Zero Dark Thirty (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

al qaeda osama bin laden
navy seal cia
terrorist torture
prisoner pakistan
interrogation intelligence analyst
spain american abroad
woman shot male tied up
manhunt shot through a door
shot to death kidney disease
ak 47 shot in the back
military drone controversial theory
islamabad pakistan body bag
controversy hero kills a woman
cia director year 2009
september 11 2001 raid
suspense terrorist plot
combat monkey
night vision goggles shot in the chest
reference to barack obama surveillance
spy suspected terrorist
satellite prison camp
terrorist group terrorism
phone booth assassination attempt
shootout exploding helicopter
wiretapping commando unit
sleep deprivation baghdad iraq
politics desert
blood on face langley virginia
explosion year 2011
van controversial
workaholic title directed by female
bucket humiliation
male rear nudity wig
blood military
character's point of view camera shot commando
dog london england
bondage area 51
exploding car woman crying
senator commando raid
death of osama bin laden obsession
espionage historical revisionism
strapped to a bomb undercover
war on terrorism post september 11 2001
false flag machine gun
f word cia agent
no title at beginning exploding bus
lamborghini lies
subtitled scene poland
undercover agent gunfight
pistol no opening credits
punched in the face dead woman with eyes open
female spy tear on cheek
shot in the forehead cigarette smoking
exploding body political subtext
mercenary intelligence agent
paris france helicopter
aircraft carrier soldier
suicide bomber waterboarding
terrorist bombing silencer
suv stealth aircraft
shot in the head assassination
hotel character repeating someone else's dialogue
assault rifle commando mission
special forces mossad
street shootout nightclub
female agent year 2003
night vision terrorist attack
year 2005 helicopter crash
death of friend

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