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Does not worth to be considered as a movie

Author: sogkokou-1 from United Kingdom
14 January 2011

I usually write a review when the movie is either of exceptional standards or when it is an absolute crap, to put it mildly. Well for those who might be unfortunate enough to watch even 5 minutes of "this" ... will know which category it fits in. One could go to great lengths in describing how bad this is. But I'd rather save some time and simply advise anyone with the slightest sense of self respect and intelligence to save their time too and stay away from this ... atrocious joke. Horrific! Horrid! Ridiculously bad !!! IMDb has a ridiculous policy of 10 lines minimum in a review, thus, I must keep writing until it can actually be approved. Thats how bad this "video" is, that I feel sick just by writing about it. But I feel obliged to contradict those three imbeciles posting positive reviews, who are either somehow involved in the production of this joke or they are just sick morons with a twisted sense of humour who think it's funny posting a false positive review in order to make others watch this INSANELY BAD production. Hope the above should be enough to warn some folks, who might actually be interested in watching quality, instead of this ... god I cant refrain from using the word CRAP again in describing it. CRAP ! CRAP ! CRAP ! is what this is. There it goes, I said it. Nothing else needs to be said.

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Worst movie ever made.

Author: rex-170 from Australia
10 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The other 3 reviews for this are quite obviously from the morons who had a hand in making this crap.

Firstly the acting is bad, and i mean bad that i seriously think these people were pulled of some drug addict corner and asked to try to be an actor for a day. They failed.

The storyline is complete crap.

In a nutshell, there is none.

I hated this movie so much that i had to get on here and tell it as it is.

I will never get back that wasted time and money i forfieted to watch this crap.

You will notice i said crap a fair few times, that's because it is.

BTW - Mum whacks his head off in one of the most laughable scenes i have yet the displeasure to watch to date.

I really don't care if i have spoilt the ending. I'm more than likely saving your money for you.

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Sella Turdica - Its a Stinker!

Author: Friendswithrom
23 January 2011

What do you say about a movie so bad you just wanna forget it as soon as possible. I don't think there was a budget for this film or if there was they didn't spend it on the film, ha ha.

The actors were well trying their best I guess but all really should pursue other career paths, no really the should. The film was genuinely terrible most people probably wont get past the first 10-15 mins.

Some people have been pushing the ratings up on this film could only be the people involved with it. This film really is a turd waiting for your unsuspecting foot!

Sella Turdica - Its a Stinker

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IMDb rules needed!

Author: hhop1 from Australia
11 January 2011

I'm not sure if this has ever been raised but IMDb needs to have some sort of a system to filter dishonest reviews. Well, it must be really hard to do, almost impossible, I realise.

Anyway, I just could not believe the 3 positive reviews submitted. As someone already mentioned, they must be from the morons who made the movie.

Other than those 3, enough is said about the movie. The budget should be $20, not $20,000.

Get your remote control and be ready to fast forward. I'm glad I did that otherwise I would have wasted more 90 minutes of my time. The movie is extremely SLOW with no story at all. If you want some gruesome stuff then just watch the last 5 minutes.


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Toetag's worse

Author: D. Ceased from United States
9 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me go on record as saying I like some Toetag and Fred Vogel movies. Redsin Tower, August Underground's Mordum, they're decent movies (if very grisly and not for the squeamish.) But this one is absolutely terrible; it's easily Toetag's worse movie.

Brad returns home after his time in the service, but his family does not rejoice as they should have. See, Bradley was involved in some sort of accident and his health has been deteriorating more and more every day, moving to the point where he needs help to do everyday things. He spends time with his family, while getting worse. Eventually (and I mean in the last 10 or so minutes), he freaks out and kills off a few family members before being killed. Inside his head is a little alien.

This movie is so ####ing boring, it goes on and on and on, the dialogue is so pointless and meandering, it's almost a contest against the viewer's attention span. If you manage to stick along for the slow ride, you're given two very good gore scenes and that's it.

The acting is very bad, even Camille Keaton (I Spit on your Grave) gives a very bored, tired performance in this. None of the dialogue works because no one is invested in anything. We can't feel for the main character or his family, or care about his situation because the actors don't.

The worst part is, this movie could have been good. There's a decent plot in there, but it gets wasted on terrible, terrible, terrible character development. If we could even give half a #### about any of the characters, maybe it could have worked, but with how inept the writing and dialogue is, we just can't. Go watch Redsin Tower instead, much better.

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Sella Turcica, Slow, but what a payoff.

Author: Greenzombidog from United Kingdom
15 April 2012

A soldier returns from war to a family happy to see him. Soon they become not so happy and by the end even less happy. Over the course of a couple of days the soldiers health deteriorates until the point the family know something is very wrong, by which point it is too late.

I watch a lot of low budget horror movies so I'm used to seeing terrible acting and low production values and it never usually puts me off. The acting here isn't great but I have seen a hell of a lot worse. Also it was good to see Camille Keaton again even in such a small role.

The film quality itself is pretty good but the sound is very muffled. The make up FX and gore FX towards the end of the movie are very good as anyone familiar with the Toetag movies would expect. At the end the way the soldier begins acting I found very chilling and thought his performance was easily the best.

My only problem with this movie was that it is painfully slow. As the returning soldier gets more ill his monologues become very slow and I found myself keep checking the running time for the movie wondering how much longer it was going on for.

If you were a fan of death dream but were disappointed it didn't quite go for the jugular then you owe it to yourself to check this out. It's nowhere near as classy but still very enjoyable.

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Shockingly Bad!

Author: Redeyerom from Andorra
11 January 2011

Never seen a TOETAG film before......never will again, seen better films made with no budget and a handy cam! Film feels cheap right from the start, its so bad its uncomfortable to watch. The acting if you could call them actors was poor, I suspect they were volunteers or passers by! I don't see the point going into any detail on this film they certainly didn't bother when making it.

Clearly there are a few fan boy/girls or as previous poster said probably involved with making the film who have given the movie a positive rating which fooled me into watching it, spare yourself heed my warning!

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Well...allrighty then

Author: mskarie99 from United States
7 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie wasn't a total loss. Kinda boring at times. Kinda funny. Kinda gross too. The movie was good at the time as I was in bed sick with strep. Of course I was in a lot better shape than the Sgt.

But watching Sgt. Bradley go downhill was kinda cool. I did wish they explained what happened to him, say, like in flash backs.

Yes, I know were supposed to see how the movie ends the the way it does, but I kept shaking my head asking why no one was calling 911, like even on day one looking sickly like he might give what he has to everyone else.

And can anyone guess which person made me want to kick their ass? Hmmm guess you'll have to see the movie.

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Good and Bad

Author: ricktr from Iowa
7 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There were some good and bad things about this movie. The good were really good and the bad were mostly awful. I'll start with the good. GOOD- Actors- I don't have all the names, so I'll just refer to their roles. The guy who played Brad was excellent. The sister and mother were pretty good. FX- The special effects were excellent. Photography- Professional. Plot- Mostly good except for certain things (see below)

BAD- (Here is where the **SPOILERS** come in) The Sound- The sound seemed muffed or something. I could barely understand what the actors were saying. I kept rewinding it to try to catch the words, but I still missed a lot of it. Actors- The guy with the weird hair was not a good actor. Very wooden and robotic.The two girls were a little better. Now I come to the main thing that ruined the movie, the big-lipped "Freestyle". He was the most annoying thing in the whole movie. Every time things started getting good, he'd show up and throw off the whole mood. I also got tired of seeing him slobber all over the blond girl. Why do these movies always insist on showing an ugly black guy with a cute blond girlfriend? Why don't they have an ugly white guy with a cute black girlfriend? Talk about racist. The Dance- The dance the sister did was terrible. I don't know if it was supposed to be bad on purpose, but it sure was. The Ending- When everything started going bad, they try to call the doctor and get the answering machine. Then they give up. Why didn't they call 911? The ending would have been better to show the police and ambulance showing up after everything happened. Suggestions for the future- No more "Freestyle" or guy with weird hair. Work on the plot before filming. Better sound or clearer pronunciation. Keep the actor who plays Brad. Keep the FX team.

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Pure Junk (and that's putting it politely)

Author: Endgame-953-297845 from United States
17 January 2011

If there were negative scores, this pile of crap would qualify.

Obviously some shills have padded the reviews here because absolutely no one could give this movie a rating of more than 1. IMDb should simply remove this movie from the database. Or, if that's not possible, remove the shill reviews lest someone actually think this garbage has value in any way.

Claims the budget is $20K. That's about $19,999 more than it was worth.

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Inane plot (to the extent that there is any plot whatsoever). Atrocious acting (it's as if they found some people on the street and asked them if they wanted to be in a movie). Phenomenally bad production values. There is nothing--absolutely nothing--good here. Waste of time, effort and someone's $20K.

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