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random story but great
Swish ieee22 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie will touch those who feel a bit lost in life. The movie began with Chris Colfer's character being killed by lightning, and it may have been the most random and unlikely event to take place realistically and you will feel sceptical about how this will all play out during the movie but by the end of it, re-watching this scene is extremely sad.

Yes, it is a high school movie, bringing in all the clichéd cliques and stereotypes but never in a cheesy manner. All characters play a minor role but ultimately this is Chris Colfer's movie. He plays a great, passionate and driven kid and this only makes his fate more sad. Rebel Wilson does a fun job in playing the odd girl who perhaps is the only person who truly likes Chris' character, Carson.

There is a focus on Carson's relationship with his mother an alcoholic and depressed women, who was left by Carson's father during their marriage. Without saying much it is quite emotional towards the end. It is a great movie, sending a strong message on ambition, future, life and friendship. Watch it, but be warned, it is not a cheesy high school movie, nor will it leave you in a uplifted but emotional state as in the Perks of Being a Wallflower.

"It doesn't matter if you're stuck in the past or if you're trying to forget the past; what matters is what you do with the present"- Struck by Lightning.
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Insightful and realistic lesson on life and growing up when Chris Colfer is not singing or dancing
carson-chow19 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When the Alzheimer's-afflicted grandmother says "I'm worried about my grandson", my heart starts to break and this terrible feeling lasts until the end of the movie.

"Struck by Lightning" begins with the 17-year-old protagonist, Carson Phillips (played by Chris Colfer) getting killed by a bolt from the sky in the parking lot. As he recounts and narrates his final days when he was still alive, ambitious and walking around blackmailing his fellow classmates in school to contribute in his literary magazine with the help of his best, and only friend, Malerie (Rebel Wilson), we learn about his plans to get into Northwestern University and become the editor of the New Yorker and writer of the NY Times and LA Times, or even win the Nobel Peace Prize. Mainly, he just wants to leave this town he never leaves, or live a life he never lives.

Carson lives with his divorced mother, Sheryl (Allison Janney) an alcoholic who tells her son that she wishes she had an abortion in the 90s. His father, Neal (Dermot Mulroney) is about to remarry a pregnant local pharmacist, April (Christina Hendricks) who does not know the existence of his ex-wife and his son. There's also the adorable and aging grandmother (Polly Bergen) who no longer recognizes Carson, but still remembers the first story he wrote her "''Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted to fly'."

The movie is about Carson wanting to fly away from this hell hole he lives in, with almost no friends or no family that cares and loves him. It is heartbreaking to see him fail in the end, despite all his effort. He never reaches any of his goals, never says any goodbyes, and never even graduates highschool. But he did actually manage to escape from all the pain in his life: when he drives to see the sunset and ocean for the first time towards the end; when he gets killed by the lightning; and when he completes his final story to his grandmom ("Once upon a time there was a boy who flew.")

Everyone wants to say goodbye to him even when they know it's impossible. His mother repeatedly calls him when she finds out he is dead; Malerie wipes her teary eyes with tissue when she watches the old videos of Carson; grandmom leaves the scarf-blanket she has been knitting on the coffin; and every classmates he blackmailed attended his funeral. They are all witness to his struggle to leave and a boy who does not gives up until his last breath, leaving an emotional void in everyone's hearts.

This movie is a realistic lesson on life and growing up and captures the hardships involved. It may not be smart to kill off the central character in the opening scene but this is not a cheesy happy high school coming-of-age feel-good comedy. Chris Colfer, 22 years old, also wrote the screenplay and he proves himself that he can write and act when he is not singing and dancing as "Glee"'s Kurt Hummel The story is random and nevertheless entertaining most of the time. The film is fast-paced and witty but the narrative does not fully explores the potential of the relationships. However, I understand the reason with all the unfilled gaps because it's just life. We can't always expect to get what we want: closure, development, good-byes.

I am glad I watched this movie and it moved me so many times. In the end our tragic anti- hero Carson becomes the boy who flew but never flew away but what's more important is that he has had a meaningful journey in this insightful movie about life, future, hopes and dreams that never end.
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Highly Recommended
virginiacitygirl31 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this at a film festival and understood immediately why it got an early comparison to John Hughes movies. Like those, SBL doesn't talk down to its audience, nor is it sweet in the slightest. There are lots of one-liners and snarky little jokes that zip by quickly and naturally, fully expecting the audience to catch them without having to be hit over the head. Even the tender moments (and there are quite a few of them) are flavored with a dash of vinegar.

Personally I was surprised by how empathetic lead character Carson Phillips was. He's a self important little snot, but I could easily recognize a deep core of frustration at the heart of his bitter snark. Carson's problem is not that he doesn't care, it's that he cares too much, about everything, and can't understand why other people don't. (Or won't) He can't relate to his peers - except for a shy, quirky girl named Malerie (Rebel Wilson) - and the adults in his life regularly let him down. Everyone around him seems to be either clinging to the past or stubbornly locked into the present, while all Carson wants is a chance to get out of his little town, spread his wings and embrace the future.

Allison Janney and Rebel Wilson have been getting much of the pre-release buzz, but this movie belongs to Chris Colfer all the way. From the first frame to the last, he is the driving force and he is excellent. People who want to write this off as starring "that kid from Glee" should give this movie a chance. I think they'll be pleasantly surprised. Glee and Kurt Hummel never even crossed my mind as I was watching and it took no effort at all to get lost in the narrative and enter into Carson's world for 90 minutes. The actors were all well cast and everyone seemed to really sink their teeth into these roles. And for a first-time writer, Colfer truly impressed me. The plot holds together well and both the teen and adult perspectives are believable and interesting.
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Not your average Teen movie
claire_smyth24 December 2012
This film wasn't what I was expecting - but still enjoyed it.

A warning - don't expect it to be like Glee, it won't leave you feeling uplifted at the end. Having seen the trailer and Rebel Wilson, I assumed this was going to be a comedy, but its actually quite tragic and sad - there are few laughs though.

It actually reminds me of the film 'Orange County' (with Colin Hanks and Jack Black). Carson like Hank's character is trying to escape his difficult family circumstances and go to college and then on to a successful career. Orange County is a little more light hearted though.

Its a good effort by Chris Colfer and out of all the Glee cast I can see him being the most successful. He could be another Ryan Murphy in the making - only nice.
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Insightful movie that addresses that High School is temporary
bigbookwrm16 January 2013
It is not a flawless film by any means, but few are. However it does address something that few movies about high school do; which is the dichotomy between students who live in the moment and think those years are the end all and be all, and those who see it as a finite time to get through for the longer (and hopefully better) future.

The main character's tragedy (among many) is not his ultimate fate but in that in seeking to get though the school years and not enjoying them (or what little there is to find happiness in) misses it, by being focused solely by getting out.

In contrast the other teenage characters (Rebel Wilson's being an exception) have blinders on; in terms of both acceptance of other people and of the existence of the larger world and that they will have to enter it and so forth.

Are there clichés? Yes, but high school students are much the same everywhere so that is an issue of reality and life and not the limitations of the screenwriter.

Are the scenes between Carson and the adults more compelling? Of course, but that is because adults by definition have more life experience (good and bad) to make them more intriguing.

Ultimately, the movie's flaws are minor compared to the whole. It is smart, dead on in observation (especially in regards to the parental and authority figures interaction with Carson and family dynamics), and the casting is brilliant, with one exception.

That would be Dylan McDermotte. Who, besides their mothers, can tell him apart from Dermut Mulroney?
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Carson Philips wants to be a journalist and blackmails half the student body to join his literary magazine to better his chances of getting into his dream college.
katerinakahl30 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This coming of age film was well written and showed one of the other sides of Actor/Writer/Producer Chris Colfer. He originally wrote it when he was about 18 and dipped into some very complicated matters such as divorce. I would recommend this to anyone of any age. Some matters, although they seem very childlike (like blackmailing others to get what you want), touch on some serious aspects such as how schools are run. Although it is unlikely for someone to get struck by lightning and die spontaneously, it does bring awareness to many problems. Rebel Wilson is incredible in this. Even in the end when half the theater was balling their eyes out and i had the equivalent of a glass full of water on my sweater from crying, she made everyone laugh literally out loud. Her one liners were all her; she was doing improv for pretty much the whole move. Recap: EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS. its not sappy but its sad, its hilarious, and it touches one important subjects.
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Loved it.
Irena6 January 2013
I must say, I expected completely different thing when I saw poster for this movie. However, it was not only better, but different than any other movie I watched recently. It shows how life is actually difficult for some teenagers, not those typical 'I am not prom queen, I'm so unpopular, nobody likes me, I want to get laid blah blah' stories. I really enjoyed acting, complete story is just amazing. I recommend everyone to see it, because it shows that there are far worse problems than wondering if you look good, or if you have boyfriend and other clichés that are mostly shown in teen movies. One more thing, previous review is obviously written by someone who does not appreciate Chris, and it is entirely wrong.
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Colfer definitely outdid himself
Abir Mohammad24 December 2012
Struck By Lightning was perfect on all levels, I can't believe how much I related to Carson; he is definitely one of my new favourite fictional characters ever. As an aspiring author myself, this film was so inspiring for me in terms of writing, it's really made me want to get out there and achieve my goals and not end up in a terrible life that I don't like. This film, although with the unrealistic storyline, was still so realistic on so many levels and I think this will remain a lifelong favourite of mine. Chris is so talented on so many levels.

I cannot wait for this to be released on DVD in this country so I can keep it forever.

As a big fan of his television show, Glee, I immediately fell in love with Chris and his character there. I also, as well as Kurt Hummel, identify myself with Carson so much. I am so glad that I saw this film.
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vitadrottningen14 July 2013
This movie was more than great. I can't really explain. It seemed strange in the beginning but then it all cleared. I'm a teenager myself and it's easy to feel what Criss want's me to feel. A quote from movie that really changed me, I think is "The thing i regret the most is waiting for life to begin". The reason why it made think a lot is because I do that. I wait for life begin. I don't live now, I wait say "when I get older I will..". But life is short and you can die in most unexpected ways ever. So from now on I will try to live and not wait for life to begin.

This movie really changed me, I really think.
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Struck by Lightning is funny with an unexpected start and ending
dalydj-918-25517526 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Starring and written by Chris Colfer, this film is a comedic reminder of how reputation is not everything and that some people who think about their futures might never reach it"

When actors decide to do something other then acting such as writing, directing or even producing it can either produce good results or really uncertain results. Carson Phillips (Chris Colfer) is just a normal mid western boy but even though he does not fit into high school so he spends most of his time thinking about his future and what he can do to reach these goals. His father Neal Phillips (Dermot Mulroney) is marrying another women while Carson lives with his mother Sheryl (Allison Janney) who he has to take care while also taking care of himself. In school he leads the writers club but when he wants to get into his dream college he black mails many of the students and teachers to help him write a literary magazine so he can get to his dream college.

The plot sounds simple but the unexpected twist is not a spoiler but in connection with the title of the film. The first thing we see is our main character get struck by lightning and die which makes the film a flashback on his life just before he died showing us all the ups and downs he went through to get help from so many people that did not like him much, Colfer wrote the screenplay and for a first time screenwriter I believe that he shows some promise especially since his writing was very moving I thought and just long enough to get me to care for the characters and film. The film may be based in a small town but the film does a good job at showing us some of the problems people in small towns might have especially Carson who seems to have so many problems himself but then everybody his life is problematic.

Chris Colfer plays the main character Carson and even though he is a knew actor this is his first big part on the screen and finally instead of being dramatic on a comedy show where he normally is out of place he gets to shine in this film because his natural dramatic acting is called for him to use in most of his scenes. Allison Janney plays Sheryl his mother and even though she mostly stays in the house she just about steals the film from everybody because she may be funny in some scenes she really gets the dramatic stuff and Janney always plays these characters well. Janney and Colfer also have great chemistry playing off each other so well. Rebel Wilson is in about ever other film and as usual she is a light spot of comedy in every scene she is in. The cast is much bigger then these three but the others do have quick small scenes. The standouts of the supporting cast are Polly Bergen, Christina Hendricks and Dermot Mulroney.

The film is small but moving at the same time especially since the character of Carson can be very unlikeable throughout the film. Some funny moments throughout but most of the film is dramatic. The consistent voice-over by Colfer did get annoying the more times it was because I felt that it was unneeded to explain nearly everything in the film for the audience.

MOVIE GRADE: B (MVP: Allison Janney)
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Chris Colfer is just brilliant.
barendbkj7 July 2013
Struck by Lightning hit me hard, it touched me, made me laugh and left me relieved when it was finished. I have to say it was actually Rebel Wilson that made me want to watch this movie. She's as always hilarious no matter what she does. Chris Colfer is definitely one of the best young actors in Hollywood today and i think that the idea he had with Struck By Lightning came through in the end. Its about not standing back and not to let others push you around. To do everything you can to ensure your future (it is after all survival of the fittest). You won't be wasting your time...if you're into teen movies this is a must see. If they keep making movies like this I think there'll be a bright future ahead.
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Uncommon but nice
melgarcia4014 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Albeit far from perfect, this is a nice little movie, with an uncommon script, fresh and very witty. Unfortunately, the movie feels too short, and sometimes suffers from its independent status, particularly in some of the camera work: in some scenes, it felt like we were missing reaction shots, or simply transitions inbetween scenes. I read reviews stating that Carson was a jerk, but I feel that part of these comments were derived from the fact that when we get to the story, Carson already has already been subjected for a long while to bullying, and therefore already hates everyone/is hated by everyone, and as we don't get to see what brought him to this mindset, the audience might not get why he acts the way he does towards his peers. Itseit as Clfer not wanting to delve into "Glee territory", where his character's bullying has been shown time and again, and preferred focusing the story on his main character's drive. Carson may appear to be a jerk, but he is just a kid who refuses to get jaded and to give up on what he believes in, despite having no support system at all. One particular part that felt short were Carson's classmates, who were not developed enough, which is probably the biggest flaw of the script. Particularly, we could have had more insight into what they had finally written for the magazine, and how they realized what it meant for them to finally express themselves. After all, it's Carson's biggest victory and accomplishment and what makes him happy right before he is struck by lightning, and it would have brought more depth to characters that were clichéd. It didn't need a lot more, but sincere movie in only 83 minutes, 10 to 15 minutes could have been allowed to deepen the characters. That is the main flaw to this script, which is otherwise engaging and refreshing when it comes to the high school setting. Generally speaking, Colfer did an awesome job at depicting a very dysfunctional family and Carson's general loneliness. This guy had literally no one to rely on or to confide in, between a runaway Dad, a senile Grandma and of course his Mum, too wrapped up in her past and own self pity to support him. In that sense, watching Carson's family life, you can understand his desire to get out of Clover and finally be fully who he is without being judged or put down. Carson's drive and strength to never back down for anyone was truly great to watch, for so many times people just deny who they are to conform with society's standards. One of the plus of this movie, apart from its unusual script, is its cast. All the parts with the adults and Carson's family were stellar, whether it was in their interactions or dialog or simply the acting. The interactions between Carson's mum and his dad's new wife were very good, Allison Janney and Christina Hendricks acted the hell out of them. Polly Bergen and Rebel Wilson were spot on too. As for Chris Colfer, well if there is any proof that he is not just "Kurt hummel from Glee", well here it is. Yes, the High School setting and the age of his character are the same as in Glee, but Carson has noting to do with Kurt: his voice, his posture, his demeanor, his attitude were nothing like Kurt's (except maybe in some instances in Season 1, where Kurt would be extra-snarky and a tad bitchy, which I miss). Carson was abrasive, never let anyone walk over himself, threw tantrums, shown very seldom moments of kindness (with his Grandma and Malerie). His best craft remains drama, particularly the scene where Carson just learned that he was accepted to NW but somehow didn't receive the letter, and he tells to the counselor, without even looking at her, that he never saw the ocean. In this instance, he totally conveyed just how crushed he was by these news and that, at this moment, nothing matters for his life was ended. Some comments seemed to say that they don't see the point in killing the character, and right away in the movie. I, in the contrary, thinks that it served 2 main goals: show that sometimes, it's not the goal that counts but the journey (Carson might die, but he dies happy and he succeeded in making his peers write), and also show that life is short and unfair: don't wait to achieve what you want to, and never stop trying.
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shalaunn23 June 2013
This Movie was Horrible, (read entire review) the ending made me cry non stop. my bf thought one of my family members died. I Really loved this movie I haven't cried that much from a movie since watching Les miserables. I was kidding about it being horrible. 2 thumbs up. absolutely fantastic. And as a Glee fan I loved seeing Chris Colfer be this smart ass writer. And Rebel Wilson Fantastic as always. But seriously I'm still sobbing as i write this. I knew he died in the beginning but after watching the sequence of events that lead up to it, I was heart broken. When Carson's(Chris Colfer) mother called his phone repeatedly after the news of his death i yelled at the screen telling her to stop. because it was too painful for her to call and get no response time after time. Devastating lost
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Very Well Done!
checkitcheckitcheckitOUT21 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really love watching Chris in Glee, so when I heard that he was writing and starring in a movie, I was absolutely thrilled! However, I wasn't expecting a movie quite like this. I expected more of a Glee Club-style movie, but this...this was better!

In the very beginning when Carson is struck by lightning, I honestly didn't expected him to stay dead at the end. I loved the maturity of the movie, the teen themes, the writing - it was all so wonderful! If only we had more students in this world like Carson, I think high school problems wouldn't be so large.

Everyone should watch this movie!
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This movie was better than I imagined!
Lacy Curtis29 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was great! I'm so in love with it! It was funny, sad and in the end felt like a punch in the gut. It kinda left me sobbing. A mess.

I say this because, well, I'm sort of in love with Chris as it is and seeing him dead drove me nuts. It was weird.

One of the reasons I think I love this movie so much is because I relate to him a lot. His family is messed up, he lives in the middle of nowhere, and he's pretty much unwanted where-ever he goes. He's destined for bigger and better things and he intends on making it there. I'm not going to go into my own personal things because this is a review, but a lot of that relates to me.

I am a HUGE fan of Glee and an even bigger fan of Chris Colfer, and I loved this movie. I can't wait to buy it and keep it forever and ever and watch it all the time!
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I had different expectations for this movie, so it was a lot better on its second viewing.
Marie Land6 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was worried as I started watching it that I wouldn't be as affected by it as I was by the book. It all worked on me by the end of it though. I think the book did a lot more for Carson and the students and the movie did a lot more for his parents and April. ALLISON JANNEY WAS WONDERFUL. And Christina Hendricks - her side of the story was really missed in the book. So many different sides/themes were missed in the book, but the thoughts and build up in the book made the story feel longer. I think I would have liked the movie more if I hadn't had read the book because of that - I had different expectations for this movie, so it was a lot better on its second viewing.

Rebel Wilson, Sarah Hyland, and Ashley Rickards were great. Chris Colfer knocked it out of the park. Polly Bergen as Carson's grandma was amazing, as well. Angela Kinsey's character, the school counselor, was adorable and funny. Actually, the acting was pretty stellar all across the board, except for the one teacher at the beginning of the movie telling Carson what his essay was about. That was bad.

April and Sheryl were the best characters, and the best scenes were between Sheryl and Carson, in my opinion. The adult characters were written better and more fleshed out, which made the scenes with Carson's family on a different level than with the school scenes.

However, though the movie didn't have a lot on the kids Carson blackmailed, I prefer it to the book because the book had Carson too preachy to me when he apologized to the kids/gave them speeches/noticed Vicki cut herself/etc - things were spelled out too much. In the movie I loved that we weren't told how to feel about Carson or the other kids. He was shown as an unlikeable character (but I did really like him) and that his behavior towards his peers had consequences. Even if high school isn't forever, you still shouldn't treat that experience like it doesn't matter.

In the book, he and Malerie's relationship was better and he decided to listen to her more and be a better friend right before he died. He started to care about his peers instead of just looking down on them because they couldn't do what he could do. After he blows up at everyone when he tells them he's blackmailing them to enter his literary magazine, he turns around to talk to Malerie but realizes she had left too, like he couldn't stop himself from scaring her off, as well. I think having that scene in the movie would have helped Carson's character in the eyes of the viewer.

The revelation of Carson's positive energy in his death was more special to me in the book because it showed how he really changed and finally had a positive outlook on his life before he died. I'm sad Sheryl didn't say the line about how Carson was positive when he was struck in the movie, because that was the line that really made me love it and understand it. But this line was "the boy who flew" in the movie to me, so I still really loved how it ended. It still showed he had managed to accomplish things, and that he achieved his dream of getting into his college of choice even if he didn't get to go to it. The voice-over about needing dreams to take his time was very inspirational, and the last line before the credits with the rising music sealed the message.

It wasn't a perfect movie, but it was still pretty good. Watch it.
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shocked when I found out this is written by Chris Colfer
VALERIE Cheung16 February 2013
I had no expectation at all when I started the movie, all I knew was Kurt Hummel (I am a gleek!) played it. The movie is not excellent, but it won't make you fast forward it. The story is clever and inspiring. I love how I can see the different side from Chris Colfer can be (As I am a gleek, easy to make comparison.) Without the fancy clothes of Kurt, fierce diva mode-off Chris actually can leak out his acting talent, something we can't see often.

At last, the roller came up, written by Chris, I can't believe it, and had second thought, no wonder the plot and the attitude release a sense of freshness. I just love Chris more , not only his voice anymore.
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Couldn't even finish it
f_mino1216 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Chris Colfer please do not attempt script writing again because this movie is honestly just so out of place and awkward. I was bored to tears trying to get interested in this cliché high school movie but I couldn't finish it so this is a review of the first half. A lot of one liners just being said like they are first time actors in a high school production play. I didn't laugh once. His mother is a total unbelievable bitch. His mom is about 15-20 years older than his dad which made the casting people look like idiots. Then his dad has a younger girlfriend so in my head I am thinking, "does this man like older women or younger ones?" Wtf is the purpose of making a movie where you already know that he dies by getting stuck by lightning? Just so many flaws not even worth it to watch it just to make fun of it.
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liked the film
bradfordconnolly15 June 2015
I laughed quite a bit with the dialog.

Prior to viewing the credits my wife figured that Chris had written the script.

Having the grandmother, Polly Bergen, tell it like it is was refreshing. To be able to take dementia and put a positive spin was interesting. Allison Janney played the part especially "the look in the mirror" scene with Christina Hendricks.

I probably was more captivated due to my familiarity of the cast members from recent television programs.

I don't know if the Covair was a metaphor especially being a convertible-open to world. I did curse Ralph Nader.

The sound tracked worked some familiar,some fresh and relevant.

Overall good quality writing, acting and directing even if a lot of the story line is predictable.
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Enlightening, insightful, and a joy to watch from beginning to end
callanvass22 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
(Plot) Carson dies rather suddenly one day when he is struck by lightning. He decides to recount his life, and tell the tale of how he blackmailed his classmates into writing for his literary magazine.

Talk about a diamond in the rough! I expected a decent time waster, but not a movie that would move me in such a profound way. I usually don't like movies that reveal the ending right at the very beginning, but it actually worked out very well here. Chris Colfer's journey as Carson is alternately a joy to watch, and a little saddening to see what he has to endure. His ailing and mentally ill mother, an estranged Father, a grandmother with Alzheimer's, and being neglected by his classmates, I felt for him. Struck by Lightning also has instances of sharp humor with funny situations. Rebel Wilson provides a few of them with her performance. The friendship between her & Carson is a lot of fun to watch. A lot of us that went to high school find friends in strange places, and the friendship between the two felt very real to me. I also have to give credit to Alison Janney's terrific performance as the troubled Mother. Her character is pitiful at times, but I couldn't help but love her. She was just great. Colfer is the main reason this film works so incredibly well, though. It's his film, and he absolutely nails it. The irony is, High School can be eerily like this. Struck by Lightning is very perceptive that way. The finale is a bit of an emotional roller coaster, even though I knew what was coming because it was hinted strongly at the start. It still moved me very much. It reminded me that building character is far more vital than popularity

Final Thoughts: I may be praising this film a bit too much for some people, but It end up delighting me. It's criminally underrated, especially by IMDb users. This one should at least be in the 7.5 range. It truly is an excellent movie, and one of those gems that sneak up on you. I highly recommend it!

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Well done
guitarsinsteadofguns11 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was well done and actually brought tears to my eyes at the end. Some state that this was Cris Colfer's 'self-agenda' for gay rights and self-righteousness which is completely ridiculous. I would not classify this movie as a comedy in any way so don't go expecting that. The protagonist is sarcastic and pessimistic after all life has thrown at him, dealing with a bunch of cliché high school stereotypes which evey high school has. He hates stupidity, which any person with an IQ agrees. (If you don't agree, you should check your high school report cards)One of my favorite lines was

(Carson) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, why did I get a C on this? This is a great paper. (TEACHER) The assignment was to pick either evolution or creationism and provide background evidence as to why you believe that theory. (Carson) I know, I picked evolution. I said that it's obvious creatures can adapt to their environment because I no longer have the urge to throw things at students who believe in creationism. Right? Right?

The main character is witty, intelligent, and knows how to stand up for what he believes in. Someone wrote that his death in the movie was insignificant and the end would have been 'just as effective if he went off to college.' They missed the entire point of the movie. LIFE Doesn't WORK THAT WAY. Things don't always go as planned. Sh*t happens. Its how you deal with it that defines you as a person.

Strong message, great movie, great acting. I would definitely recommend this movie
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pretty decent
fournsik15 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It starts a little slow but overall,I like it.The casting is perfect and the everyone can relate.Everyone can remember the groups,clubs,and personalities.The blackmailing isn't done maliciously.The subject of divorce and how its handled in this film is done well and i think some kids could benefit here.I find the dialog between mother and son refreshing.Its what I think most teenagers would like to say to their parents and peers but don't.Spoiler:The float scene is my favorite,although short.Clever,comical,thoughtful,and entertaining. Nice soundtrack.Filming is a wee shaky. I wish I had the chance to see in big screen.Good job!
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A good start for Chris Colfer
djay78223 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I read the book first before I watched this movie on Netflix.

This movie is about a kid named Carson Phillips, a senior living in a small town trying to get into his dream school and being a journalist. He is trying to better his chances by starting a literary magazine. The thing is though, no one even cares about the high school newspaper he runs or the writing club he started. So, he starts blackmailing people to send in submissions.

I think that Chris Colfer gave himself the best dialogue than the rest of them. One weak point is that the other people that played the other students were just caricatures. Later on, some of them grew in their character. I'm glad that they dove into why Carson had this type of attitude like they did in the book. If they didn't, then Carson would have been an asshole for no reason whatsoever. So it is a good start for Chris Colfer and good thing that he branching out to other things. He is still young, so he has room to grow.
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A truly personal account
hannahrenee566 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Before I watched this movie I figured it would be a cheesy high school comedy. The title threw me, but I had only noticed the actors, that's how I came to the assumption. When the movie started off, I laughed at the unrealistic death by lightning. Blackmailing and all of those clichéd things mentioned previously, invoked "of course." How would a high school movie exist without all of that?

By the end I was shocked by how personal this movie was. Never before have I related to a character in a movie, but Carson Phillips brilliantly showed through. I had no expectations for his character, I'm not the biggest Chris Colfer fan, but his story helped me realize my own.

The power in the story not being happy, with marriages that are crumbled, people deceived, people abandoned, people grown old, it was all so realistic. There was such a beauty in the imperfection brought by this movie.

I ended up taking away needing to really live in the present, because all I have ever done was live in the future, want other people to care about issues, escape to some place I belong. It made me consider, what if I were to suddenly die without doing all I wanted? It was sad that Phillips didn't get to see his goals achieved. But he became happy.
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Excellent Movie that hits High School on the Head
Warning: Spoilers
To begin my review of Struck by Lightning, I'd like to point out that I am I current small town high school student, and therefore am only reviewing based on my personal experiences with jaded high school life, and am in no way trying to stereotype high school life.

Okay, now to the real stuff. This movie was excellent, it had me in tears at multiple points, and it was very well written. Chris Colfer certainly outdid himself, and from now on I will no longer think of him as the kid from Glee. The plot, though a little random, was well thought out and true to life and death. Death is often sudden, unexpected, and comes when no one wants it to, like the very quick death of Carson Phillips. It was a bit of a shock to see the main character die within the first ten minutes of the movie, but from then on its clear that this is not another cute happy ending high school romance. There's actually no romance at all, unless you count the scandalous flings used for blackmail. I've read reviews that hated on the main character using a gay relationship as blackmail, but I'd like to point out that in a small town like Clover it would be a gigantic scandal. I identified very strongly with Carson's character, he pretty much embodied the snarky thoughts we teenagers bury from our peers each day, I also loved the dynamics between his mom and his dad's new fiancée, even though Carson's mother is despicable and has you hating her right up until she mourns her son. I was expecting Rebel Wilson to be funnier, but most of the comedy came from Colfer. Wilson had a few good one liners in there also.

In short, I loved almost everything about this movie. It was true to life and a good representation of high school life without stupid romances between cliques involved. I fell in love with Carson's witty but sensitive empathy. He had me wanting to hug him for the entire last half of the movie. Anyone who sees the main character as selfish and hateful is obviously missing the entire point of the movie and watched it just so they could hate on it. I'll admit, Struck by Lightning is not the best movie ever, and it had its mistakes, but this film will hold it's place in my heart right next to The Breakfast Club.
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