'd say is Matt Smith's performance, he's zany, fun and bursting with energy. I did enjoy the fun being made out of the emotional journeys on Britain's got talent. Also nice to see Nurse Gladys Emanuelle.

This did not need an appearance by Amy, we finally feel like we've got a break, and in she strolls. zzzzzz Even the Doctor hides!! I bet Coty make that celebrity fragrance!!

Moffat hasn't got a clue what to do with the Cybermen, this and the later fiasco are both awful, and suited to the very youngest of viewers. The Cybermen presented zero threat, The Happiness Patrol's Fifi would have been more terrifying!!

Best bit comes at the end, River is recounting the Doctor's final days, but Madam Kovarian turns up with the Silence and space suit, it's a hugely dark moment, so different from the rest of the episode.

Very disappointing, 4/10

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Setup to a finale

Author: hansenmv2002 from United States
28 December 2015

I was curious of some of the reviews of this ep. It's supposed to be funny, light, and... CHEAP. Since the finale (I presume) broke the bank - they needed something minimal - including personnel (I presume MS was working doubles there for a few weeks?). I don't get how others cant see a larger context.

It sets up certain things - including the sense of "goodbyes" . I'd like to see daddy, mum, baby again sometime --- but - doubt that (fine line between funny occasional eps - and farce). The 2 men and a baby is a bit silly - but again: budgets, schedule, etc. This one of necessity had to be written with a relatively simple concept - again dropping in various foreshadows.

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Worst ever episode?

Author: alex (doorsscorpywag) from United Kingdom
12 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This whole series has been poor and the last episode was pretty bad but this episode was utterly abysmal. What was the point of dragging the Cybermen in as a stupid sub plot that is resolved in such a stupid manner. Matt Smith was someone I did not think would be any good but he has managed to portray a really good character despite some pitiful scripts. The guy can only work with the dross he is given but deserves better than episodes like this one. I like the four central characters and their relationship and await the questions being answered in series 7 of the new Doctor but can we have some decent scripts this time round. It's a shame as the series has been rejuvinated since Chris Eccleston took the helm and both Tennant and Smith has given the Doctor some real gravitas but the writing has suffered in recent years becoming lazy as in this dreadful 50 minutes. The Doctor already did a grand tour awaiting his death with David Tennant. And the less said about the resolution of the final episode the better. Chimps could come out with better stories.

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Not bad, could be worse

Author: laura-bonaventura1 from Germany
24 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thinking about both seasons 5 and 6 (almost) this average episode - a typical filler before the climax - looks like a really good one. The Doctor meets Craig, whom is now married and has a son. He'll be a one time Doctor companion (or partner?) while taking care of the child: the basic idea of the whole misunderstanding of the Doctor and Craig as a gay couple with a child made me smile, but... we had Jack Harkness on board and here the Doctor doesn't realize anything at all, seriously?

Now the worst part: the Cybermen. I am expecting a mall invaded by mannequins, not by the Cybermen, what's next, Dalek's at McDonald's? I guess this is supposed to be one of the funny parts, but, in my opinion, it doesn't work at all, it is actually the worst idea of the whole episode.

All told an enjoyable episode, a reasonable filler which makes me think there's still a little hope for Doctor Who.

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One For My Baby and One More for the Road

Author: boblipton from New York City
24 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As this season of Doctor Who laps towards the final show, we get a brief break from the excellent if rather Gothic block of terror tales that have had the Doctor coming to terms with his impending death. Who better to companion him than Craig Owens from last season's THE LODGER and his infant son, Alfie, whose real name is Stormageddon, the Dark Lord of all?

James Corden, reprising Craig, is as funny as ever, and if his life isn't quite taken over by the Doctor this time, it is by Stormageddon, who holds conversations with the Doctor about his lack of respect for his father. Can Craig help the Doctor defeat the Cybermen and gain his infant's respect before the Doctor is shot in Utah next episode? Well, I don't think the answer to that question will come as a surprise, but then it never does. What comes as a pleasant surprise to me is the small scale that Gareth Roberts script works on. Yes, there is a terrible menace, but it is sorted out in short order. Really, it's an excuse to tell jokes, and one I approve of. I've noted in other reviews that I occasionally grow tired of the Doctor saving the universe and miss the small-scale villains that Robert Holmes delighted in writing for the original series. Gareth Roberts seems to enjoy writing those stories, and I am most appreciative. I hope you are, too.

I am usually not terribly fond of Murray Gold's orchestrations. I feel that he tends to ignore the sort of technological music that suits science fiction and relies too much on chorale work. However, the sort of "Roger Rabbit" stings that he puts into the action sections in this comedy work very well.

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The Doctor and Craig face the Cybermen

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
25 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With only one more episode till the series six finale The Doctor is preparing to meet is destiny at Lake Silencio; one of the things he wants to do before dying is pay a visit to old friend Craig; previously seen in 'The Lodger'. He only intends it to be a social call but being The Doctor he ends up finding trouble and he, Craig and baby Alfie, AKA Stormageddon! Find themselves imperilled by a group of Cybermen who are abducting people from a department store to add to their crew.

While Craig isn't as good a companion as Amy Pond James Corden is entertaining in the role at it was amusing when a woman in the shop thought that he and The Doctor were another type of companion! More humour was provided by The Doctor's ability to understand what Craig's baby is saying... this is how he knows that Alfie prefers to be addressed as Stormageddon. The dealings with the Cybermen provided some nice scares although the creepiest moments of the episode took place in the epilogue which featured River Song and Kovarian in a scene which was almost totally unrelated to the rest of the episode but set things up nicely for next week's episode.

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