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Mayor of Margarita-ville

The buyers hit Norwalk in hope of finding hidden finds, while Darrell has his eyes on a higher prize. Mary comes overly prepared trying to prove she has staying power. Ivy changes gears and concentrates on collectables,...

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31 Aug. 2011
Unlocked #1: Buy Low
The cast and a few guests meet up in the abandoned Sahara casino in Las Vegas to talk about Storage Wars.
14 Sep. 2011
Unlocked: Sell High
The cast of Storage Wars return to the abandoned Sahara Casino in Las Vegas to share some inside secrets.
18 Mar. 2013
The Big Boy vs. The Heavyweight
The buyers meet up in La Habra, CA and run into "The King of Palmdale." Ivy Calvin, a former ultimate fighter gets into the ring and quickly goes toe to toe with Darrell. Jarrod and Brandi buy, and meet a nerd.
16 Apr. 2013
Auctioning for Dummies
It's an auction standoff in Stanton, CA. Darrell Sheets reemerges after scoring the biggest hit in Storage Wars history. Mark Balelo shows up with a custom made man purse full of money.
14 May 2013
Episode dated 14 May 2013
The buyers head to Inglewood, CA. Barry shows up with his motorcycle...and with plans to be triumphant. Herb and Mike find something that is music to their ears. Jarrod and Brandi use old tricks on the new buyers.
25 Jun. 2013
Episode dated 25 June 2013
The buyers head to Placentia, CA. Jarrod and Brandi find something that may tip the scales in their favor. Rene and Casey score with a locker full of luggage. Barry buys a unit that makes him question his place in the auction game.
1 Jul. 2014
Best of: The Blunders
The pressure is on for Darrell and Brandon to dial up some merchandise for their website. Ivy's exhaustion forces him to switch into robot mode, and Rene dresses for success. Meanwhile, Jarrod and Brandi have a "nice" new strategy... but will it work?
12 Aug. 2014
Episode dated 12 August 2014
At an auction in Montclair Ivy rakes in the dollar bills while Darrell keeps things old school and finds something that will launch him to new heights. Brandi worries Jarrod's hangover will get in the way of buying. And despite his fight with Laura, Dave just won't stay away and ends up hacking the competition.
19 Aug. 2014
Episode dated 19 August 2014
Jarrod and Brandi are determined not to let Dave distract them from a good score while Darrell wants to find out more about the elusive Mogul. Dave shows up with with even more bluster and Ivy uncovers a treasure that promises adventure on the high seas.
11 Nov. 2014
The Emperor of El Monte
The buyers welcome Rene and Casey back to the auctions with a healthy dose of badgering and competition. Dave heats things up and finds a piece of board game history. Jarrod and Brandi continue to struggle to get a locker and Darrell and Brandon show their moves outside of the auctions.
18 Nov. 2014
Darrell and Brandon return to the sight of their biggest score while the other buyers are focused on taking down the self-proclaimed "King of Montebello." Jarrod and Brandi land a locker that leads them to something called a "Herbmeister" and Rene and Casey score a potentially sweet unit.
18 Nov. 2014
My Little Brony
The buyers head south to Oceanside, CA. It's Rene's backyard and he intends to make the competition pay for coming to his territory. Darrell and Brandon fight for a unit that has a piece of cinematic history while Jarrod and Brandi discover that friendship can be magic, and profitable.
16 Dec. 2014
Christmas Special
In this special holiday episode, the buyers become givers as they head to Dan and Laura's house for a white elephant gift exchange! Even though the proceeds are going to charity, the buyers can't help but get ultra-competitive. Who will win? Who will lose? And most importantly...who knows the words to Jingle Bells?
6 Jan. 2015
North Hollywood Hustle
The buyers hit a vault auction in Huntington Beach where Dave decides to bring a few friends to help him out. Mary struggles to win a vault and keep her inexperience under wraps, while Rene gets wrapped up in a different way with a tough discovery.
20 Jan. 2015
Episode dated 20 January 2015
Jarrod and Brandi uncover a sweet locker; Mary looks for something more collectible.
27 Jan. 2015
Locker Mountain High
The auctions begin in Upland, CA., but Dan and Laura take the buyers on a wild ride to finish out the day. Ivy ends up with an eyeful and Mary buys early in hopes of treasure. Jarrod and Brandi along with Darrell and Brandon are forced to go deep into the high mountains for the hope of staying above water.
3 Feb. 2015
Dave gets in touch with his lighter side; Mary tries to add a touch of Texas to the festivities.
10 Feb. 2015
Episode dated 10 February 2015
Dan and Laura take the buyers back to Torrance for an auction that has them battling for the best unit of the day. Ivy changes up his game to stunning results and Brandi puts Jarrod on a harsh budget. Dave takes on Rene against every locker, but it remains to be seen who will come out with one of the best lockers in Storage Wars history.
17 Feb. 2015
Episode dated 17 February 2015
Bellflower, CA hosts an auction that has high stakes and big money finds. Ivy struggles through a bad buy to find something of value, while Dave tries to find trash among the treasure. Jarrod buys a unit that becomes a horror show for Brandi, who must face her fears to get a score.
1 Apr. 2015
Padian, P.I.
The auction goes back to Fontana, CA and the buyers come loaded for action. Ivy is excited to return to an area known for the items he needs, but Jarrod and Brandi must employ some sharp strategy to get a good locker. Darrel and Brandon are looking to score heavy which puts Mary at the bottom hoping for a top unit.
1 Apr. 2015
The Thrill of a Kitty and the Agony of Smoked Meat
Moreno Valley, CA, is known for great views and good finds. Darrell tries to smoke the competition and proves that sometimes treasure can look like trash. Mary struggles to wrangle information from the more experienced buyers, but Rene is not looking to share first place in the hunt for the best locker.
8 Apr. 2015
The Sweet Sniff of Success
The buyers head to West Covina, CA where everyone is vying to be top dog. Jarrod and Brandi bring an expert to sniff out the best lockers.
8 Apr. 2015
There Will Be Blood Money
Riverside, CA is the place to be for all the beautiful buyers... at least that's what Dan and Laura think. Mary hopes dialing up some luck will turn her rough day around. Rene doesn't need any luck, he's "just that good." Brandi does her best to stay positive for Jarrod, while Dave is out for blood.
29 Apr. 2015
Bozek Is My Spirit Animal
There are treasures for some and turmoil for others as the buyers face off in Lake Elsinore, CA. Dave arrives in a surprisingly good mood, but that doesn't stop him from causing trouble for everyone else. Rene and Jarrod go head to head on a series of great units while Ivy has to work hard in an unfamiliar area.
13 May 2015
Tinseltown Tussle
The stakes are high and the dollars get higher as the buyers attend a first class auction in Arcadia, CA. Dave targets Jarrod and Brandi and the sparks begin to fly. Ivy strikes early in hope of landing a solid unit, but the bids quickly reach well into the thousands leaving Mary struggling to keep up.
25 Aug. 2015
Auctions and Allies
The buyers return to Koreatown for an auction near the heart of Los Angeles. In order to score a good locker, Brandi is forced to keep an eye out for more shenanigans from Jarrod. Ivy and Mary form an unexpected alliance, while Rene goes locker crazy and buys units that may not pay out.
6 Oct. 2015
Palm Springs Throwdown
The buyers head to Palm Springs where more than the prices get hot under the desert sun. Ivy brings his game with his sights set on a high roller locker, while Rene tries to play it cool despite the high temperatures. Mary holds her own against the competition and the desert heat gets the better of Dan and Dave as tempers flare.
13 Oct. 2015
School of Hard Knock Knocks
A tough start in Santa Ana leads to a long day as the buyers hit a second auction in Hawaiian Gardens in hopes of finding a great locker. Ivy tries to keep his spirits up despite feeling under the weather while Darrell and Brandon are excited to steal treasure from Dave's backyard. Mary tries to stay on budget and some new faces bring more competition.
3 Nov. 2015
Mayor of Margarita-ville
The buyers hit Norwalk in hope of finding hidden finds, while Darrell has his eyes on a higher prize. Mary comes overly prepared trying to prove she has staying power. Ivy changes gears and concentrates on collectables, and Darrell hatches a plan that could take him out of the storage auction game for good.

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