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The script by Roth, Lopez, and Lopez’s frequent collaborator, Guillermo Amoedo, giddily piles crisis upon crisis, with none of the customary mercy reserved for leading characters.
Right up until the quake, Aftershock is a bland, sub-"Hangover" comedy about guys on the make in South America. Then finally, blessedly, the ground swallows up these shallow idiots.
Aftershock has no earth-shattering revelations to make its mayhem stand out in the wreckage.
A movie that tends to stick to formula, offering up minimal scares amid scattered moments of gross-out bliss.
Aftershock then becomes a catalog of most every unpleasant way of dying you can imagine.
At first, it’s all fun and games whenever somebody gets hurt, but that’s not enough in and of itself to sustain the movie’s tension. We’re left waiting for characters to die off without much of a vested interest in anyone’s survival.
People become mere punch lines: fleshy avatars for the gory grist.
The ending is sick enough to make it almost worth the wait. Key word: almost.
Slant Magazine
There's plenty of gore, but none of it is particularly inventive, nor does it engender any visceral or emotional reactions beyond jaded disgust.
The actual Chilean earthquake killed 300 people and turned thousands more homeless, but this movie distills everything for comic effect. Everyone gets robbed, raped, impaled, mutilated, decapitated or burned alive. But that’s not all. Crawling through the blood-drenched debris, here comes the tsunami!

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