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43 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

Don't waste your time, 'cus life is short

Author: rightwingisevil from United States
3 July 2011

In the very beginning, say, maybe 10 minutes, the movie seemed to be quite promising and I really thought at that moment, Bautista might pull through like Stone Austin or the 'Rock' to become the next WWE superstar turned movie star. But after ten minutes, I have realized that this was a very hollow boring movie due to a very weak elementary level screenplay so boring, so clichéd and so contrived. What I saw was a chain-smoking down-and-out ex-cop and ex-con who could not find a decent job after a 9 years sentence and was released from prison. So of course he became a mob's night club's doorman+bouncer+floor manager, got the authority to give credit to gambling loser. And of course, lousy things always happened to bad luck chain smoker, the night joint was robbed by a bunch of ....then, of course....then, "you lost my money on your watch, and my son was killed during your watch. I want you find out who did this, who killed my son and, I want my 300G back!" Wow, what a junior high school script. The only thing I liked in that movie is the leather coat that Bautista wore and some of the pretty night scenes of the city. That's all.

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36 out of 47 people found the following review useful:

A monotonous, emotionless, piece of cinema.

Author: dragons2607 from United States
2 July 2011

I'm not particularly a wrestling fan. However, there seems to be a growing trend introducing wrestlers to cinema. It's worked in the past for both Steve Austin and Dewayne Johnson, but it's not a set in stone formula.

This was not a flick that followed the formula of a successful action film. The plot moves quickly at the beginning, but then stops, takes a few sharp (and typical for this genre) turns. Stops, and then takes a few more wide turns before finally coming to a stop. For this being billed as an action/drama movie, it really doesn't have the characteristics of those.

The action and choreography is dull. Right down to it's core. I'd have rather them be too far out there than simply not enough, especially from a man like Bautista who has such a large physique, and a reputation in wrestling for being especially action-packed.

There were some cheesy moments with the action, as well. CGI rendered bullet holes, for instance - which I normally don't have a problem with if they're difficult to detect. However, these are laughably noticeable.

The acting was pretty atrocious for the most part. There were two saving graces: Amy Smart and Dominic Purcell (Danny Trejo's character doesn't have enough scenes to justify his role). Both Smart and Purcell played their parts very well. Their interaction with the main character is what you would expect for two seasoned actors talking to a dull brute.

Bautista cannot act. I'm sure he's excellent at tossing people around the ring and being overly intimidating (I have to admit, he is an incredibly large fellow). However - he should stick to the over dramatization of wrestling and leave acting to people who are actually good at it.

The plot was extremely cliché'. Nothing that I haven't seen before, this was just done much more poorly than previous renditions of the same story.

I'd suggest staying away from House of the Rising Sun.

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14 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Another attempt at a WWE wrestler to carry a movie. Better then some, but still not as good as The Rock. I say B-

Author: Tony Heck ( from United States
17 July 2011

"You find the men who murdered my son and bring them to me." After the club he works at gets robbed on his watch ex-cop Ray (Bautista) is told by the owners that it is up to him to find and retrieve the money and get the man who killed the owners son. When the clues he follows leads him to question everything he wonders who's side he is really working for. This movie surprised me a little. The main reason is that nine times out of ten movies with wrestlers as the main star are not that exciting. They seem fun and good for the first twenty minutes then really drag and become repetitive. This one is the opposite. The last twenty minutes in this one are good, the build up to them is a little slow. For a B-rate action movie starring a wrestler I have actually seen much worse. This is not a great movie, but it was much better then I expected it to be. I did feel that the fighting could have been better, being that Bautista is the lead actor. Overall, not a bad movie. Better then I expected. I give it a B-.

Would I watch again? - I don't think I will.

*Also try - Blood Out

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9 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Nothing to write home about in this lackluster crime thriller...

Author: Terry Roehrig II from United States
24 July 2011

Anytime you have a wrestler as the main star of a movie you're about to watch, it's best to watch it with lowered expectations. There have been a few that have broken out of the mold (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson comes to mind) but they have to start in pictures somewhere. Even "The Rock" had to star in TV movies before he got good enough to lead a movie with a respectable budget.

Ray (Bautista) is an ex-con and an ex-cop. He did five years in prison and the only person that would hire him for a job when he got out is Vinnie (Kanouse). He works as head of security for The House of the Rising Sun, a strip club that's also got a casino upstairs and a whorehouse above that. His ex-girlfriend, Jenny (Smart), wants to be his friend but he wants nothing to do with her because she moved on with her life while he was away. While working one night, the joint gets robbed and the owner's son is shot and killed. After a meeting with Vinnie, it is suggested by Tony (Purcell), Vinnie's right hand man, that Ray go looking for the robbers and shooter since he used to be a detective. Ray reluctantly agrees and goes to his ex-partner, Jimmy (Ark), to see if he can help him out. From there, the story gets all tangled up and twisted with backstabbing, dirty politics, shady deals, frame-ups and corrupt cops.

The story itself isn't too bad. It's pretty easy to follow and even if you get lost in the beginning, you'll be able to find the light at the end of the tunnel which will show you in which direction the story is headed. It's all been done before and there's nothing new. Bautista didn't do a horrid job as Ray, you can definitely see that he's not a polished professional, but he's not so bad that I wanted to turn it off either. Trejo's appearance in the film is basically an extended cameo and he's good as always but they really didn't give him much to work with. I'm not too sure why Amy Smart was cast -- the pairing of her character and Bautista's character seemed kind of off to me, like Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett kind of off. The only cast member that really stood out was Dominic Purcell, who gives the film's only solid performance. I think the worst actor in the film was Lyle Kanouse as Vinnie, I just didn't buy what he was selling.

The production vales are great, the way the story was presented was good, the acting was mediocre, so it's not a total loss. I had a real problem with the ending, though. I felt as if I was watching the series finale of The Sopranos. I certainly expected more, because the way they ended it made me mad at myself for even watching it in the first place. Sometimes I wonder if the actors even read the script all the way through first. Yeah, I know it's about the money and everything (everyone's gotta get a paycheck) -- but, honestly? You would think they would at least balk over the film's obvious glaring omissions. Or maybe not. What do I know... I'm just one of the people who blindly pay for DVDs throwing caution to the wind. I should really cut that out. More reviews at Final Grade: C-

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4 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Starts off interesting, then degenerates further as time goes on.

Author: Matt Kracht ( from New York
24 January 2013

The plot: After a violent heist, a dirty ex-cop/ex-con is tasked with recovering the stolen money and avenging the death of a mobster's son, only to face increasing pressure and suspicion from both the cops and mob.

While undeniably clichéd, the story had some real potential. The movie even starts off well, introducing all of the stereotypical characters that you expect to find in a traditional crime drama. Obviously, I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking or unique, but, for what it was, it looked like an above-average entry. Somewhere around the middle of the movie, however, they just give up and decide to hit every cliché they can, while half-heartedly shooting a bunch of boring action sequences.

The biggest problem is the fight choreography. When you cast a giant bruiser as your protagonist, people are going to have certain expectations. This movie does not meet them. There aren't enough fight scenes, and the few that do exist are terrible. None of them are believable. The action sequences suffer from similar problems.

The acting was alright. There are a few B movie veterans that you'll probably recognize. Dave Bautista, the star, gives a decent performance, but I can't really say that I see him going anywhere but direct-to-video action movies.

If you're a fan of gritty, urban crime drama/thriller/action movies, you might like this, but there are much better choices.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Man mountain meets iffy script and no fight choreography...

Author: Gladys_Pym from United Kingdom
18 July 2011

Well, I tried. I sat right thru 'til the end. For a while, I was OK with the script, and then, for a while, I thought it was the directing that made this pretty mediocre effort work. 'Til I saw him trying to sneak about, which made him look like a gorilla...

OK. Off the fence. It doesn't work. Reviews have said the first bit is slow - well, it is. Slow but pretty tight.

Then there's a long, (a really long), pause, then, well, it finishes.

And, well, it's really all down to casting. I mean, if it's not script (thin, but, well, OK), or direction, (transparent, after about 40 mins in), it's gonna be casting.

Danny Trejo. Lazy casting? Hmmm. You decide....

In the end, I was honestly looking forward to Craig Fairbrass being on screen, 'cos at least he can act... And I'm a Brit, and usually I think he's rubbish, but this time he took all the scenes he was in, which said, well, something...

So. Dave Bautista. Better than some ex WWF debuts, but learn to act, get a better fight coreog, and stop creeping around like a gorilla who filled his pants. Oh, and Amy Smart? (who did a passable job), she's tiny. A third your weight. I mean, what were you THINKING?

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7 out of 13 people found the following review useful:


Author: Oli from United Kingdom
20 July 2011

The major issue with this film is the script. Its awkward, flabby dialogue, when played out by already-mediocre actors, results in something that is painful to watch. People just don't talk to each other in the way this film portrays. Its story is (by design, it seems) completely predictable.

The sad thing is Bautista comes across as one of the better actors in this. I haven't seen any of his wrestling but I'd have the guess that his signature move was diving over a table to escape bullets.

You occasionally get some okay music (but this is a film, not an album) and the camera work and production values are generally pretty good. It looks and sounds like it should be a good film but it's really just a well-polished turd.

Avoid it. You won't get that 80 minutes back.

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Yeah, this was preeetty bad

Author: P.S. Paaskynen from Tornio, Finland
17 March 2017

OK, I knew that one cannot expect too much from a flick that headlines Dave Bautista, but the DVD was cheap and the cover suggested a tag team of him and Danny Trejo. And they had a few decent B-movie stars to back them up. It looked like uncomplicated fun.

Unfortunately, Trejo has no more than a cameo in this movie and plays virtually no role in the action at all. Bautista lacks the acting skills to carry the movie on his own, especially since the role does not exploit his considerable physical assets.

The title also put me on the wrong foot, leading me to think this might be a precursor to Badasses on the Bayou. Nope, a lifeless wronged-cop-gets-retribution flick is what I got. Too bad about my one Euro.

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Rather bland and devoid of thrills...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
9 January 2016

Well, "House of the Rising Sun" proves to be no grand thespian experience. I mean, just look at the cast ensemble, and you essentially know what you are in for.

The story is about former dirty police officer Ray who is now working security detail at an illegal casino and brothel. After a robbery Ray finds himself framed for the robbery and murder and must go to extreme lengths to clear his name.

It should be said that the movie is entertaining enough for what it was; a somewhat bland action movie that was running on autopilot and offering nothing to challenge the intellect of the audience.

Now, I mentioned that this is not a grand thespian experience earlier, and with names like Dave Bautista and Dominic Purcell at the lead, well, enough said. Bautista moves about with the grace of a bull in a China shop, and Dominic Purcells hair just gets taller and taller with each movie.

There were a couple of adequate action sequences here and there, but it was not sufficient to lift up the movie and bring it above mediocrity.

If you enjoy action movies, then your money is better spent elsewhere if you want a movie with just an ounce of content. However, if you enjoy pointless and predictable movies that are devoid of anything to stimulate your intellect, then by all means spend an hour and a half on "House of the Rising Sun".

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keep moving, nothing to see here

Author: toddg-473-289818
23 July 2014

Ex wrestler Dave Bautista has been cast as Ray, a former cop and now ex- con working security in a nightclub. After he gets blamed when the club is robbed, he sets out to clear his name by trying to prove the robbery was an inside job. The crooked family who owns the club is trying to pin the crime on Ray, leaving Ray with little time to avoid being framed and eventually killed.

Bautista should have stuck with wrestling, as his acting is flat, emotionless, and generally not believable. He looks like a useless meat head trying to get through his lines from the script while the rest of the actors slow down their pace so he can try and keep up. Even Amy Smart, who is usually pretty solid in her roles, is useless here. The one bright spot in the movie is actor Dominic Purcell, who plays Tony, part of the corrupt machine looking to take over the club's operations. I first watched Purcell in "Assault on Wall Street", and found his everyman character to be both understated and effective. But even he was limited in what he could do with such a weak script and weak leading actor.

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