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Delightful and funny
I have just fallen in love with this new delightful show... What a FUN show. The plot is familiar but well worked. Raven-Symoné is delightful to watch! Ever since her early days at the lovable The Cosby Show and on Disney's That's So Raven, I have loved her. There's also the splendid and super talented Loretta Devine, no further comments. And then there's Majandra Delfino, which I didn't know before but is a great actress and really funny and great match to Raven. It's amazing to see them acting together in a well-written comedy show. The rest of the cast is delivers interesting performances and I really want to get to know them all. The cultural references add a nice touch, but it's not overdone. The sets are lovable, costumes fun and well styled, dialogue witty and smart. It's fresh and fun, sweet and light, and the characters are really likable. Better than a lot of things I've seen from the big networks' fall lineup! I hope that they will be able to sustain their great start. I am not sure if it is being picked for more episodes, but I hope this show has a long run! This IS a must-watch for anyone looking for a great half hour of television!
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Loved this show, got excited every time a new one aired!
Davis P11 April 2015
This show should not have been cancelled!! People are too busy watching family guy and crap, and dissing quality shows like this! Raven Symone just has that perfect comedy they kills me every Time!! I Was a huge fan of That's so Raven, so as you can imagine, I was soo happy when I saw this advertised! Every character from Georgia to Aunt Honey made me laugh. I really wanted it buy the show on DVD since it was cancelled!! Every episode I was keeled over laughing!! I'm going to look into getting this on DVD, because it's just so hilarious, I couldn't recommend this funny sitcom more! Even if we don't get any more new episodes! 😭😭
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Sad this show was CANCELED !!!!
mammy920109 October 2011
We truly enjoyed this show as a family and I just don'T get it why it had to be canceled. It was cute like so many of the comedy shows from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Seems as though people prefer reality TV over a good laugh; something we could all use in this day and age.

The networks are always canceling the good shows, they did the same with The Defenders.

Times are really hard for our country and many just want to sit back relax and enjoy a good laugh, traveling into pretend land. I hope what I'm saying makes sense and it gets the attention of the big shots who canceled this great show.
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Sad to hear show is canceled
ebuslady8 November 2011
My family absolutely loves this show. We never saw it on ABC family, but caught the entire 12 episodes on Netflix. We love to see Raven Symone playing in a role as an adult. Majandra Delfino plays a fantastic nerd with a sense of humor. Loretta Devine is just as quick witted as ever. We really love her promiscuous character. Her performance as the smart allelic rich aunt, is hilarious. We even love her political comments pertaining to history and current events. Actually we like all the characters in the show. The innuendo is clever and hilarious at times. We were hoping it was continued. We would have definitely made it a habit to watch it in real time. Wish there were some way to make the network reconsider, or convince another network to pick up the show.
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Ravens back!
RaccoonCityCitizen14 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was so excited to see Raven's new show, I have been a fan of hers since That's So Raven on the Disney channel. She is a great actress who is both beautiful and funny and that is a rare quality in today's TV show/ movies.

State of Georgia is a show about Georgia(Raven)and her friend Jo(Majandra Delfino), who move to New York City to live with Georgia's Aunt Honey(Loretta Devine), Georgia has big dreams of becoming an actress. Meanwhile her and Jo work at a very upscale department store, and experience quirky casting calls, acting classes, yogurt huts, and physics classes. This show is side split-tingly hilarious and I hope to see a season 2.
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