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My feelings towards the show
foofsy7510 May 2011
I absolutely love Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne, its such a nice story, with brilliant acting. A must watch to all the readers. Beren Saat and Engin Akurik have great chemistry. Thats what i love about it the most. All the other actors fit their roles perfectly, I really wouldn't change a thing about the show. I want to applaud the director, producer and writers as well as the actors. Anyone who has watched has become hooked to it instantly. Keep up the good work and hope the story progresses nicely and will not end up disappointing us. Its starts off in beautiful Izmir, A beautiful tourist destination. I know where I'm going next. The story basically revolves around Fatmagul, Kerim and their family and friends. How hate turns to love and love turns to hate. Watch it before i say more, don't want to give too much away.
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zarmena16 February 2013
As someone who has recently started watching Turkish shows, I couldn't help but wonder why Ask-i-Memnu has a higher rating on IMDb than Fatmagul considering that this story is not only realistic, but also the story of a plethora of women around the world. But when I saw the breakdown of votes by gender and age, it was no surprise to me that a lot of young males seemed to have given this show poor ratings. Of course! It's not as saucy or racy as shows like Ask-i-memnu, and the story probably hits home, too. Firstly, Beren Saat is a fantastic actress. Give her any role, and she'll give the best performance one could expect from an actress. Secondly, it is good to see a show based around a story that is more common in real life than people like to think. Sure, the novel may have had a different story, and I can understand why that would cause people to downgrade the show, but it still doesn't justify poor ratings. Fatmagul reminds me of the real life story of Mukhtara Mai, a Pakistani rape victim. I suggest that readers research on her story before watching Fatmagul.

Other than the above, I LOVED the beautiful views of Turkey. LOVED all the characters - villains and heroes. And I specifically adored the character of Rahimi (Bulent Seyran). 10/10
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one of most exciting and romantic drama ever
Morteza Sheikhsofla8 January 2015
This was the first time I followed each seconds of a Turkish drama till the end. probably there were so many nights I didn't sleep because of the excitement this drama brought to me. Engin and Beren played marvelously indeed in such a way that you couldn't skip any of the seconds of the episodes. honestly I am an addict of Korean Dramas and I thought there would be no other countries that can compete with Korea in producing this mass of emotional and exciting dramas. but after watching Fatmagul I can surely say that Turkish dramas are more interesting for me. They beautifully represents the nature of life in the middle east.
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Beautiful story and acting
shilpabille27 May 2013
I am not big fan of series and hardly have patience to sit through all and watch them. One day while surfing somehow I came across this serial on Youtube and was totally hooked. I should thank the English translators because i do not understand one single word they were saying but translations were brilliant and it made things very easy for me.

The way this series is carried is really awesome. I loved Beren and Kerim. There acting and chemistry is worth praising. The scenic beauty of Istanbul is mesmerizing. Music is really good.

Overall i will give 10 for this show.

Plot - Fatmagul who is engaged to her childhood lover Mustafa is raped by 3 rich kids in presence of Kerim under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Rich kids in an attempt to avoid charges pursue Kerim to marry Fatmagul. Since Mustafa is looking for revenge Kerim and Fatmagul leave there hometown and come to Istanbul where they get married. In Instanbul Kerim tries to settle Fatmagul with her naive brother and nagging sister in law. He intend to divorce her and go abroad and starts doing preparations for same. Before going he transfer all the money which is been given to him to keep quiet and marry Fatmagul so she is financially settled. Meryem who is sister to Kerim also comes to Istanbul after Mustafa ransack her house searching for Kerim to take his revenge. In Instanbul Kerim realize he cannot leave and divorce Fatmagul as he is falling for her. He stays back and bear the consequences of his action. To gain Fatmagul's trust he hand over himself to police and file the incident. From here Fatmagul's fight for justice and Kerim's unconditional love for Fatmagul is shown. We have characters like Kadir and Omer who are lawyers who later on join the fight.

Overall this serial had good story line, characters and acting. The way it was carried you can feel Fatmaguls pain as well her persistence to earn respect. It shows her full journey from simple village girl - rape - marriage - gaining confidence - struggle for independence - letting go of her old love - falling in love with Kerim - Psychological development - marriage - fight for justice - her future plans.

I will definitely recommend this to everyone. You can find English translations on youtube - fatmagulsucunedotcom. You can use this link on amaradotorg and you will get your English translations.
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Astounding acting!
m sh24 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was really shocked when I saw its low rating so I decided to sign up to IMDb and post my own review. Although I'm not a fan of Turkish drama, the acting in this series is remarkable especially that of Engin Akyurek and Beren Saat. Critics would say it's not ethical/right/realistic for a rape victim to fall in love with a drunk man who witnessed her rape... But on the other side we as viewers observe Fatma's long journey into recovery which brings hope for other rape victims out there. We see Fatma's struggles... we see Kerem's support... and at the end we see Fatma's victory and inspiration to other rape victims.. Again the acting is amazing! Engin Akyurek is a very talented actor; he is very much engaged in the acting that we feel he's not acting but he is very much the character he plays. The way he expresses the agony of Kerem's heart and the way his tears fall make us mesmerized in this series!
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outstanding acting and great story
shikhakumarisinha16 July 2016
It is recently started in India and after seeing the first few episode , I'm just hooked up with this show. The story of Fatmagul is really good and the way it presents to the audience is brilliant .The acting of each one is outstanding .Beren Saat has wonderfully shown the agony of a rape victim . Engin Akyurek has really done a great acting. The chemistry between them is really awesome and I just love to watch them together. By seeing his acting, I have just become the fan of Engin Akyurek. The show also shows us the beauty of Turkey . I am also thankful to ZINDAGI channel for showing us this Turkish show. It's a wonderful show and it became hit in many countries and it will surely be a blockbuster show in India.
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It was meant to be....
Turkishdizi lover16 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It's a fictional story written by one of famous Turkish script writers Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu. Anyone who is familiar with their past shows will at first find this show very different from what they've ever written before but this doesn't last long as you go through half way of the show. The story is an adaption of a novel which is usually what they do and give their own twists by adding more characters and plots some of which are totally irrelevant to the storyline.

The story is mainly about Fatmagul and Kerim. Kerim who is a naive young man with profession of blacksmith from the same village of Fatmagul who is also naive and engaged to her childhood friend Mustafa They both grow together from the tragedy their lives and those people that surround them. For me this story ismore about meant to be with your love rather than that of "rape". Rape shows are written with much more given thoughts which you'll find lacking in this show however one could argue that Season 1 is somewhat closer to reality. Before the night of tragedy Kerim and Fatmagul meet 3 times (the reason why I believe it's a love story) and a particular close account makes Kerim fall in love with her at first sight (if you don't believe in love at first sight this actor Engin Akyurek will make you think twice about love at first sight) however he doesn't realise this until an event which I will not talk about but leave for you to enjoy.

The interesting part is both leads suffer from similar past: parenthood. Fatmagul is brought up by her abusive sister-in law and hence sees her marriage to Mustafa as an escape from her evil sister. You'll find that Fatmagul isn't in love with Mustafa in particular as much as she loves the idea of having her own things for the first time and her freedom to live away from her sister in law perhaps this is the reason that she falls in love with Kerim within 3 months of her tragedy,(we're never exactly told in the show when Fatmagul falls in love with Kerim but she later on hints from where the viewer can guess) a man who is much different to what she has come across before and shows her what true love and patience is and earns the right to be forgiven.Kerim whom you'll find very different from typical village men has somewhat liberal ideas and hangs around with his rich troublesome friends whenever they visit the town who will be the reason of his downfall. Even though Fatmagul is supposed to be main victim for me Kerim is the second biggest victim amongst others in the show.

Even though this show is 2 seasons the first season is the best in terms of direction to co-ordination of scenes with impressive script about hope,forgiveness, patience and curing through love but in season 2 you would want to rip your hair out as you'll have enough at one point of Fatmagul. Fatmagul becomes very cold halfway through season 2 and Kerim becomes somewhat a very weak character, always saying sorries and thanks. You'll not enjoy Fatmagul sympathizing and crying over Mustafa most of the time when Kerim is hardly ever shown love and care in return from her even when she confesses he's the only one for her and the one she loves, she only seems to show love when she has a fear of loosing him.

The script of season 2 is very confusing and has no pattern whatsoever. There are so many empty episodes with empty plots where the mainleads hardly ever have any communication. You'll find many scenes of Kerim-fatmagul badly edited or not finished whilst the character Mustafa whom I didn't like neither sympathized with and the Yasrans (the family of rapists) with the best direction, music and interesting script.In terms of acting almost everyone did an excellent job except I'm not a fan of Firat Celik who plays the role of Mustafa perhaps because he was forced on me all the time as a viewer to be liked. I wasn't a Beren Saat or Engin Akyurek fan before this show and you'll enjoy Beren Saat who is playing the role of Fatmagul most of season 1 and half of season 2 however it seems the non-sensible script in season 2 gets to her and she lacks the passion that you'll enjoy in season 1. You'll be left with wonder many times with her empty expressions what she meant but she's a beauty even when they gave her horrible make up. Funny enough Fatmagul has very good clothing and hair in season 1 when she's supposed to be suffering from her trauma but in season 2 her clothes are very miserable and this is something that the team should've paid attention to. Beren Saat is a very good actress actually one of the best in Turkey so her lack in passion in season 2 left me with bittersweet taste from her. I'm not sure if I would watch her show again but I would love for her to work with Engin again.As for Engin Akyurek well he was the reason that continued to make me watch the whole show because frankly I would've given up the show in season 2 if he wasn't giving his 100% throughout. He's a very handsome man a dark knight whose facial expressions do all the work and mark my words...you'll be jealous of his hair.

You'll like this show also because of the sizzling chemistry between Beren Saat and Engin Akyurek to the point wanting them to be together in real life.You would watch and repeat their scenes especially how Kerim gently kisses her hands throughout the show.The story left me with the thought they (Fatmagul and Kerim) were meant to be together hope it will do the same for you :).
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the acting is good
pitirkurt15 October 2011
This series is based on a story of Turkish author Vedat Turkali, which was also filmed in 80s. The film was a very touching story of an eye- catching, beautiful girl, Fatmagul, who has no family but his too-naive older brother. Unfortunately, the story starts when Fatmagul gets raped by 4 men. 3 of these men are spoilt rich kids and the other is a local boy, Kerim. The law, stupidly enough, forgives the act of rape if one of the rapers marries with the victim. So, the rich kids get rid of their crime by persuading Kerim to marry Fatmagul. After the two marry, the trio walks free and leave the town. Kerim gets frustrated, because he is the one who's left with a wife he does not want. He beats Fatmagül, who miscarries a baby because of this. But Fatmagul has nowhere to go, no one to trust, and she has no option but accept and love her husband. This was the story of how two people, desperate in their own ways, bound together and start loving each other, a story built on despair and hopelessness.

However, this new series is a somehow modernized version and I miss the old adaptation's "reality". In this version Kerim is portrayed as a passionate lover who is too good to be true. Fatmagul is a strong character, she does not love but hate Kerim, refusing to accept him as a husband. Also there are newly introduced characters such as Fatmagul's fiancé, who dumps her immediately after the rape, Fatmagul's sister in law, a sly and unreliable housewife, Ebe Nine; the woman who raised Kerim, now the biggest supporter for Fatmagul. And the villains, the other 3 rapers are introduced with their relatives and the events turn out to be a war between Fatmagul-Kerim, and them.

This series is not genuine, lack a sense of reality because in real life things does not happen this way. The acting is really good, especially Kerim- Engin Akyurek is great. I wish the characters were presented realistically enough.. This would have been a great series then.
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Sublime drama, worthy of a best-seller
Ivan Pereira28 September 2014
Fatmagul i'ts a sublime romantic and drama story, not for the average Hollywood viewer. It's a story that shows the difference of the culture of Turkish and all the Muslim countries about what it's considered ethical and moral, the importance of the honor and reveals a social and cultural problem of the country about the woman abuse.

The cast, the music, the plot, the teachings that this story leaves you, that small decisions can change your life, that everything with love and patience is possible... It's just amazing, sublime. I recommend this novel to anyone that want to see a story full of drama, love, action, good starring, music, beautiful scenery and a lot of teachings, if you are someone smart, if you appreciate the good cinema, you will not regret, trust me.

PD: Sorry for my English, i speak Spanish. Blessings
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Does anybody else think that this movie is completely idiotic and a total insult to women worldwide?
Warning: Spoilers
Here is my answer – I do.


So a beautiful innocent village girl is gang-raped by four men in the very first episode (a couple of whom happen to be the sons of rich families) and she'll fall in love with one of them later on? OK, the man she'll fall in love with did not physically rape her – he just watched the others rape her and laugh at her as she cried and when his turn came, the only thing that stopped him from doing the same was … that he was too drunk.

Maybe it's only me, but I think you should be a terrible retard to eventually fall in love with anyone who watched his friends rape you and didn't move a finger to save you AND you must be a terrible retard to become a huge fan of such a story and find this setup even remotely romantic or exciting.

I can't believe that the so-called "love story" of Fatmagul (the rape victim) and Kerim (the one who didn't rape her but didn't help her either) has such a huge following. As far as I know, no normal sane woman can fall in love with someone who is even remotely complicit in her rape. I have no idea what the authors are trying to tell us but as far as I'm concerned, this movie's message is not healthy at all and is a profound insult to women's intelligence.

Now, other women who live for seeing "What is the fault of Fatmagul?" every night can strongly disagree with me, but every sane woman will see something abnormal about the authors' decision to make the heroine fall in love with anyone who was a part of her life-changing tragedy.

Beren Saat (the leading actress who plays Fatmagul) is a devastatingly pretty woman but that seems to be the movie's only saving grace. Also, the fact that the title is "What is the fault of Fatmagul?" somehow leaves a bitter taste in my mouth - am I to understand that there are people in Turkey who still need to be convinced that a victim of a brutal rape has no fault at all?

And … rather than turning their backs to this highly improbable, extremely contrived plot, many viewers worldwide can't wait to see the next chapter of Fatmagul's and Kerim's so-called "romance".

That's sick.

End of story.

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dertsizis6 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Writer want to tell rape victim and women rights. But Rape victim falls love rape witness. How? This is literally Stockholm syndrome. Is this message for women rights? Rape witness who didn't anything and rapist is same thing for me. This is romantic for writer.

Also original version 1980 as Hulya Avsar Fatmagul is erotic story. A rape victim falls love her rapist. A woman take a beating and raped. But She falls love rapist. This is disgusting for women rights.

Yes Actors is good. Yes. Series show that rape isn't about status. Rich people can do illegal. They cloacks crime. Mothers of rapists, fiances of rapist and rape victim are interesting for me. Their attitude are important.
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Discrase to woman
Rita_Z21 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I only watched this because I wanted to know how turkey is and how there customs are , I am very ashamed with what I saw , not only the fiancé banned her because she was raped , she falls in love with one of them , he did not actually rape her but he was there watching - how perverted can that be- and married him !! It is disgusting , offensive and misogynist, I really don't know what the series is trying to tell us the only thing I understand that woman in Turkey are treated that way and nobody helps them.In some parts the acting is really bad I start laughing especially with the crying and the facial morphisms of "Kerim" the actor is trying to hard...
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Starts strong...but ends with narrow focus & lost path.
PaulVilla20 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When I began watching, I did not understand the low IMDb rating of 5/10. But now I am near the end, and I believe this rating is actually perfect. The first half deserves 10/10. The second half deserves 0/10. I will explain this in an intelligent & philosophical manner.

The show starts very strong. It's beautifully made & paced soap opera. The characters are not cartoons, they have their own thoughts, concerns, and emotions. You will see even the "bad guys" behaving realistically, making jokes & pining for love. I appreciate all of this.

But as the later half of the series unfolds, the focus of the show becomes more narrow. It begins to obsess over the relationship of Fatmagul & Kerim. This begins to eat up the majority of the screen time, and all the other (more interesting) story lines & characters are damaged as a result.

There is nothing wrong with the show evolving from suspense to romance. But the problem is that the relationship being focused on is completely ABSURD.

From the very first episode, you see that Kerim & his friends are the reason for Fatmagul's ruin. They keep pursuing her, despite the fact that she is completely resistive. They don't know anything about her, except for the fact that she is physically beautiful. Their obsession with her physical beauty culminates in her rape.

By contrast, it is important to understand one important philosophical point. From the start, there is one man who actually has a genuine relationship with Fatmagul. They meet each other, and begin their relationship...long before her "physical beauty" is even a consideration. His name is Mustafa.

If Fatmagul should evolve into a love story, the one that makes the most sense is the reconciliation of Mustafa & Fatmagul. How do they rebuild trust? Do they grow from innocent love into something more mature?

Instead, the show presents the absurd spectacle of Kerim constantly apologizing & demanding Fatmagul's love. Kerim's involvement & instigation of her rape is presented as something "in the past". His ritual of apology & running errands for Fatmagul eventually breaks her inner defenses, until she accepts him as a lover. HOW ROMANTIC!

This is a very sad end for the show. I hope this show is re-made in the future. Writers should study the beautiful & exciting first half, but correct the bad mistakes of the last half. The show should end in a more realistic & philosophically poignant manner.
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A total insult to women worldwide
virgulillaes6 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I totally agree with realitycheck-673-809680, dertsizis, Rita_Z this show is unhealthy. A beautiful innocent village girl is gang-raped by four men in the very first episode and she'll fall in love with one of them later on? The man she'll fall in love with did not physically rape her he just watched the others rape her and laugh at her as she cried and never move a finger to stop them or to help her. And she´ll fall in love with him? Seriously? You have to be kidding me! You should be a terrible retard to eventually fall in love with anyone who watched his friends rape you and didn't move a finger to save you AND you must be a terrible retard to become a huge fan of such a story and find this setup even remotely romantic or exciting. It is disgusting , offensive and misogynist.
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Was not connected to realistic.
snehal-6607823 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If I was from Turkey I wouldn't watched this serial because I'd know that they're ultimately and purposely going to show love story of leading pair and for that they shown Mustafa as a villain.Many misunderstanding created between Mustafa&Fatmagul purposely so that story can go ahead and Kerim will get Fatmagul and Fatmagul without using her brain fall in love with Kerim who watched her being raped and didn't save her.He's drunk and took drug,he don't rape but watching his 3 friends raping her,did nothing to save her how can it possible and Fatmagul forgive him,any sane woman won't do that.In starting when Fatmagul was in police station now here in reality someone is getting chance she'll tell reality to police about rape incident and to clear misunderstanding happen to Mustafa but Fatmagul never did that,this was done deliberately to show twist and turn.She always took Mustafa name,for him she married Kerim because he shouldn't go to jail after killing Kerim,but in reality no sane woman will marry for her lover,she's raped,she's in trouble,she needs him,instead of helping her if he's doubting on her,she'd say by marrying Kerim I'm turning doubt into proof for Mustafa that I was actually having affair with Kerim while I was engaged with Mustafa.Kerim knows that Fatmagul married him to save Mustafa,Kerim also said the same thing afterward but in returned when Fatmagul was in love with Kerim she say Mustafa was going to kill Kerim,now she forgot why she married Kerim or she always wanted to marry Kerim since she saw him upstairs where they came face to face where Vural was also standing but she couldn't do anything because she was engaged with Mustafa,Kerim wasn't giving her way to go when Kerim&Vural were upstairs,now here no decent man will stop any woman way and after that again finding her alone,stopping her,asking useless questions in function.Kerim always took advantages of this when he came to know Fatmagul isn't now interested in Mustafa,he said he won't divorce her,after that when Fatmagul throw scarf in water he brought rings,he say Mustafa always tries to separate us,he wrote letters to show how true he is and what Kerim did he also did the same thing he surrender himself to police to show how true he is.Here they've shown Fatmagul felt jealous after knowing about Kerim English girlfriend before Kerim surrender himself to police,to clear misunderstanding happen to Fatmagul about him&Vural meeting and Fatmagul said to Kerim that she fell in love with him after he surrender himself such a liar she is!When Fatmagul called Mustafa,Asu answered his mobile but Asu never clear misunderstanding happen to Fatmagul when Fatmagul stayed at her home,Mustafa was beaten up and nobody was there to help him so he went there.Fatmagul throw Mustafa's large wooden case thought he is having affair with Asu and he betrayed her for Asu,but this misunderstanding Fatmagul never cleared with Mustafa even after coming face to face for 5 times,half-truth is always danger,watch to know in detail,don't miss single episode,story has gone ahead by neglecting this small but important things,this story is about how misunderstanding can make life miserable but only for Mustafa not for Fatmagul because she got her own house as she always wanted,she never loved Mustafa,she only wanted her own house,Mustafa burned their house,if not Mustafa she'd option of Kerim over Mustafa,Kerim a loving husband,rich family background of Kerim living abroad,she wasn't ashamed of discussing honeymoon plan with Kerim who was responsible for her life changing incident.If she can't forgive Mustafa how could she forgave Kerim.After rape incident Kerim was still hurting Fatmagul by saying useless things about her&Mustafa and after that saying sorry and demanding forgiveness and Fatmagul always forgive him.Kerim forgave his mother Enise,father,Meriam but he never said to forgive Mustafa,all were having misunderstanding but got cleared has shown in serial,Kerim,Asu,Meriam,Mukaddes etc.were all selfish people they all knows there's misunderstanding happen between Fatmagul&Mustafa but they never tried to clear and reunite them,that why Mustafa wrote in his last letter when I returned to you after knowing the truth you didn't forgive me,you were having Kerim,you chose Kerim over me,actually at that time only there was chance for Mustafa to lodge complaint about 3 rapists and Kerim as he witness rape and didn't save her.In reality anybody will do feeling regret and to repay whatever he done wrong with her,but that wasn't shown here because they wanted to show main actor as a hero for her,then he wrote no one tries to reunite us,I hate this life that brought us on this path,it's very touching.When Mustafa die Fatmagul say she want to start her new life as if new Fatmagul is born,its means she always wanted Mustafa to die selfish woman.Mustafa die for her but she has no value for him that why when she saw Mustafa grave she seems to be angry as if she hasn't forgiven him even after his death.Meriam request Fatmagul to forgive Kerim but not to Mustafa.Meriam got Kadir,Emre got Esma,Kerim got Fatmagul,and Asu got Mustafa all due to Fatmagul got raped and Kerim didn't save her,if not story would be definitely different.In last two episodes there's many flashback creating confusion,could be shown in present form after returning from honeymoon.Story could be better,realistic if she hadn't forgave both Kerim&Mustafa and showing love story with a new person with twist and turn within 2yrs,they could show their main actor Engin Akyurek as new person and Kerim role could have given to another actor or they could also show Kerim is reuniting Fatmagul&Mustafa it would have been better role for main actor.Maybe with another title it's shown or not,I don't know,if they want they can show season3 love story of Fatmagul's daughter Enise and Mustafa's son Murat and Fatmagul accept their love as she did wrong not forgiving Mustafa and that why he was force to do unknowingly wrong thing ahead,wanted to add more review,also about Yasaran family,Meltem but can't due to limitation of words.
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I don't know what to say
tatatmn4 March 2018
The show itself is good, actors, music ,everything. But I don't understand one thing. how can people make a hero from a person,who watched the girl rape by three of his friends and did not even move a finger to protect her? He fault is the same, as the fault of Selim,Vural and Erdogan. That does not matter that he did not do anything to that girl. He watched and took pleasure from watching his friends raping the girl. That is disgusting. !!!! His behavior can not be forgiven like the behavior of his friends. He is the same beast as they, they know that they are beasts and this Kerim plays hero and that is disgusting. As for people saying bad things about Mustafa. Mustafa's fault that he did not believe the girl and abandoned her after that tragedy, is nothing compared to Kerim's fault. That is very irittating that everyone calls the three of them bad persons and as if Kerim is not like them. Everyone tells how could Mustafa behave to Fatmagul like that and they forget Kerim's disgusting behavior. Tha fact that he cares now about her and lovs her,does not not change anything. The logical final of the story should be that Kerim and his friends should end up in prison. Instead the story ended that he found his love of life and will happily live forever with her, That is so unfair
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yes it's amazing
Santiago Vila27 January 2018
I watched it till the end in 2014 and I'm watching it again: two different channels are showing it here in Puerto Rico after the hurricanes devastated the Island and I'm so grateful this is happening! I watch the same episode in the morning in HD in channel 4 and again later in the afternoon in channel 2.3's horrible SD wide format... but the story is so captivating and amusing that I think I can't stop seeing it again and again. I can't get tired of it because of the colorful and perfectly-mastered storytelling. I so want to see Fatmagül get her happiness back after the sad attack in the first episodes. Characters are beautifully constructed and life is so familiar... Even though Turkey is far far away, I feel at home.
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Its superb and goes on with energetic flow
npanwarias3 July 2016
Since, It is started recently in India in Hindi and after watching first few episodes i was completely forced to see it on other sources with subtitles. I think it would be a blockbuster in our country as well :) Good work guys....really appreciated the level of presentation. Since, It is started recently in India in Hindi and after watching first few episodes i was completely forced to see it on other sources with subtitles. I think it would be a blockbuster in our country as well :) Good work guys....really appreciated the level of presentation. Since, It is started recently in India in Hindi and after watching first few episodes i was completely forced to see it on other sources with subtitles. I think it would be a blockbuster in our country as well :) Good work guys....really appreciated the level of presentation.
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A heart touching story
ramansohanpal4 September 2016
It has recently started airing in India.i am absolutely in love with this show. Especially Engin Akyruk as Kerim .His acting and expressions made Kerim so lovable and believable. I am so much hooked to the show that I watch it even in Turkish on you tube though i don't understand a single word but one gets the feel . Its gaining quite a following in India .The slow progression of love between the lead pair is quite believable despite the fact that Kerim was there on that night but he was blanked out .The show aptly shows recovery of Fatmagul. For me downside of the show is Mustafa .the actor playing Mustafa is really bad and his track does not as much screen time as he gets.
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good story-line
kanikasambyal14 July 2016
In India , it is recently started and i become a great fan of this serial . I really like the story line of this serial and superb acting by the actors specially by the Engin Akyurek . He is the king of expression and also like the Beren Saat acting how she portray the character of rape victim and the chemistry between both of them is superb.But I was really shocked when i saw the IMDb rating so that's why I am giving my review . I hope in India it will become blockbuster series.Now I really become a fan of Turkish dramas and i am very grateful to Zindagi TV for showing such a beautiful drama.Now Turkey become one of my best destinations.
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OK but nothing special
fedspeakers15 January 2016
Sorry to go the other way on this one but I fail to see what's all the fuzz about. Then again maybe that's because I am not really a big soap opera enthusiast. I guess I just dislike how characters always seem to get stuck in the same roles.

Before I proceed to say why I'm not much into it, I should mention that this TV series is currently being aired on one of the local channels here in P.R. Curiously, they advertise the show like a hundred times a day every single day to exhaustion (no kidding) and on all of the other TV shows on the channel, as if it was the greatest show to ever hit the local tube here, which is far from the truth. And it is being advertised as a TV series but frankly Fatmagül is more like a soap opera, just like the flurry of Mexican, Venezuelan and Colombian novellas that the other TV channels air locally every year. Sadly though, they are no longer transmitting the 7:00 PM movie (which was a delightful break from the norm) because Fatmagul is now taking up that 7:00 PM spot. That's too bad because that one TV channel was one of the very few local channels that I could say was soap opera-free. The other channels are packed full of that stuff; to me at least, it's quite annoying.

Anyway, the acting on the show, I'd say in general is not all that bad, for the most part, compared to other soap operas on the local tube here. But like most soap operas, Fatmagül is way too over-acted by most actors. That's a big turn off. Also, most action scenes (fights, car chases, car wrecks, etc.) look pretty fake. Special effects is below average, but most TV productions outside of Hollywood lack in this area anyway. And I have been able to easily predict some of the events/scenes in the plot way before the story even gets there.

Speaking of the plot, I understand that people have become very interested - and even seem to enjoy - in that the story develops around a horrifying rape event; and most thrill about how the main character slowly overcomes adversity against all odds in a place where women have very little going for them in terms of making their own decisions, while not letting tragedy suppress her sensibilities and her desire for love, something that in itself is quite admiring and inspirational. However, to me personally, such plot does not send the right message, not only about women - since is is highly unlikely for a raped woman in her right senses to become romantically involved with a man who witnessed her being raped and yet chose not to do anything about it - but also about men, especially Turkish men, who like in most soap operas are often portrayed as evil characters, by taking up the role of the abusive male, who does not regard women as sensible human beings that deserve respect. In real life, though, the great majority of men DO NOT go around bullying or sexually abusing women as it is often characterized in these so-called "romantic" dramas. The creators of Latin-American novellas also have the bad habit of almost always either vilifying male characters, or developing the plot around one topic, and one topic only: Infidelity. And to make it even more insidious, male infidelity is often censored while female infidelity is completely justified and well taken within the plot... because men are "evil" and apparently they had it coming or deserve to be cheated on.

Maybe I lack a sense of romance but in my view a rape and all the pain and emotional suffering that comes from it seems to me like the least romantic episode a woman, or any human being for that matter, could go through. It's not romantic drama at all; it is more like unromantic trauma, really. But I'm sure some folks out there will like this 'tragedy turned victory' story. I don't.
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