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Chill out people, it's just dumb fun.
Greenzombidog22 April 2012
Four high school kids come into some bother when they cross paths with the local Mortician/whack-job. When one of them gets murdered it's up to the others to prove the morticians guilt.

The movie follows a lot of the classic thriller trappings and pitfalls. No one believes the kids story despite the obvious weirdness of the mortician character played brilliantly by Dennis Quaid with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Useless cops neglecting to follow up any evidence and of course the kids parents not listening to anything they say. Despite all this it still manages to entertain. There are some very funny cheesy lines in there some quite tense moments too.

There are some pointless parts like the main teens back story which never really amounts to anything and the fact we never get to see the teachers reaction to one of the bits of story that is eventually revealed (one that if you're paying attention you'll know before any of the characters in the movie do). These small problems aren't really enough to ruin the movie. There are some great moments in there too. Like when you find out what the kids had seen going on through the window as well as Some of the morticians one-liners.

The main cast do a pretty good job, everyone is very capable. Obviously Dennis Quaid stands out. Finally embracing a role that revels in madness. I always thought that a lot of his characters had a kind of wild edge to them and it was great for me in this movie to see him let that edge take over.

The movie looks great and professionally filmed. Sound design is spot on. Technically you can't fault it.

Strangely there seems to be a lot of hate for Beneath the darkness but If you're willingly to let it, this movie can be an enjoyable ride.
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I Liked It
gavin694227 February 2012
After watching their best friend get murdered, a group of teens struggle to expose a local mortician (Dennis Quaid) as the vicious killer and keep from becoming his next victims.

I see this film has a pretty low rating and has some rather scathing reviews. Frankly, I thought it was alright -- much better than a lot of the films I see. Dennis Quaid is always a joy, and the overall concept was entertaining.

If I had to make any complaint, it is that the mother character is just really, really poorly acted. I do not know her character's name, or I would specifically call out that actress. She is outdone by kids half her age, and that is just insulting.

Is this the overlooked horror film of 2011? Heck no. Is it comparable to "The Shining"? Not even in the same league. But I also do not think it is as bad as made out to be by some of those who have said it is like watching paint dry.
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Psycho meets Mr. Brooks but equals a below average thriller
Michael_Takes17 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
At the end of the movie it is easy to see this as an attempt to be Psycho meets Mr. Brooks. Dennis Quaid plays against type as Eli a mortician with a secret, and a dark compulsion. He can kill with no remorse and he has the body of his deceased wife in his house. Unfortunely Quaid is one of the weaknesses of the film. He lacks the chilling menace that Costner had in Mr. Brooks and just comes across as a psycho.

The story is lacking in exposition and caused me some annoyance as the movie progressed. Why wait to the end and shoehorn in a ton of explanation in an unnatural fashion, which takes away from the twist at the end. The twist should be the penny that drops to link all the treads together ala The Sixth Sense (the best example of this).

The best part of the film would have to be the young cast. The four friends are great together, very believable as friends. The lead, Travis, is great and reminds me of a young Christopher Gorham (Harpers Island).

The story itself is good and entertaining, unfortunately it is lacking in the execution.
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Scooby-Doo, but serious and without Scooby
Wuchak30 December 2012
That's how this excellent little mystery-horror film from 2011 struck me, and I mean that in a good way.

PLOT: Dennis Quaid plays a creepy mortician in a central Texas town. A group of teens decide to trespass his abode for thrills and everything goes awry.

Quaid and cutie Aimee Teegarden head the cast, but it's Tony Oller who shines here as the troubled protagonist. He's very reminiscent of Robby Benson.

Like I said, the story is akin to a Scooby-Doo yarn, but realistic and without the dog. Although Quaid is over-the-top and somewhat campy as the villain the rest of the cast play it straight. I was surprised by the dramatic score and a few really touching scenes.

Some complain that the subplot of a dead sister and a ghost sighting goes nowhere, but it's there for a reason, just think about it.

Although there's some realistic cussing there's zero raunch.

BOTTOM LINE: I was pleasantly surprised by this great little film. It's classy, sometimes moving, mysterious and thrilling at the same time. What more could you ask for in a movie of this ilk?

Shot in Bastrop & Smithville, Texas, the film runs 96 minutes.

GRADE: A- or B+
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Like watching Paint Dry
markhaazen20 January 2012
I looked at the IMDb rating, thought I would give this movie a go.

What a waste of time! It is like watching paint dry or waiting for grass to grow. A complete waste of 90 or so minutes.

How anyone would dare to compare this pile of junk to Jack Nicholson in the Shining beggars belief.

This movie is not fit to lick the boots of that movie.

The characters are 2 dimensional, who thought this garbage up? Do yourselves a favour - go and watch The Shining, this isn't worth a dime, it was actually painful to try and sit through the movie. It certainly isn't horror, and it is barely a movie.
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For me this is not a horror film, it's only a thriller
Erdal Atalay3 September 2012
As also mentioned from other reviewers there are similarities between Mr. Brooks and this film. If Mr. Brooks is a Crime/Drama/Mystery film, this film cannot be a horror film, because Mr. Brooks has definitely harder scenes as this one. I don't know if the makers of this movie claim that they filmed a horror movie. If yes then it is a really poor horror film and you will be disappointed as a horror movie fan. But if you watch it as a Crime/Thriller it is watchable and not a waste of time. It depends on what your expectation is. In marketing the product must be declared correctly: if you declare horror in a product, horror must be in the product.

In the music business there is a genre named easy-listening, translated into the movie business I would say this film is a "easy-watching" film: not bad and not really good.
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Bury this six feet under...
Coventry10 April 2012
I was hugely looking forward to "Beneath the Darkness" when it played at the annual Brussels Festival of Fantastic Films during a midnight screening, because I was told – and I eagerly believed – that it was an uncompromising and outrageous horror/thriller that granted Dennis Quaid the opportunity to depict a psychotic and derailed small Texas-town serial killer. Dennis Quaid as a crazed mortician! What avid genre fanatic wouldn't look forward to this? Together with a theater full of enthusiast people, I expected a tremendously high body count, lots of pitch-black humor, perverted undertones and a totally whack Dennis Quaid one-man-show. Things didn't exactly turn out as favorable … I wouldn't go as far to call "Beneath the Darkness" a disastrous film, but it's definitely a bit too ambitious and wannabe intelligent for its own good. Quaid's character Ely Vaughn, the local undertaker who's still highly admired within the community because he used to be a star quarterback in high school, is indeed an utterly disturbed individual but he's not a maniac on a rampage. Quite the contrary, in fact, Ely is a very distinguished person and his dark side only comes to the surface when a couple of school kids decide to sniffle around in his private business. The first five minutes of the film, as well as the final fifteen, are very entertaining and exciting, not coincidentally because these are the only times that Quaid gets to showcase his evil grimaces and madman capacities. Everything in between is just an overlong series of clichéd and derivative situations. Of course nobody believes the teenagers when they're accusing one of the most prominent town members of being a psychopath and obviously the cheerleader beauty will gradually fall for the outsider nerd instead of her cowardly jock boyfriend. And then I'm not even talking about the pointless sub plot of the nerdy kid who still feels responsible for his little sister's death ten years ago and the difficult relationship with his mother. That was completely irrelevant and downright redundant. In spite of being the big star of the picture, Dennis Quaid actually has surprisingly little screen time and – frankly – nearly not enough chances to illustrate the craziness of his character's persona. This is one giant missed opportunity, to say the least.
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Do not watch!!!
csmeek10 March 2012
First let me say I love Dennis Quaid and just about every movie I've seen him in. This movie however totally dropped the ball. Basically, the first half of the movie had a very bizarre assortment of scenes thrown together, only half of which actually tied into the plot. Not mention the transition of the scenes also made it difficult to understand. For instance, one moment you would jump from one time to another, then you'd suddenly jump from one reality to another. Regardless, that is not my biggest complaint of this movie. The most obvious flaw comes after you get past the fluctuation of scenes that fail to follow any chronological or reasonable order. Even an amateur in filming would know the single most important part of motion picture is to have a picture. The second half of the movie was filmed in the dark and I mean IN THE DARK! I kid you not, in most action scenes you simply couldn't see anything. It was like I was suddenly given the understanding of what it was like for Ray Charles to watch a movie. After it was over, my friend turned off the TV and when I saw the blank screen, I thought we had began watching a sequel!
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Fright Night Without The Fangs
chicagopoetry20 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Beneath The Darkness (maybe it should be called Don't Go In The Backyard, or perhaps Love Sucks) isn't the worst psychological thriller out there. Although the character of Dennis Quaid's Ely doesn't meet the excellence of Kevin Costner's Mr. Brook's, Ely is still a pretty creepy weirdo, a mortician who is trying to hide the corpse of his embalmed wife, who he enjoys dancing with every night in front of the second floor window, as well as the corpse of his wife's lover. who he buried alive in his own backyard, although he seems to have a hard time hiding these secrets from the local snooping kids. There is nothing special here but there is also nothing outright terrible either. This is simply a half decent thriller that won't disappoint for an evening with the lights out in front of the fireplace with a bowl of buttered popcorn at hand. Don't expect genius and allow yourself to get into it and it'll be a little bit fun.
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Quite good, what's with the bad ratings?
olestas12 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Movie is quite good. Do not see why most people react so badly. Most characters are played reasonably good. There is normal amount of thriller in here. Do not compare this to the other movies. It is great all by itself. And DQ makes it even better. It is watchable and not boring. There are much worse movies out there.

Script has some unevenness but nevertheless this is not notable while watching the movie. Those are kids you know. What do you expect them to do? And they finish it all quite successfully at the end. And besides, many movies now have many stereotypes in them, because there are so many movies made to he day, that it is hard not to repeat something from the other... IMHO.
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The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078
Tss50786 October 2013
It is great to finally see Dennis Quaid play a character with personality again! Lately, it seems like he plays the same scarred, emotionless character, over and over again. It's hard to remember that it's his charisma that made him a star and you can really see it in Beneath The Darkness. Dennis Quaid plays Vaughn Ely, a mortician who is crazy. To the town, Ely is this great guy who gives back to the community, but only one person can see him for what he really is. Travis (Tony Oller) is a local teenager who works odd jobs for Ely and has always had suspicions about the man, but never did anything about it. One night, the subject comes up while with his friends and they decide to bust into Ely's home to find out what he's really hiding. The story starts out very slowly and I wasn't expecting it to get any better, but it really does. I already mentioned how good Quaid is, but the star of this film is Tony Oller. I've heard him sing, but I've never seen him act, and to say I was impressed is an understatement. Between Quaid's outlandish behavior and Oller's teenage angst, I didn't need much of a story to follow in order to be entertained. Beneath The Darkness is strange and not everyone is going to like it, but it's one of these films that you keep watching, because you want to know what's going to happen. What happens is that it actually turns into a pretty entertaining and respectable film, that features a star in the making.
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Not a Bad film but not Great either.(Just a Fun Time waster).
HorrorFanForever23 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this film was okay it entertained me and kept me watching and i liked all of the people in it and i thought it had a good story line and i don't understand why so many people hate this film i thought it was good for what it was and i thought all of the actors did a good job and i really liked Denis Quaid in this film he plays a creepy bad guy and i liked that role he played and i thought he played it pretty well. He was very believable in his role as the Bad guy and i actually found him quite funny at times with some of the lines he comes out with. The story is about three teenagers who are best friends and they are all suspicious about the man who lives alone near their street played by Denis Quaid and they go over to his house because they've all heard rumours about his house being haunted and they think a ghost lives there so they hide out in the bushes and watch him and they keep seeing strange things moving around in his house. I thought this film was quite suspenseful and i thought the film had a good pace to it, it wasn't too fast or too slow it was just right, and like many films this film has a few flaws but they didn't bother me much because i liked the story and the characters and i found them interesting.

the rest of the film is about the teenagers investigating and going into Quaids house because they think he has some secrets and i thought the story was quite interesting and mysterious, they find out in the end that the man is crazy when he kills one of their friends and then he tries to stop them from leaving his house but they all get away from him and during the rest of the film the teenagers are basically trying to prove to everyone that Dennis Quaid is Crazy and that he's a killer but no one would take them seriously so the kids do everything in their power to prove he's guilty and at the end of the film Quaid kidnaps two of the teenagers and takes them to the cemetery and i quite liked that part of the film i thought it was quite exciting and i couldn't wait to see what Quaid would do to them at the cemetery.he forces the boy to dig his own grave and he threatens to kill both of them. I wont give away how the film ends but i will say i thought this film was okay its not Great but i liked it for what it was and yes i know the story was a little cliché at times but that didn't bother me much either, i usually don't get bothered by things like that, its only when something Major stupid happens that i get annoyed! and i didn't find many stupid things in this film i thought it was an Average movie with okay acting and an okay performance from everyone and none of the characters annoyed me either so in my opinion this isn't a bad film and its worth a watch. 6/10 for the effort.
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It was actually good right up towards the end...
Paul Magne Haakonsen8 October 2012
"Beneath the Darkness" was a great movie in some ways, but also a somewhat mediocre movie in others. It was like taking a trip back to the late 1980's or early 1990's story-wise. Personally I found the story a little bit too far fetched for my liking, as I didn't think that any rational and sane person would return to the house after seeing a friend killed. But hey, wouldn't be much of a movie if they didn't, eh?

The story in "Beneath the Darkness" is about a couple of young people who break into a mortician's house as they believe it to be haunted. And seeing silhouettes dancing in the window just adds to their belief that something ghostly is going on. But the Ely mortuary holds a dark secret past.

I enjoyed the movie, well most of it anyway. Right up until you find out about the reason for Ely's behaviour and what caused him to do what he does. That was just a rather silly turn of events in my opinion, and it didn't really do justice to the movie. But to top it off, the movie had to end in a very laughable manner. I will not reveal the ending here, but personally I found that ending to be one of the worst endings to an otherwise alright thriller.

What I really enjoyed most in the movie was Dennis Quaid's (playing Ely) performance. He was really doing a great job coming off as the somewhat psychotic and disturbingly creepy mortician. (Right up to the ending, that is.) And the people they had cast for the roles of Abby and Travis, played by Aimee Teegarden and Tony Oller respectively, also did good jobs.

There weren't all that much suspense to the movie, sadly enough. And it was a fairly straight forward and well-paced movie, just with a couple of odd twists here and there. I think that "Beneath the Darkness" could have been a much better movie with some improvements. But all in all, it was an alright enough experience (right up to the ending).

I am giving "Beneath the Darkness" a 5/10 rating only because it was lacking suspense and because the ending was just downright ridiculous.
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Totally Forgettable and Absurd
Claudio Carvalho17 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In Smithville, Texas, the teenagers Brian (Stephen Lunsford), Abby (Aimee Teegarden), Travis (Tony Oller) and Danny (Devon Werkheiser) are classmates of the Smithville High School and best friends. One day, they are reading Macbeth for a class and they decide to investigate the rumors that the house of the mortician Ely Vaughn (Dennis Quaid) is haunted by ghosts. They see shadows in the upper window and they break in the house to see what is happening and they see a corpse lying on the bed; however, they are surprised by Ely that kills Danny, pushing him to fall off the staircase. Nobody believes in the teenagers since Ely is a respectable citizen, but Travis and Abby decide to prove that the undertaker is a psychopath. Will they be successful in their intent?

"Beneath the Darkness" is a totally forgettable and absurd movie full of clichés about a deranged man that lives with the corpse of his dead wife Rosemary. Four teenagers investigating ghosts in the Twentieth-First Century is a lame premise for the story. Dennis Quaid is not a bad actor, but he is awfully ham with grimaces. However Stephen Lunsford and Aimee Teegarden have good performances and show great chemistry. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Além da Escuridão" ("Beyond the Darkness")
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A large pile of ****
Z-Rider8 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I begin?? The main reason for me watching this movie is that I am a big fan of Dennis Quaid but his performance in this flick leaves a lot to be desired! Quaid plays the role of the town's mortician and the audience is quickly introduced to the dark side of his character when he takes his first victim within the first few minutes. It is from this point that the movie takes a nose dive! There was absolutely no suspense and if failed in every aspect to put me on the edge of my seat.

The majority of the other characters were simply pointless and most of there scenes bared no relevance to the plot. This movie quickly went nowhere and the final minutes (especially the final words from Quaid's character) were simply ridiculous.

If you have nothing better to do......still give this a miss!!
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I love Dennis Quaid!
Robert Pienaar22 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
But what ever they paid him to make this dreadful movie must have been where the 7 million budget went, hope he got all 7 million.

The acting is the worst I have seen in a long time.

The little blond girl is from Friday night lights and I liked her in that, if this is her idea of a career path she needs to double check her agents mental state.

I have nothing good to say about this movie, don't bother.

If there was a o score I would have given it a 0

Sorry mr Quaid, you are a legend but this is not very ajoba (south African slang for good)
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Quaids character was neat to see, movie was not. Slow moving and seemed to go nowhere. End was OK. I say C.
Tony Heck25 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Help me prove he killed Danny." After thinking they saw a ghost a group of friends start to snoop around the home of local mortician Ely (Quaid). When they get caught something happens that changes their lives forever. Now with only their word it is up to them to convince the cops that the well liked Ely is actually a murderer. I had pretty high expectations for this movie. I really liked "Mr. Brooks" and I like Dennis Quaid and seeing him play a psycho I thought would be cool. Once again though like most movies the idea is better then the real thing. While Quaid was creepy the movie itself was very very slow moving and it took over 30 minutes for the movie to really begin. This is another movie where the ending is neat and worth it, but getting to the end is a struggle. This movie doesn't compare at all to "Mr. Brooks", but I would like to see Quaid in a better movie playing a character like this one. Overall, very slow and disappointing movie that had a lot of potential. I say C.
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Professional amateur
hampus_granberg22 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
this is one script perfected in the stereotypical soulless copy-cat of creations forged in the very pits of normal-ville avenue of the western most vile and hellish mainstream genre, blandness.

The characters are what they are; characters, as literal as they are grey, boring, and Mary Sue in the very description of obviousness. It's not that they don't make any mistakes, they are just teeth-bitingly perfect, glued to their imaginative world recognized as the stage in which the actors perform, behind the fractured fourth wall squeezed in between your boredom and the progress of every despicable frame tossed with a force of slouchy laziness. Every moment is perfect, just perfect, from the cowboy sheriff skeptic with his accent, hat, and brown suit, only missing chewing tobacco and a lasso, to the neighborly abrasiveness befitting any all-American lane of green grass and sprinklers.

It is so American that it's unholy, American in the sense a child would describe each landmark from the occidental country of stars and stripes; "the white house, yankee-doodles with banjos, the statue of liberty, and the president".

In this movie, we have 4 bland teenagers, one being the dork always killed first, the sportsy guy playing American football (which we do have to watch), the cheerleader (she's the love interest and the only girl you get to know, need I say more?), and the slightly misunderstood emo-kid who's sister died X years ago, insert relationship as you please.

We have the mother of the emo-kid, Mary-ann Patricia Linda Barbara Elizabeth Jennifer stereotype mother who tries to communicate with her oh so darkened son. The police force of robotic idiots, no description required, the tough sports teacher with a slight perversion to what figures, the history/drama teacher miss brown hair, slight make-up, and common sense making everyday knowledge sound like brilliance talking about the ingeniousness of Shakespeare (You know, like all brown-haired, slight make-up, and common-sense teachers talk about). You fill the rest of the list.

And then comes Dennis Quaid, and let me tell you, this must be the award-winning Oscar for most stale acting performance of the century. He is the most quirky, scripted, formula of any psycho killer in the entire existence. From the queer giggles to the one-liners, his narcissistic and protective aura of convulsive effect you just can't take serious in ANYWAY. Of all the movies I've seen with this actor, this is just downright dumb, so incredibly literal he's basically the manifestation of his own manuscript.

If this story was every intended to be scary, I'd say they lost it on the way, and not just lost it, it fell out of the car on the highway as they drove over it with a tank. Are there jump scares? Actually no, but that's because they're not scary in any mean whatsoever, giving it full-minus on the scoreboard, and what about the horrific heart pounding screaming sensation of the audience following the main character trying to get away from the antagonist? Yeah right.. it died on the way before the camera was rolling. It is stupid, but not laughingly, like all those old 80's slasher horror films like Friday the Thirtheenth or Nightmare on Elmstreet, it is stupid because it poses so heartbreakingly stiff, adding no significance to the screen whatsoever. To even claim it as horror or thriller is to say the least, a great insult.

Two of the biggest flaws which I just can't live without telling, lies stamped with a red seal in a dirty old envelope licked by a tongue so blistered and morbid it makes my spine twist backwards and break in repulsiveness, are as following:

1 - Any movie using Shakespeare as an excuse to have a scene of history class is an absolute godforsaken hell-hole. Sort of like saying, "Hi, I am as original as Gothika, but I'm only famous because of Limpbizkit's remake of Behind blue eyes." Plus, when the teacher asks why Edgar Allan Poe's murderer from The- Tell-Tale Heart would be able to hear the slow beating heart beneath the planks to which he confesses to his crimes, I could not but utter the exact word which would come out of the main-character's mouth 3 seconds later - "guilt", and that is only six minutes in.

2 - When the main characters best friend Danny gets pushed from the stairs and gets his neck broken from Quaid's well placed foot, there is no question about how he died. No mention of fracture, no forensic team spotting the obvious bruise or disjointed neck, no check-up what so ever, and the teenagers are still questioned for breaking into the murderer's house, worst cops ever!.

Then again, there's also at least two positive things to say about it: Even though the characters are stale, the high-school feeling is not as traumatizing as it usually portrays, and being fair to Quaid, his character is probably the only one that at least makes you smile, just for a second, although his performance is practically a clone of Jack Nicholson dancing around as the Joker from Tim Burtons: Batman.

Although not a Human Centipede, or god forbid Human Centipede 2, this film bears the mark of the raging beast that keeps spitting out flick after flick consisting of stomach juices so intense they burn your eyes with wrath. The only question remains: Where did they get their budget from? They did get Dennis Quaid, so where's the cash? But then again, maybe they knew a friend, who knew a friend, who knew a friend.

To sum it up, it is all one big copy-pasted material composed by every predecessor that have lived in the cold heart of Hollywood's most shabby and decrepit black money-pushing machine.

One that should truly remain beneath the darkness.
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Beneath Twilight?
thesar-21 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
'Beneath the Darkness' (1/10 Stars) makes me feel bad. In more ways than one. For instance, I feel I'm way too harsh on other movies when you see a beneath the soil film like this. An ohhh so creepy mortician that may or may not be involved in murder or ghosts? Talk about an awful script. One that's lazy, painful, soulless, generic and elementary that contains some of the most unrealistic and laughable dialogue written by someone who's never even met a teenager outside a John Hughes film. Hell, they included the obligatory 'Buffy' reference (in 2012) and had a high school sign with 'Home of the Mighty Tigers' floating about. This movie is so inept, so unconventionally bad, it has the bad guy drop a kid down a flight of stairs and then stomp on his head in front of a witness and the police, bypassing all that, you know, expensive CSI investigation of the freaking shoe-print, turn the other cheek sighting an "accident"? Not to mention the obvious conflict of interest: boy dies in mortician's home, so naturally, he'll tend to the dead kid. There should be a scale on bad acting, beginning at the bottom with 'Twilight' acting. This would join that group, but one can only feel: it's gotta get better right? Even if Dennis Quaid should know better. Right? This is beyond bad. It's not even 'Birdemic: Shock and Terror' bad where you can have fun. There is no fun in this mortician's story of a sixty cent plot.
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Very very average
MattyGibbs5 April 2013
A horror/thriller starring Dennis Quaid looked a decent prospect on paper however from the start it was pretty clear this would be no masterpiece. It reminded me quite a bit of Disturbia but this was nowhere near as good or well acted as that film.

Dennis Quaid is a decent actor but unfortunately this is not one of his best efforts and I found him way over the top and unbelievable in this role. The supporting cast are no more than adequate at best.

There are a few tense moments but the plot jumps all over the place and so these moments are not enough to sustain interest throughout the film.

This film may appeal to younger teenagers but older viewers will have seen this all before and done far better. Overall this is a disappointing and distinctly unmemorable film.
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I know what doesn't lie beneath the darkness: a good movie
movieman_kev28 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Despondent and depressed over the untimely death of his sister, teenage Travis believes that the local shady mortician (played with much ham by Dennis Quaid) is responsible for her murder. So he and his three friends decide to gather some evidence from the morgue with disastrous consequences for one of them. Now Travis and his two remaining friends must bring the murderer to justice while also contending with cops that don't believe them

Almost every Tuesday Instant Netflix has at least one film streaming on same day as released on DVD, this week it's three films (this one, The Myth of the American Teenager, and Wolf Town) And while this is a marked improvement on the supremely atrocious Wolf Town, Not by much. The movie is nothing we haven't seen a million times before, the acting is all right in an over the top way. But the ending is utter dog excrement, the film just kinda sputters to a conclusion.

My grade: D
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What was Dennis Quaid thinking?!?
midgetalan11 March 2012
I've always been a big fan of Dennis Quaid's but my God, what was going on in his head when he agreed to do this B-movie horror/chiller?! If you thought Ray Liotta was bad in "Turbulence" with his over the top, maniacal character...Quaid beats him hands down in this one. I admit he keeps an amusing swagger to his insane character throughout that just about saves him, but the whole concept is not only ridiculous, it's been done a thousand times before. Scorned husband punishes all who stand in his way blah blah blah.....

The adjoining cast of relative unknowns aren't much better and very unconvincing in their respective roles. I wouldn't even classify this movie as a bit of fun, it just plain stinks!!!!! I gave it 3/10 because Quaid did make me laugh once or twice with his one-liners but the ending sums up the stupidity of the entire film.
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Do you feel like watching a radio broadcast?
floydkeyboardist8 April 2012
It could have been a much better movie if the lighting was done right. It was very difficult to know what was going on. I had my brightness set at maximum and it was still like watching a radio broadcast. 85% of the time you are looking at a black screen with an occasional shadow showing up.

The movie had a couple surprises, but most of the time you knew what to expect. I liked the casting and the actors did a good job with the story they were given. I would like to see more of the actors in future films and hope this movies poor post-production does not harm their careers.
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Dennis Quaid lets it rip
bkoganbing23 October 2017
You always like to see people enjoying their work. Especially actors who with a good director have to channel their emotions properly so as to get the most effective amount of emotion and the right emotion per scene as the dialog dictates.

But all players love to have at least one role in which they can just let it all hang out. Such a film came to Dennis Quaid with Beneath The Darkness where the respected mortician of this small Texas town has an interesting sideline with some of the bodies he has. Those that he's personally made dead.

Quaid was a small town football player in Texas and that guarantees you respectability right away in that state. But four teens, Tony Oller, Aimee Teagarden, Devon Workhiser, and Stephen Ford discover his past time. One of them dies for it. Still they're the ones in the jackpot.

I usually give these films short shrift. But I always maintain that these slasher films are great because overacting is a requirement and players just have a ball with these parts.

Dennis really lets it rip in Beneath The Darkness. Fans of his should love it.
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Not A Bad Thriller!
gwnightscream26 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This 2011 thriller stars Dennis Quaid, Tony Oller and Aimee Teegarden. Quaid (Innerspace) plays mortician, Ely Vaughn who lost his wife a 2 years prior. There's been rumors of ghosts in his home and teens, Travis (Oller), Abby (Teegarden) and their friends decide to investigate. They discover that Ely not only keeps his deceased wife in his home, but is a psychopath. After one of their friends is killed, Travis and Abby are determined to expose Ely. This isn't a bad thriller that sort of pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" and "Rear Window" and Quaid is great in it. I'd give this a view at least once.
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