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Confusing or not, okay to watch

Author: HallmarkMovieBuff from United States
23 December 2010

This reworking of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is pleasant, even interesting, but nothing most viewers would want to see more than once.

The "ghosts" in this incarnation of the tale are the main character's past and future selves, and her elfin guardian angel, Tom (Hugh O'Conor).

At this writing, there are some confusions in the public knowledge regarding this film.

1. Why does the IMDb data base list the USA as the film's country of origin, when all the actors are Irish?

2. Why does the IMDb one-line plot summary say, "A woman set to get married on Christmas Eve...," when the bride to be says in the movie's dialog that her wedding date will be December 26?

Confusions aside, the best way to understand this film is to watch it.

On the other hand, in an attempt maintain clarity, the principal character's three incarnations are given different nicknames for the three times in her life that appear in the film (and for the three actors that play her): Ellie (Lauren Coe), Ellen/Liz (Amy Huberman), and Beth (Fionnula Flanagan).

One thing that's not confusing, at least to this viewer, is the career potential for Lauren Coe, who plays young Ellie, and Ellen's ersatz assistant. Methinks that as she becomes more well-known, comparisons to Ellen Page will be inevitable.

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A quaint Christmas tale of a woman who swore to never love again

Author: troywhigham from USA
15 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like most made-for-TV holiday movies, this one is a generally harmless, family-oriented feel-good tale of what happens when people thoughtlessly swear to never love another person again.

Ellie is a young girl who, at the age of 12, is riding her bike home from her boyfriend's house when she witnesses her father kissing another woman on a bridge. Overcome with emotion, she shouts at a magic fountain that she will never love again, and blindly rides her bike across a street, where she is struck by a car.

Many years later, her guardian angel, who was forced to abandon her when she swore to never love again, is given a chance to save Dr. Ellen Kilcarten (as she is known now) from the miserable - but commercially successful - life that she is destined to live. But, he is given one stipulation: Dr. Ellen must not see him, feel him, or hear him. To get around this obstacle, the angel goes through Time to recruit 12-year-old "Ellie" and 62-year-old "Eleanor" to pose as Ellen's new assistant and a senior nurse (respectively) at Dr. Ellen's hospital.

What follows is a light-hearted tale of romance lost and found again, as the angel, Ellie, and Eleanor try to persuade Dr. Ellen to rekindle a romance with an old boyfriend (who is now an architect leading a renovation at the hospital where Dr. Ellen works) and find her true self that she had buried that fateful night when she swore to never fall in love again. Complicating things are her new boyfriend, a shrewd businessman looking to capitalize on Dr. Ellen's miracle formula for curing spinal injuries, whom Ellen thinks she is in love with and who she thinks loves her, too. She must also learn to forgive her father and reconcile with him before Christmas Eve. On top of this, she is slated to be wed to her boyfriend on Christmas Eve and has begun making preparations.

After a powerful pharmaceutical executive forces her to skip her wedding in favor of presenting her miracle formula to investors, she begins to slide down the slippery slope of favoring her career over her true self. As she is presenting her formula to a room full of the pharmaceutical company's executives, she announces that her research is too valuable to keep to herself and offers her research materials - and the formula - for free to whomever wants to continue to develop the serum. This renders the formula worthless to the pharmaceutical company, who had hoped to cash in on licensing rights to other companies. In the confrontation that follows, she realizes what her new boyfriend's motives for being with her really were and has an epiphany.

She goes home to her parent's house and tearfully tells her father why she had hated him for so long, and forgives him. He accepts her apology and admits his wrong-doing, and says he never stopped loving her mother.

We then see her being married to her first love, Bobby, in a beautiful spring-time ceremony months later.

Generally, the acting is good and the pacing is keen. Even the bit supporting actors do a good job in their roles, and you never really see the ending coming even though you pretty much can predict the outcome. It would be easy to make this movie sappier and "heavy on the schmaltz", but the producers dial it back before it gets too thick, which is almost a shame because a good cry is why some people watch these movies. You never really hate any of the characters - nobody is evil, they just have different agendas - and so you never really cheer for one possible outcome over another.

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Great Holiday Movie

Author: walker-helen1 from United Kingdom
22 February 2011

I really enjoyed this movie, perfect to watch with the family when I was home for the holidays. I thought a great cast, the always fantastic Fionnula Flanagan, Johnathan Rhyes Davies, Hugh O'Conor, Brendan Patricks and the young lead who plays Liz, Amy Huberman.

What more would you want than guardian angels helping out at Christmas? Especially when the lead character, Liz, has a wedding set for around the holidays to the wrong guy. Everyone else can see it but her. Lots of textures to this film, we see the lead in the past as Ellie,Lauren Coe, as she is in the present Liz, played by Amy Huberman and then in the future as Beth, played by Fionnula Flanagan.

I loved the romantic element of this movie, will Liz marry the wrong guy or Mr. Right? Then there is her family situation. Liz has never forgiven her father for having an affair, causing her parents to break up.

I thought a great Christmas movie and one I'd like to see next year!

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Interesting Chance Taking on A Christmas Carol

Author: Stanton67 from United States
18 August 2016

This film is not as bad as other reviewers have posted. It's not fantastic but it is worth watching. In this film a girl around Christmas witnesses her father having an affair. and it shatters her. She now goes through the motions of life without experiences of love and joy that life has to offer her.

Years after she witnesses her father affair her guardian angel is sent to show her the error her ways. She is now a successful doctor and getting married but is she happy?

If you see this popping up on TV don't avoid it. It has a message about "love" and "forgiving".

If you truly want to see a great version of "A Christmas Carol" then watch the 1938 Version with Reginald Owen as Scrooge. That film seems to get better with age.

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Utter tripe

Author: Chris Horry from Sanford, FL, USA
15 December 2010

I know that Hallmark have a very specific audience they are trying to reach, so please forgive me if I am biased by not being in their target demographic.

Basically, the movie is a retelling of A Christmas Carol (you know, Scrooge visited by 3 ghosts to help change his ways - Charles Dickens), only it's three Irish women (supposedly) and it's a Guardian Angel instead of a Ghost. I'm not really sure, but anyway.

Did it work? No it did not. The script was laughable, and aside from Fionnula Flanagan (this movie was far beneath her) the acting was awful. It was a good plot idea, but it fell flat. Dickens must be turning in his grave. We switched over to "Scrooged" half way, a much better reworking of Dicken's classic novel.

Hallmark have made it their business to do heartfelt uplifting movies every Christmas, what they lack is the ability. I think reruns of other classic movies in this genre would make much more sense at this time of year. There's many, many to choose from.

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