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Ryan HIga
Mariam Hirsi25 February 2011
This movie is HILARIOUS! One of the few movies that actually makes me laugh out loud! I absolute love RYAN, he's a seriously funny guy! This was recommended to me by my friends, and I was a bit skeptical, but I gave it a try and fell in love with it! I watch this all the time and I never get bored! If you haven't already heard of Ryan Higa, go check him out on Youtube, his videos are just as hilarious as this movie! Arden Cho (who plays Taylor) is a very good actor and had me in stitches! This movie is relatively short, so it doesn't take a lot of time to watch although it is completely worth it!
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visually appealing
John Baek26 December 2016
No consideration at all. Perfect 10 out of 10. Why? Several reasons.

1. Ryan Higa is hilarious. He over-exaggerates sarcasm, he's actually an OK actor, the puns are rampant. 2. Arden Cho is hot. Every time she's on screen (which is most of the time) I can't look away, to be honest. 3. Gives an uncanny look into the lives of the undercover, socially unfamiliar secret agents that have to infiltrate teenage worlds like what we call high school. 4. Only 30 or so minutes. Easy to watch in one sitting/lying down.

If you like this video, be sure to check out Higa's other videos on his YouTube channel. He's absolutely hilarious and often makes fun of stereotypes and common trends that plague the media and society.
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It wasn't that much funny!
Hasan Renkal25 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I like Nigahiga, they make funny videos like ShamWOOHOO and How to be series but i didn't like their own short movie. It's about a ASS agent(Agent of Secret Stuff) who begins high school and meets a girl who he is getting a crush on. The movie can be entertaining and nice jokes but it was sometimes not so funny and the part i liked the where Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla(Smosh) appeared. I didn't like the ending and i didn't like the fight. But Ryan Higa knows how to do a movie and should write a script to a 1-2 hour long movie and release it in theaters. But Agent of Secret Stuffs didn't make a success for me and sorry but i didn't like so much. But i liked a little but not much like 10 star or 5/5 star movie.

Agent of Secret Stuff can be a good movie for most of the people but it didn't make a good movie for me. I'm not complaining because its 30 minutes or something. Its because it just give me a boring feeling and they should do more action things like gun violence but it's a little good that they didn't use it to shoot each other.

5/10 Ryan Higa first movie makes a success for some but not for me!
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Agents of try-hard comedy
filmreviews@web.de14 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is "Agents of Secret Stuff" and the title of this 35-minute film is already a giveaway that this has some dramatic moments, some spy action, bad guys, but it is mostly comedy with an ounce of love story, almost exclusively comedy if you take a close look. The film is written and directed by Wesley Chan, Ted Fu and Philip Wang, also written by Ryan Higa, who plays the main character as well. This film is a bit of an internet sensation having millions of millions of clicks on Youtube. Sadly, it becomes obvious that the guys who made this aren't professionals. I am not talking about the video quality here, this aspect is perfectly fine. But the story is kinda ridiculous in a negative way and it's never an exciting or funny watch. The dialogs are especially bad and many parts really seem only to be written in order to make a comedic impact instead of being genuinely funny. Underwhelming little movie. Thumbs down.
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