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A marvelous movie.
His a wonderful, touching story, one that made me want to scoop up every kid I know who has a scrap of creative talent, and have them watch the film. Because Elmo's story is sweet -- but Clash's is nothing short of inspiring.
Being Elmo is a rare documentary that will connect across generations and cultures to delight viewers worldwide for years to come.
Though one gets a sense there is part of the story Marks isn't telling, we do pay attention to the man behind the curtain.
The most interesting part of this lively, likable documentary is the journey.
Backstage at the Muppet works, we see countless drawers filled with eyeballs, eyebrows, whiskers and wigs. It's the only world Kevin wanted to live in, and he made it.
A breezy account of a man whose obsession began early.
This Muppet virtuoso is so visibly thrilled to work in Henson's weird and wonderful world, and so good at bringing joy to little kids, you'd have to be a true Grouch not to be moved.
The most mesmerizing parts of the movie make up a tutorial about how the Muppets are made and moved.
The film is narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, who also shows up as an interviewee, and in a Sesame Street clip, which frankly feels odd. Worse: the script she has to work with is often lacklustre.
For any adult feeling overwhelmed by bad news and dark times, your antidote is right here.

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