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Single parents
jotix10023 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Sophie, a divorced woman having custody of her precocious thirteen years old, Louise, has to work in order to make ends meet. Gerard, a successful consultant for lawyers, has gone through the tragedy of seeing his wife die in Corcica while on vacation. He lives with his son Victor, who is the same age as Louise. One day, while taking Victor home, Gerard makes a quick turn, damaging a car. Being a decent man, he leaves his card for the owner of the damaged car to call him. That car, as fate has it, belonged to Sophie, who is shocked to see the door on the driver's side collapse as she and Louise are going home.

During a school outing, Louise and Victor meet. They become fast friends who communicate through text messages. Unknown to them, their single parents have contacted each other to settle the repairs. Sophie and Gerard meet to deal with the insurance forms needed. It becomes apparent they both like one another, not realizing their children are friends. One can see Gerard and Sophie will end falling in love.

There are problems along the way in the grown ups courtship, while the children enjoy each other, a sort of puppy love that becomes easy between them. Each child knows of the other one in their parent's lives, but not until almost the end of the story will all the parties come happily together.

A romantic comedy made for television, directed by Claire La Rochefoucauld. The subject is the modern fractured family with its complications when two adults fall in love and all things must be combined to make one unit. Emmanuelle Devos makes a charming Sophie. This actress never disappoints in any new vehicle she is seen. Jean-Pierre Lorit, who plays Gerard, gives a good performance. Eloise Parramore, seen as Louise shows promise, as well as Zacharie Chasseriaud, who is Victor.
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