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One of the best series online!
dannyusf12 January 2011
This series reaches out to more people who like zombie movies or video games. I am not a big zombie movie fan, but after watching this series it made me want to watch some with friends. I have seen a lot of really good online series on youtube and other websites, and this is brilliantly done! You can see the future of cinematography starting to catch on with online series videos now. This series is hilarious, great action, cool characters and zombies! I recommend this series for anyone younger than 30 or so who could understand some of the common jokes said in this series. But it is really well made and awesome! Be sure to check it out on youtube and can't wait for the next episode in January!
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Jonathan Sud13 February 2011
This series is extremely well made for season one. The acting was solid, the writing really fit the audience's sense of humor, and the production value was great for a low budget.

I for one, am not really into the whole "zombie apocalypse" type of story. I usually always doze off or leave the theater in a ticked off mood. I like that I was actually able to get into this series.

The only problem with this series, is that it only had 6 episodes, therefore, seeming a bit rushed at times. Overall though, it was highly enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to season 2!

  • Jonathan Sud
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I play video games, I will survive.
Jeremiah Kelly15 February 2011
Straight up, Hands down, all around one of the best compilations of Zombie Apocalypse's out there. Speaking as a Die Hard Video Gamer, I busted a gut and nearly fell out of my computer chair laughing my ass off at this mini-series. If you have ever played a Zombie Video Game then you will have the best 40 or so minutes of staring at a screen, that isn't a game. Although I believe this is still in the works, and they are supposedly working on a finishing the season or working on a next one. The best thing that would happen to this mini-series is turning it into a movie. I could fill 25 hours of my day with watching these over and over. I just do not understand why they have not gone onto G4tv yet. All of your inner thoughts that you have had while playing a Zombie Video Game will come to light through these videos.
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this show is amazing
conor_sawyer13 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really loved the first season. and I can not wait for season 2. It may only count for one view on you tube. But behind the screen it is My whole family and I watching. after watching the first episode I went to the store and bought dead rising 2 for the x-box 360. This show is a funny witty show that is appropriate for all ages. .I loved the part when He chopped the zombies head off with the sign.

I can't wait for season 2 to come out I think that this could really be a break through for all of the wonderful actors and actresses. it really proves how far you tube has come .

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Skip this, very forgettable.
joseg319213 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I won't go too deep into this but this is a terrible show. For no second do I buy the premise that (spoiler alert) only video game players are capable of killing zombies because they take advice from video games and that (spoiler alert) at the end of season 2 the military takes orders from a bunch of misfits. I mean, come on, this is the real world and that just insults the intelligence of any human being. I also don't buy the romance that develops between Shawna and Jeff or the friendship that develops between Derrick and the rest of the group. Another thing that I found annoying was that the episodes were only 10 minutes give or take, this makes the story for each episode very forgettable and rushed.

I've seen shows on the internet that are very good but don't succeed because of the limited budget or limited exposure. This is a show that isn't good but has good exposure on Machinima, which targets mainly the video game crowd. Ultimately this show is cheesy, and I still don't understand if it's trying to embrace its "cheesiness" or take itself seriously. If it embraced its "cheesiness" I have a feeling I would be more entertained, but how do you make something cheesy in a zombie apocalypse which clearly touches upon the theme of life and death and survival?
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